Game Chat – Hawthorn v Brisbane

Written by Father Dougal on August 1 2021

Where and When:  2:10  at University of Tasmania Stadium

What it means for the Hawks: Little

What it means for the Swans:  A lot! Staying in 6th really


Supercoach Watch: 

Swans: Lloyd! Mills,  Heeny

Hawks: Titich. (Autocorrect tried to make the “Twitch”)  Koschitzke, the non-donut of many.  Phillips still., sob. 


Father Dougal’s Watch:  Heeney. Could do anything

Father Dougal’s Tip: Swans by 10



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7 thoughts on “Game Chat – Hawthorn v Brisbane”

  1. Didn’t name Titch in the captaincy article this week but with Deven Robertson out (tagged before) and the Clarkson news, I’ve got a feeling Titch is gonna pop off.

    Have changed my tip from Lions to Hawks as well.


  2. What a great tip GD my hawks have been bloody brilliant to watch. Makes my lockdown in Sydney 100 times better when we have a crack


    1. Ty.

      Yeah, you guys are putting them to the sword.

      Just need Brockman to get in on the action!



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