Game Chat Carlton v Fremantle

Written by Father Dougal on April 4 2021

Where and when: 3:20pm  at Marvel Stadium

What it means for the Blues:  The Blues were expected to be better. For some reason they have been not-better.  Whatever it is, they would sure like to get a win since being 0-3  could rapidly lead to the fight for the first draft pick and not a fight for finals. 

What it means for the Dockers: Fremantle is looking an outside chance for finals. They are certainly looking better than many expected. Beating the Blues is a must if they are have hopes of being a finals team. Any team deserving of finals would put the Blues away tonight

Supercoach Watch: 

Blues:  Dow, Walsh, Maybe Saad and Zac Willams. 

Dockers: Young Ryan Brayshaw, Meek,  Cerra

Father Dougal’s Watch: Cripps – He was a big hold or trade and everyone who owned him will want to see how he goes tonight.

Father Dougal’s Tip:  Dockers by 7


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43 thoughts on “Game Chat Carlton v Fremantle”

  1. Carlton Late Change
    Matthew Cottrell replaces Will Setterfield (illness).
    Medical sub – Oscar McDonald

    No late changes Fremantle.
    Medical sub Fremantle – Liam Henry


  2. Was considering trading T Phillips to A Brayshaw today, but if Kosi is out tomorrow, I will cop a donut. I can keep Phillips and instead trade out Kosi to Jiath (leaving only Highmore & Sharp as benched rookies)

    TU: Trade T Phillips to Brayshaw and wear the donut if Kosi doesn’t play. Brayshaw should end up a top 8 mid and has a low BE, whereas Phillips isn’t doing much.

    TD: Hold Phillips, and if Kos doesn’t make the team tomorro0w, either cop the donut or trade him to Jiath


  3. Andy Brayshaw debut’s for my Donkeys today.

    I’m also hoping for a bit more out of H young this week.
    210 + combined please.

    If I get 150+ from Cripps and Dow I’ll be happy 😉

    Happy Easter and Go Freo!


  4. Good Luck Freo but hope Brayshaw doesn’t go ballistic as he is on my plans for next week + could be the difference in out matchup in gun regulars keague


  5. Afternoon and Happy Easter, all.

    Don’t have anyone here, but got my eyes on a few players:

    – Cripps & Dow could sink me in a few league match ups if they pop off
    – Watching Brayshaw closely as my first MID upgrade
    – Parks and Chapman could be critical DEF rookies given the sitch with Highmore, hoping they can shore up their JS with solid performances


  6. Apologies to Blues fans up front –

    Dow is just not a first grade footballer, from what I have seen thus far the first two games and one quarter. He seems lost in his place on the field, hesitant when he is anywhere near it and indecisive in what his options are.
    When he runs around, he almost looks to shuffle in his running gait at times … and his movements are not with energy and impact – in comparison, Walsh is what he should be aiming for.

    I’m regretting starting him so badly and he keeps surviving in the side due to other issues.
    Also massive regrets on not starting Walsh and going with Cripps instead … Walsh is just amazing.


    1. You’re exactly right, lot of owners have been covering their eyes with Cripps and Dow. Props for having the stones to admit that, Macca.

      For years Carlton have mis-managed Cripps like a lab rat, forced him to carry the team and now seem to have ruined him. Could still throw up some decent scores but the game is now not at all conducive to his style of play – too quick.

      As for Dow, yeah, just out of his depth. Looks lost at times. Not having the cash to start him saved me.

      Won’t define your whole season though, dw. Can easily be corrected and accounted for (pun intended, Macca).

      Good luck.


      1. yes, but the issue is that by starting Dow (and it seems Cripps) it costs me trades as I could have started Warner … and had all that extra cash the first week as well.

        So, trade to get Warner in and a trade to get Dow out … Cripps thus far I doubt even makes M8 (Zerret may be lucky to even hold that spot!!) and thus a trade out as well …

        Oh well, that will teach me getting sucked into the hype. Fingers crossed both Dow and Cripps can feel these musings and lift their respective games!!! (it works sometimes!!)


        1. Really regretting starting Dow. Luckily he was traded out last week as part of the tex/jordan trade.

          No regrets.

          He doesn’t look up to it. Hasn’t got the tank and he doesn’t make good choices near the ball.

          Sometimes you get sucked in by the groupthink.

          Why Carlton are not looking at guys like Philp is beyond me.

          Maybe next week?


  7. Williams has returned to the field, after it was looking like the sub was not far from activation after all its warming up


  8. how exactly do you classify McKay – is he a forward? someone who just hangs around the square, hopefully taking a mark? i mean he’s kicked 4 but can he be classed as a forward?


  9. doc might be done as a supercoach relevant player
    too many have learned his role while he was away
    cant see him averaging much over 90 going fwd in his career


  10. Brayshaw looks to be defensive mid on Cripps and is taking a bit of a battering physically.

    Freo in general look to have lost their game plan on the way to Melbourne. Bombing long nearly every time


  11. Need to make a decision before next game. only made 1 trade so far. Have highmore sharp kosi and clark in backline and am worried Clarke might be an out. Looking for some certainty for my F5 by trading Clark to Cummings.

    TU : Yes do the trade
    TD : Save trade, clark should be fine

    Just wish teams came out first. Thanks guys.


    1. Clark is in a large amount of teams, so it won’t be too punishing if he doesn’t play.
      Do you feel Cumming is value and will generate cash or was those first 2 rounds above his average and will drop back down in the next few weeks, generating little cash?


  12. Carlton by 36 points at half time & H Young subbed out (injured)

    Lachlan Fogarty 110
    Liam Jones 89
    Harry McKay 77
    Ed Curnow 61
    Jack Newnes 59
    Jack Silvagni 59
    Sam Walsh 56
    Sam Docherty 54
    Marc Pittonet 51
    Patrick Cripps 44
    Lachlan Plowman 43
    Zac Williams 39
    Michael Gibbons 38
    Adam Saad 37
    Marc Murphy 34
    S. Petrevski-Seton 34
    Matthew Cottrell 30
    Jacob Weitering 27
    Luke Parks 27
    Eddie Betts 26
    Levi Casboult 24
    Paddy Dow 14
    Oscar McDonald 1

    David Mundy 55
    Lloyd Meek 47
    Sean Darcy 46
    Luke Ryan 46
    Michael Walters* 45
    Stefan Giro 42
    Nathan Wilson 42
    Blake Acres 38
    Michael Frederick 36
    Andrew Brayshaw 35
    Adam Cerra 33
    Heath Chapman 31
    Caleb Serong 29
    Reece Conca 29
    Matt Taberner 21
    Travis Colyer 21
    Brennan Cox 20
    Hayden Young 15
    Lachlan Schultz 15
    S. Switkowski 14
    Ethan Hughes 10
    James Aish 5
    Liam Henry 1


  13. Thumbs up if you (us) thought Brayshaw would run rampant without Fyfe?
    I’ll start it off…..


    1. Honestly I thought Serong/Cerra would have more effect but Serong with only 65% TOG, yet is Freos 2nd highest disposal getter coming into 3 quarter time


    1. Maybe. IMO I’m not sold. Got 34 disposals in a side that had it on a string, umps paid him 6 frees for, he kicked 2 goals, yet only got 109 SC points? He seems to have been shortchanged a bit by SC or that’s just where he is at now and he needs to have a massive day out like this to get close to premo scoring territory.

      If Fyfe gets those stats he’s looking at 130+.


      1. Gave away a heap of free kicks in first half and butchered the ball. Think he was on 15 points near end of second quarter. Ran riot after that and scored plenty in 2 and a bit quarters.


  14. Geez, glad I moved Dow on, breakeven or not. Has to be on the verge of being dropped. Only the big win and an unchanged lineup might save him.

    Chapman will be on everypne’s radar given the defensive carnage.



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