12 thoughts on “Game Chat – Geelong v Adelaide”

  1. I’ve gone a little crazy. I’ve brought in Hately AND Soligo. This could be a masterstroke or the moment in my season where things start imploding. May the SC Gods look on me with favour.


    1. I really wanted to bring him in, but with the R13 Bye I just couldn’t …. I already have too many out and have to build to get to 18 as it is … it really sucks …


  2. Asked the question early this morning about picking up Stewart or save some coin and go for Dawson. I was so close to picking Dawson but thanks to the community here the numbers persuaded me to take Stewart. Although Dawson is playing fine , Stewart is so good, so very happy with the final decision . Thanks


  3. Dear Adelaide Crows

    Could you please stopping kicking the effing ball aimlessly in the direction of Stewart???? I mean, how hard can that be?

    All SC coaches who would like to buy Stewart for less than $700K


      1. yep – insane game and poor by Crows – 40 possies, 34 kicks … and 16 marks … I think all Crows players must be running SC sides and traded him in this week … and as per their namesake …. fffaaaaaarrrrrkkkkk!!!



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