Game Chat – Melbourne v Geelong

Written by Father Dougal on April 11 2021

Where and when: 3:20pm  at the MCG

What it means for the Demons:  It means 4-0 and second place on the ladder. THey can’t win and be in third ‘cause thor % is already above the Swans. They could, in theory, open a Bulldog style can of whoop-ass on the Cats, but I think a win by enough to catch the Dogs is very unlikely. 

What it means for the Cats: Win and they are somewhere between 3rd and 6th, probably 5th or 6th, since they % is underwater right now. But, that’s far better than 8th-10th, which is where they will be if they lose. 

Supercoach Watch: 

Demons: Jordan, Oliver, Petracca, and of course the Great Bearded One 

Cats:  Tom Stewart. Adn, well…Hawkins? With Danger out, still not a lot of SC relevant Cats. Guthrie I guess?  Oh! Atkins. Good call on him, Atkins owners. 

Father Dougal’s Watch: May. Yeah, May, because I own him and he has been oddly out of formo for two weeks. I really want to try and see if my Rowell replacement is really a spud or just had a rough patch.  For everyone else, I think  Jordan Clark is the big one, since his job feels always on the line, and his score this round will have a big impact on his price. 

Father Dougal’s Tip:  I feel like the Demons are going to edge this one out.  Melbourne by 6


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28 thoughts on “Game Chat – Melbourne v Geelong”

  1. Started Atkins and pretty happy . Makes up for my bad call on Philips and jury still out on hunter Clark.

    I’m nervous about the big C on gawn. How’s the weather in melb?


    Melbourne: Nil
    Geelong: Brandan Parfitt replaced by Quinton Narkle

    Melbourne: Tom Sparrow
    Geelong: Max Holmes


      1. ……Which is why I’m concerned about Gawny’s stats.

        What’s the weather in Perth?
        …whether I Capt Brayshaw…..LOL


  3. J Clark running up front … why would you play a player that has great speed and stamina and a defender forward and waste his skills / talent?? Seriously Scott …


      1. well, it’s as “accidental” as they can be called at times … certainly Hawk will say it was … he was being tackled and flung his arm back … the fact that May is ruled out of the game will be interesting to see how it is called by MRO


        1. Gees Macca, it was completely accidental. He was being flung and started to put his arm back to protect himself from the floor. Happens 1000 times a game, someone just happened to be there and Hawkins is a tank.


          1. nah – he was still standing and not pulled to ground … yes, he’s being tackled, but you cannot tell me you do not know the man is there (he is the one tackling you after all) … I’ve known plenty of players who “accidentally” throw the arm / elbow out.

            The Hawk has also done similar before … will see how it is ruled in the end … and as my post said “accidental as it can be called”


              1. May certainly is *wink*!!

                Actually, in all seriousness, Dermie was saying on the coverage it could be a fractured eye socket .. lets hope not for May’s sake.


  4. Half time scores – Demons leading the Cats 44 -21 – Tracca kicks one right on the HT siren.

    Melbourne Demons: 6.8.44
    Christian Petracca* 88
    Max Gawn 83
    Jack Viney 70
    Tom McDonald 59
    Bayley Fritsch 58
    Ed Langdon 52
    Alex Neal-Bullen 45
    Jake Lever 45
    Jayden Hunt 44
    Clayton Oliver 43
    Angus Brayshaw 36
    Kysaiah Pickett 35
    Christian Salem 35
    Jake Melksham 31
    Charlie Spargo 30
    Neville Jetta 22
    Luke Jackson 21
    Adam Tomlinson 21
    Trent Rivers 20
    Nathan Jones 15
    James Jordon 12
    Steven May 10
    Tom Sparrow 9

    Geelong Cats: 3.3.21
    Jake Kolodjashnij 62
    Tom Atkins 59
    Tom Stewart 57
    Joel Selwood 48
    Mitch Duncan 48
    Luke Dahlhaus 43
    Cameron Guthrie 43
    Bradley Close 40
    Quinton Narkle 38
    Zach Tuohy 37
    Jordan Clark 36
    Sam Menegola 35
    Mark Blicavs 35
    Rhys Stanley 33
    Gryan Miers 32
    Lachie Henderson 28
    Jack Henry 24
    Zach Guthrie 23
    Tom Hawkins 22
    Mark O’Connor 22
    Isaac Smith 20
    Jed Bews 20

    adjustments still occurring.

    O’connor not really tagging Oliver … picks him up when near him but drops off him to also sometimes pick up Petracca – certainly not a hard tag on either … but Cats probably need to tag Tracca


    1. Ends up with 56% TOG for the game. It won’t surprise me if he is removed from the team next week



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