Game Chat – North v Fremantle

Written by Motts on September 12 2020

Where and when: Metricon, 2:10pm (AEST)

Last time they met: R1 2019, Fremantle 21.15 (141) JUST GOT OVER THE LINE AGAINST North 9.5 (59)

What it means for The Dockers: A chance to get some games into the kids’ legs.

What it means for The Roos: Will want to win at least one of their next two to ensure they don’t win the wooden spoon.

Motts Watch: Some heart from North. It’s starting to look like Shaw has lost the players.
Mottsy’s Tip: Freo by 20

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30 thoughts on “Game Chat – North v Fremantle”

  1. Hey guys, would love some help on remaining trades.
    Unfortunately can’t wait until Blues’ teams as Draper plays at 5.05pm.

    Docherty —> D Greaves
    Draper —> Gawn

    McPherson —> D Greaves
    Draper —> ROB


  2. I have 1 trade remaining. I have an unavoidable donut in the forward line thanks to Riccardi. Options I’m debating over

    TU: Via DPP, can trade out Draper to move Riccardi to bench (Draper worth more) to give me $395k for a replacement, with no trades remaining, but bench cover except for forwards (unless Riccardi back in next week)

    TD: Take the donut, leaving me one trade for any premium outs tomorrow/Mon or next week.

    Need to do this before the start of this game, as Draper’s replacement is Comben who needs to be moved from forward bench to R3.


  3. Freo players look like they will score well from this due to all the scaling thats occuring. Freo looking to have all the possessions.
    Tobe Watson with a great start on 39 at Qtr time


  4. Fyfe walking off the ground after copping a head knock from a boot in a marking contest. Hope for many that it shouldn’t sideline him for the game.


  5. HALF TIME – Dockers 7.4.46 lead Roos 2.2.14

    Luke McDonald 55
    Trent Dumont 54
    Jared Polec 51
    Robbie Tarrant 42
    L. Davies-Uniacke 41
    Jed Anderson 39
    Nick Larkey 33
    Todd Goldstein 33
    Cameron Zurhaar 31
    Jy Simpkin 30
    Shaun Higgins 29
    Aaron Hall 28
    Shaun Atley 27
    Josh Walker 24
    Ben McKay 22
    Bailey Scott 21
    Ed Vickers-Willis 19
    Mason Wood 18
    Jack Ziebell 16
    Aiden Bonar 7
    Taylor Garner 4
    Flynn Perez 0

    David Mundy 85
    Nat Fyfe 84
    Brennan Cox 79
    Rory Lobb 70
    Blake Acres 67
    Ethan Hughes 67
    Michael Walters 58
    Adam Cerra 56
    Sean Darcy 55
    James Aish 55
    Lachlan Schultz 52
    Luke Ryan 51
    Tobe Watson 50
    Andrew Brayshaw 46
    Stephen Hill 43
    Matt Taberner* 33
    Nathan Wilson 26
    Caleb Serong 25
    Taylin Duman 21
    Jesse Hogan 19
    Michael Frederick 18
    Mitch Crowden 8


  6. Was going to trade Simpkin, but wasn’t really many forwards I had a real strong liking to. I was going to move him to the mid but then I realised Dusty had already played and I couldn’t switch him.
    Now i am having to suffer with Simpkins score…………..


    1. Hey Nato and Terang bowler
      Toyed with same decisions all week.
      I could of gone Simpkin straight to Fyfe so feel your pain . Can’t complain too much though as I bought in Acres and loop holed both so now to plan B .
      Pending Docherty selection I can go Riccardi to Wingard but if Zac Foote is a surprise call up I’m in trouble as I lose my loop hole and Acres score as well as captains loop .
      May even put Coleman on field


      1. I was considering trading in Ladhams, but seeing him face Grundy the last round is what stopped that trade. Now I am sitting here trying to think is there anyone I should offload, as 2 games remain. The longer I wait, the less options become available


  7. 3/4 Time – Dockers with a commanding 50 point lead

    Trent Dumont 84
    Luke McDonald 83
    Jed Anderson 70
    Robbie Tarrant 60
    Shaun Higgins 59
    L. Davies-Uniacke 57
    Todd Goldstein 55
    Nick Larkey 55
    Jared Polec 54
    Cameron Zurhaar 52
    Jy Simpkin 46
    Shaun Atley 43
    Bailey Scott 37
    Mason Wood 35
    Ben McKay 33
    Josh Walker 32
    Aaron Hall 30
    Ed Vickers-Willis 29
    Jack Ziebell 22
    Aiden Bonar 14
    Taylor Garner 12
    Flynn Perez 5

    Nat Fyfe 109
    David Mundy 105
    Blake Acres 96
    Brennan Cox 95
    Luke Ryan 86
    Rory Lobb 84
    Lachlan Schultz 84
    James Aish 82
    Sean Darcy 79
    Ethan Hughes 77
    Michael Walters 71
    Andrew Brayshaw 70
    Matt Taberner* 70
    Adam Cerra 65
    Tobe Watson 65
    Stephen Hill 61
    Caleb Serong 49
    Nathan Wilson 44
    Jesse Hogan 42
    Taylin Duman 41
    Mitch Crowden 34
    Michael Frederick 30


  8. Not sure why North are even bothering to play their matches.
    They have clearly given up for the season.
    I suppose the AFL would frown upon forfeiting a match


  9. My VC is Fyfe who just got 140. Loophole captaincy for his 140 or stick with captain Gawn?

    T/U Fyfe’s 140
    T/D Gawn


    1. That honestly seems like a stupid question. Most people have a target of 125-130 for their VC. If 140 still raises questions, it almost seems pointless using the VC loophole.
      If Gawn cops and injury then, all of a sudden you lose up to 140 points. If he plays average you still lose 10-20. A good game might gain you up to 10 where an incredible game gets you 30-40.
      Look at the risk v reward. Is much reward give for the amount of risk you take?


      1. This is the second last round of the supercoach season where most teams will win or lose their league finals by <50 points. A lot of people will have the mindset of go hard or go home, potentially rueing their decision throughout summer of not taking the risk. Gawn has proven countless times that he can go huge against GWS.


        1. Won’t be surprised if Mumford does something to him and basically everyone will have the C on Gawn. It would be massive for you if he has a quiet game.
          It has shown already everyone is backing Fyfes score, so you’d have to go against the communities thoughts to back in Gawn



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