7 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v Adelaide”

  1. Times finally arrived too trade keays.. he’s played huge amounts of forward the past month and thrown up some disastrous scores.. my options are Laird, parish & wines. I would love Laird but will he cop the tag? Parish get off the chain considering they don’t tag? Wines loves a showdown, hmmmm… will he cop any attention? We know LDU didn’t last week.

    TU: Laird
    TD: parish
    Cmnt: wines


  2. Currently leading by 40, 1336 to 1124 with only Bont(C) left for me, up against Libba, Walsh, Crisp and Marshall.

    My forward bench loophole Brodie went well, so I need to bench Treloar or English, and unfortunately Darcy downgraded after I lost reception at the Rodeo otherwise I would have swapped R2 Teakle and English.

    $80k, 1 trade left.

    So my quandary:
    TU: Bring in Rowan Marshall or Libba for English as F5 (your vote for which in as comment below). Opponent has both so really means I’m neutralizing those of his but giving him English as the unique.

    TD: Leave English as F5, save the trade for an emergency in the last two games to cover Parker/Cripps/Doc/Sinclair



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