9 thoughts on “Game Chat – Port v Brisbane”

      1. Yeah thought I was pretty clever starting him over butters. Both had the nice bye, favourable fixture and was a POD. Haha
        In hindsight at his first hamstring but never mind!


  1. I do not understand how Dunkley’s SC score is essentially level with Neale at the end of this game? Neale’s stats superior in every way (and crazy numbers at that). Can anyone explain? Genuinely perplexed


    1. It can be the end result of the disposal, ie hb/kick to someone etc etc results in goal or turnovers……


  2. You’re not wrong Nick! Just had a look. Bit strange…

    Dunkley 144 points from 32 disposals at 62% – 17 contested from 9 kicks, 23 handballs. Plus 6 score involvements, 7 tackles, 6 marks, 3 clearances and 2/1 free kicks

    Compared with Neale on 149 points from 37 disposals at 90% – 18 contested from 16 kicks, 21 handballs. Plus 11 score involvements, 6 tackles, 7 marks, 10 clearances and 3/1 free kicks



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