Joel Selwood

Written by Motts on June 14 2011

He had a crack, he failed, he’ll be on the pine for 4 weeks. If he’s in your midfield, are you going to keep him?

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141 thoughts on “Joel Selwood”

  1. Glad I didn’t pick him cos I knew he’ll get concussed in his first game, miss his second game because of it and then get suspended for 4 weeks in R12 😉


  2. Still can’t beleive he got 4.
    Video was so inconclusive.
    Anyway, not sure who to ditch him for.
    Or weather to ditch him at all! Sideshow Bob brings up a valid point about the multi-bye. If I do decide to let him go though, I’d like to see, who would you get?
    GAJ, thumbs up.
    Priddis, thumbs down.


  3. Anyone considering Tom Scully?

    He’s a freak, has his only remaining bye during a non-league round, and has had two games back for 91 points each.

    $345,000, only concern is his knee…but still…..


  4. I have mundy and selwood. Oh and cant forget Swan and Pendles. *sigh*.

    Thinking of trading down selwood to Pav and Matera to Howe.

    Then next week Mundy to Scott Thompson.

    Thumbs up Good
    Thumbs down Bad.

    If Bad what a better suggestion?


  5. Wouldn’t mind some help,(btw scored 2200 this week)
    Got 9 trades left, with 400 k in the bank, and i have Joelwood, Pendles and Swan. If Mitch Wallis doe sent play, i will have a donut.


    feedback would also be great!

    i am also going for the highest overall place (even though i cant get 50k) and would also want my leagues won.


  6. Not that this has anything to do with Joel Selwood, but found this and wondered, “how did he get 180?”

    WELLS, Daniel
    Round 12

    Stat Points

    Kicks 20
    Handballs 13
    Marks 7
    Tackles 8
    Free Kicks For 1
    Free Kicks Against 1
    Hitouts 2
    Goals 0
    Behinds 0
    Round 12 points: 180


  7. Hello Everyone,
    I am now aware, that i am not using this site as i am supposed to be. Thank you everyone for helping me realize. I shouldn’t be so selfish and should be chipping in too. I will take this on-board and start using this site non selfishly.
    I hope nobody minds now and can accept my apology.
    I am really enjoying supercoach this year and i think that i took it too far and posted things too desperately.
    This is a great website and i thank Motts, Duck and BS aswell as all the regular contributes (you know who you are) for making it so great.
    Thank you especially Deano for giving me some insight on what i was doing wrong.
    Hope everyone using SCT has a great 2nd half of the season.
    thanks again guys!
    Cheers 🙂


  8. I think SCT is turning into Australian idol / australia’s got talent. good work boys nothing like some light hearted comedy to ease this weeks pain of injuries/suspensions/bye 🙂


  9. Joels 4 week vacation by the Eagles (hotel California)

    Warm smell of armani, rising up through the air

    Up ahead in the distance, I saw Brent guerra’s head

    My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim

    I had to stop for the fight

    There he stood in the pocket

    No umpire in sight

    And I was thinking to myself,

    ’this could be heaven or this could be hell’

    I put my fist through his face and gave the crowd a freight

    I couldn’t hear the voices on SEN

    I thought I heard them say…

    Welcome to Joels 4 week vacation

    Such a lovely pace

    Guerra already had an ugly face

    There’s no more trades to waste

    Any time of year, you really fkd everyone here

    His mind was on the brownlow, now he has 100,000 angry Supercoach fans

    He’s gotten a lot of soft, soft free kicks, by umpires he calls friends

    How they dance on the G, while he ducks his head

    So he called up the captain,

    ’Lingy please bring Gary Back’

    He said, ’we haven’t had that boyhere since 2009′

    And still those voices are calling from far away,

    Wake you up in the middle of the night

    Just to hear them say…

    Welcome to Joels 4 week vacation

    he’s fucked up ur side

    maybe even ur wife……

    U gotta trade, trade him but for who…. its a scary sight!!


  10. Selwood returns in Rd 17 to play Brisbane, Richmond, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Adelaide. Worth waiting for?


  11. I think that the time for Zac Smith to go has come. I want to keep 211 and I think that I will hold on to Selwood and give up on my hopes and dreams to win the overall. (who am I kidding. Unless you are top 500 atm your not really going to have a chance and you know it) I have dish and tippet so to lose Smith wont kill me. I will upgrade Mundy to GAJ and then have cash in reserve for any future fwd/back upgrade to SMASH all in my leagues who oppose my overlordome.


  12. I know people are in a worse Position then me, but i have all but given up on going for the cash, my team are a bunch of overpaid/priced under-performing muppets…. So im thinking i need to shake it up a bit. I have great rookies on the bench, most of which are playing so im just going to go all out.

    Swan to Mitchell
    Selwood to Barlow
    Heppel to boyd or pendelbury.

    Barlow could be a suprise, with no mundy he may rack it up, i love having a punt so might take massive punt on last years SC HERO.

    Which trade would you do?


  13. My mids are in shambles, honestly don’t know what move I should do next!


    I kick myself everytime Boyds score over Cross, chose the wrong guy. Montagna had a slow start, was getting back into form and then had that niggle at opening bounce, not sure if he will play this week. Mundy…brought him in 4 weeks ago and is out for 8weeks. And now Selwood! I forgave him for the 24 in round 1 knowing he would play the rest of the year…well sorta.

    Good thing is though I have 355K left and 9 trades. Assuming that Joey plays this week, I’m wondering if I should do Cross(he needs to go) and Mundy > Priddis and Boyd, and trade Selwood next week as he won’t lose any value this week anyway.

    Or do I have no choice but to keep Cross, and do double sideways trade of Mundy and Selwood > Boyd and Priddis?

    I’m going for league wins btw and none of my upcoming opponents have mundy or selwood….

    Help appreciated!



    Off the topic a bit but was reading this and thought what would happen to Supercoach scores if the AFL decided that some games would be a draw?
    eg Hawthorn v Gold Coast at Tasmania. This isn’t going to happen it seems and appreciate the AFL wouldn’t be concerned about Supercoach, but I just wonder what the Herald Sun would do. Interesting…


  15. off the topic for a bit.. has anyone come across this scenario.. i’m currently ranked 3623,,have scored the most points in my comp.. the leader of my league is around the ten thousand mark.. yet i’m outside the eight by a game.. can you believe that?


  16. Fellas – repeating a post from above as I think people will be intrigued, if it turns out to be true.


    I have a bunch of mates whose league came 11th last year and who were onto the 3300 points rule ages ago. They know their shit when it comes to SC.

    They also tell me that CHAMPION DATA DELIBERATELY WEIGHTS STATS BASED ON THE TIMING OF THE GAME AND THE IMPORTANCE OF THE CONTRIBUTION IN THE CONTEXT OF THE GAME. That is why a buddy goal in the last 5 minutes of quarter 4 to seal a win for te Hawks can almost double his 3/4 time score (as well as the 3300 rule).

    So in some ways, even though it is all statistical, Champion Data SC scores are a little subjective.

    I know, I was shocked when they told me that too, and I haven’t verified this, but aparently it is true.

    Maybe someone with a bit of spare time can verify?


  17. Good day to you all,

    Thumbs UP or DOWN request:

    With the news that Zac Smith will sit out this week, I’m deciding on what to do with new recruit Griffin (Sandilands’ replacement):

    – Playing Griffin in the ruck (leaving Petrie to play in the FWD line), OR
    – Bringing Petrie into the ruck (and having to play Mzungu or Lynch in the FWD line)

    So, the question: Who to play in the ruck?

    Thumbs UP for Griffin
    Thumbs DOWN for Petrie


  18. Is it just me does it seem weird that almost the same amount of people have traded out joelwood(4 weeks) than roughy(indefinite) and mundy (indefinite) combined?


  19. Zac Smith out as well….

    Hell yeah my team is going to smash it this week… Sandi Smith Swan
    Montagna didak selwood shaw Krackour Mundy


  20. Thumbs up good trades
    J Darling —> J Howe
    D Swallow —> G Ablett

    Thumbs down please comment

    Other ideas are trade Zac Smith/B McCauley for J Tippet, then sub Petire into the rucks


  21. I still cannot believe that selwood, a clean player with no record, get 4 weeks when they didnt even see the incident. i also cannot belive that Daisy Thomas smashes clint jones (i am not a saints fan btw) in the face when the ball about 10m away and is being kicked away. he cannot argue he was playing the ball because he was simply not. he was just frustrated and he should have got more than 1 week. OK thats my little rant, what do you think? please comment.


  22. Trading him out for sure….
    Looking to either bring in Priddis or Ablett.
    GAJ because he has both byes out of the way
    Priddis because of the last 4 games are easy opposition (Finals)

    GAJ – Thumbs Up
    Priddis – Thumbs Down



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