36 thoughts on “How Did You Go? Rd15”

  1. 2508/Steele/287th

    Big scores this round. I feel like I’ll improve but not as much as 2500+ normally would.
    2300 par.


  2. 2520 – Macrae

    + 3 votes: Zorko, Steele, Martin, Grundy, Brayshaw, Crisp, Ziebell, Merrett, Ridley, Gawn, Oliver, May, Mitchell, Whitfield, Macrae, Walsh, Laird, Neale, Danger all scored 90+

    – 3 votes: Bolton. CCj & Madden were fine as the only on field rookies.

    4 trades and 139K left in the bank so I’m looking to hold off for a couple of weeks of trading if I can. Only have CCJ & Madden as F6 & D6 on field at the moment with Mills or Lloyd my only target in a couple of weeks.

    Any ideas for F6 from the community? I’ve already got Bolton, Zorko, Ziebell, Danger, Martin down there.


    1. Buddy.

      He’s 430K at the moment and the Swan’s schedule in the last 4 games should see him go big


  3. 2319/Miller/tbc

    Zorko, Grundy, Merrett and Macrae the stars of my team this week.

    While Stewart, Hall and Lloyd were the main disappointments.

    But pretty happy with my new recruit Mills, but was hoping for a little more from new recruit Bailey.


  4. 2612/Zorko/2638 (up 1527)
    Thank you Zorko! Ranked 34th for score for this round. Hall and Stewart cost me but couldn’t be happier.


  5. 2432/Zorko (VC loophole)/Rd Rank – 8114

    Best round I’ve had this year, with a bit of luck. I was going to change the VC off Zorko, but with life stuff preoccupying me I forgot to do that, and I’m glad I did.

    Stars of the week – Zorko, Merrett, Macrae and Parish
    Only real failure was Bolton. Hickey scored a bit lower than usual, but it wasn’t terrible.


  6. 2417/Steele/672th (Down 37)

    Studs: Zorko, Bonto, Macro, Steelo, Walsho.
    Duds: Hawkins, Hall, Dochorty


  7. 2,389/ Clarry / 20k
    If I paid attention over the weekend with loops could have grabbed 67 more points
    Scrambling funds for Danger now only 1 rook on field


  8. 2493 / Oliver / 212 (+29)

    Thought that Oliver as captain may have really cost me this week. Happy to move up but kicking myself I didn’t take Lyons 119 or captain Steele.

    +’s plenty of them. My favorite was holding onto Daniher one more week and getting his 112.

    -‘s new recruit Bolton’s stinker.

    5 trades left. Probably just Daniher to Danger to finish my side. But Taranto to Bont with a Weightman downgrade seems like it may be a necessity.


  9. 2602 / Zorko (VC) / 7,663 ( 3,282)

    Finally cracked the top 10,000 with my best score ever (ranked 64 for the round).

    Big scores from Bont, Macrae, Steele, Merrett, Grundy, Walsh and el capitano Zorko.

    Bianco and CCJ on field (with Dow on the bench).

    Six trades left, might have to wait another week before upgrading CCJ to Danger or another premo.


  10. 2,418 / Steele / 26,940 (up 3,008)
    Nice score and should continue to be above 2200 for rest of the year. 12 players above 100! Selwood, Stewart and Thilthorpe were the only bad this week.


  11. 2405/Grundy/5k

    Have to take another loss in Gun Regulars 2 with a decent score. Overall team looking good, got 10 trades left and 1 rookie plus phillips to get off the field.

    +3s Zorko, Steele, Merret,Whitfield and Walsh

    -3s Bolton on debut…,Phillips, Stewart, Hall and Lloyd.

    Was overall a weird round but hoping to continue going up this week.


      1. Crazy how good my score is when I pay attention on a Friday! I think we’re gonna struggle to make the eight GD! Are you coming home with a wet sail?


        1. Yeah, looking rough in Gun’s Regulars #1. 194th ranked league, very competitive, bAps and Zac #5 and #48.

          As long as Bont keeps delivering, I might sneak in to finals lol.


  12. 2510/Steele/7496

    Finally, a really nice set of numbers.
    Some unexpectedly poor scores from Lloyd & Stewart, Cerra disappointing and Heeney is now certified “NEVER AGAIN”, but other than that, super happy.


  13. 2405 / Miller / 1912 (down 89)

    Most were really good, but still too many spuds! Stewart, Bolton, Doc, Cripps and Lloyd were all smelly. I think Cripps might be on the never again list actually. Not having the nards to put the VC on Zorko after a couple of weeks off was a dud move too.


  14. 2506/Grundy/2001

    As happy as I am with this score I originally had Zorko as my vice, then last second changed it to grundy, and then instead of backing in bont I took Grundy’s score, so had near 2600 potential. Stewart Cripps and Hind all let me down, as well as CCJ


  15. 2081/Wines/ no leaves won and ranking continuing round the S bend.
    I feel like a supercoach imposter posting my lousy score amongst the massive scores I see.
    I traded in Libba and on 71 at 1/2 time (pat on the back) then his points scoring evaporated like the rain at Optus Stadium – no possessions in the third quarter.
    Traded in Draper as I desperately needed a ‘decent’ R2.
    Hero to zero; stud to dud in a week. Hopefully this week was an abhoration.
    This week I have traded out Waterman and in comes Boak.
    Buyers (and supercoaches beware)


  16. 2238/Max/4.2K (out 1281 places).

    Wish this was still the bye round so I could have dropped the crap scores of Bolton, Stewart, Lloyd and Hall and then I might have been right up there.


  17. 2395 / Gawn / 10,765

    HIGHS : Zorko, Grundy, Macrae, Steele, Merrett, Walsh, Titch plus 7 other 100’s
    LOWS: Stewart, Hawkins, Lloyd and having 2 onfield forward rookies – if I had have fielded Briggs instead of Weighman, or Highmore instead of Stewart, would have won 10/10 instead of 8.

    LOWER THAN LOWS : Having Grundy’s 135 as VC then realizing because I traded out Impey & Jones, I didn’t have any other non player that I could throw the Capt on – was praying for one of my Sunday rookies to be a late out, but no such luck. Wouldn’t have minded too much if I’d chosen Macrae , Merrett or Walsh as Captain.

    Congrats to coaches with huge scores this week!


  18. 2237/Bont/8872 (–1793)

    An absolute shocker for me. Because of injuries and, frankly, poor early trading, I’ve been priced in to heaps of budget options. Cameron, Lukosious, Heeney, Rampe (don’t ask). Also had Lloyd, Stewart and CCJ like most.

    There’ll be weeks when Heeney and Cameron kick bags and Lukosious and Rampe feast, but this certainly wasn’t one of those weeks lol.

    3 trades, CCJ R2, so am probably fucked for the rest of the season – big fall from grace after 3 years of consecutive top 2k finishes.

    On the bright side, Gun’s Regulars #1 and #2 had some big scores this round: Zac nearly 2600, Cham, LeGoat, bAps and FT all 2400+ and Emile nearly 2500.


  19. 2553 . Steele . 2500 . 7 trades & 140k bank

    Made no trades this week held Impey to have one more look at danger and forgot too do my one trade I’d planned, LJones too Haynes, oops!

    1 off premo and that is Jones probably still look at grabbing Haynes and grab danger the following week and probably a luxury with one of Taranto or brayshaw up to an uber.

    Overall happy with how I’m travelling dropped nearly 1500 spots through the byes. I got crucified by not planning in anyway. Long climb back to the top 1k now.


  20. 2516/Steele/1266

    Great week this week despite having a few premos spud it and Bolton on debut yuck!



    Trades this week Highmore and CCJ to Bramble and Danger completing my team with 2 trades left


  21. 2410 / Steele / 4371

    Pretty good round for me.

    No trades this week. I plan to get a cheap Dale to finish my side in R17.


  22. 2273/Oliver/11k

    So… Shorting Zorko into Hawlkins over the bye was a huge mistake. Down 100pts this round already. oh well.

    only 2 trades left so won’t be doing much of anything for a while



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