Last Minute Queries – Rd19

Written by Schwarzwalder on July 29 2016

Questions?  Questionables?  Questionability?  Quizzes? Quizzing?  Quizzed?  Quandaries?  Queries?  Queried?  Quagmires?  Q & A?  FAQs? Quick answers!!

What to do with Lids?  Do you have back-up for Stefan Martin?  Need advice on a trade?  Who to put the C on?  How does that loophole function work again?  What happened to Matt Boyd?  Will the Doggies bother tagging Dangerfield?  Whatever the query, this is the thread to get your answer. Enter your query into the Forum and the SCT Community will be happy to help out.  Good luck getting into Finals, Supercoaches!


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44 thoughts on “Last Minute Queries – Rd19”

    1. Just heard from the real guy that is leading SuperCoach – this is not him. Will, please refrain from impersonating other people on the site, it ticks everybody off.


  1. Collins will come in for Boyd
    Markov/McGovern for Deledio
    No cover for stef Martin
    3 trades left
    T/U trade in cover for Martin/get Dahlhaus next week
    T/D trade in Dahlhaus / take donut


  2. Last two trades. Need win

    T/U Deledio out for Naismith and use $ to finish team with super premo?

    T/D Deledio out for midpricer and use $ for slightly fallen premo (Viney, Ward)


    1. Agree with the thumbs. Naismith is #1 Ruck now at Swans and provides good cover. Upgrade to big premo and get that win!! Good luck…….


  3. Same draft question as last week, but this time B Crouch plays the Bombers!
    Who to play on field:

    T/U Taylor Adams (vs WCE @ MCG)
    T/D Brad Crouch (vs Ess @ AO)


        1. TBH – it will be a close call and even though we’re up against each other in the big one, I’d lean towards Crouch simply BC of the ‘Essendon’ factor…


  4. Tu hold my 3 remaining trades and play McDonald
    Td one down one up. Trade Hall to Merrett
    Thanks ppl!


  5. 3 trades left.

    Adams (Def), Stef (R), Hall and Lids (Fwds) all out. Facing donut in rucks unless grimley plays and he is last game.

    T/u Adams to Lycett provide f7/r3 cover. Trade Lids next week.
    t/d Adams to Touk Miller provide f7 cover, S Naismith plays for Stef. My fwd bench is naismith and Touk for rest of season.


  6. Adams->Bartel as final D6 (Bench Collins) – Thumbs UP
    Deledio->Zerrett (Bench Tippa) – Thumbs DOWN


  7. Need some advice … My current mids are: Danger, Joelwood, Pendles, Hanners, Parker, Rocky Priddis and Libba. 250K and 6 trades. Who should I upgrade Libba to? I was thinking Sloan but he gets the Robinson tag next week (vBris) and nobody has reached a ton v Robbo.

    UP – JPK (he is worth $575K spend)
    DOWN – Sloan (Don’t worry about Robbo next week)
    Comment – Neale, S.Mitch or another.


    1. Seems not many are concerned about Robbo, consider his opponents:
      – Zaha 53
      – Shiel 94
      – Gaz 74 (inj)
      – Priddis 76
      – Neale 51
      – Gibbs 42
      – S.Mitchell 93

      Robbo is a force to be reckoned with.


    2. Get on JPK. Sydney has good draw and he has great record at finishing the season strong…….


  8. A draft GF question.

    Who to play up forward:

    TU: J.Cameron Vs Tigers (May Get Rance)
    TD: C. Cameron Vs Bombers. (inconsistent small forward but its against the Bombers!)
    Both @ home and ave 75 for the year


    1. BB go Jeremy Cameron with his Contested marking potential and capable of kicking a Bag.
      JC will get Rance.

      I heard the Commentators say last week Charlie Cameron has not had more than 10 touches in his last 4 -5 games.


      1. Thanks DA – I also just read that CC was a bit ‘sore’ BC of a corky last week…


  9. 5 Trades left. $390k in bank
    Will finish first or second in main league regardless.
    F6 adams f7 f8 collins & brand
    M8 libba M9 kerridge
    F6 petracca F7, R3 naismith
    TU. Save trades & upgrade two next week in first final TD. Upgrade one this week & one next week?


    1. Good downgrade options on the bubble next week. I’d upgrade one now then go one up, one down next week…….


  10. 4 trades left – $42,000 cash

    TU: Deledio to Gunston – leave $30K for future upgrade. Leaves Libba as M8 (which could be OK with Wallis OUT)

    TD: Loophole Grimley/Silvagni as F6 this week and Deledio to Dahl NEXT week
    This leaves Libba as M8.

    Comment: Deledio (via Phillips) to MID under $532,000 (Gibbs, Shuey, Titch or Sloane next week??)- Loophole Libba and new MID and Loophole Grimley/Silvagni. Eventually move Libba to Dahl in FWD (via Phillips)


    1. Either / or. Both in great form, shouldn’t be much between them over last five weeks. If it had to be one, I’d go with Zerrett. Easier draw and less clangers


  11. Need to trade Deledio:

    T/U: Dahlhause
    T/D: Gunston

    Current FWD line:

    Dusty, Zerrett, Buddy, Montagna, Zorko


  12. SMartin, Hall and Lids all out make it tricky but we manage.

    With 2 trades and 300k+ in the bank, my last trades were going to be Davis (Current M9) to Mid Premo (leaving Libba/Wines as M8/9) and Hall/Lids for a Premo FWD. With current injuries etc my Fwd line this week looks like:

    D.Martin/Montagna/Greene/Wells/Silvagini/Hall (Lids/Wyatt)

    *I also have a Mid/Fwd rookie in the mids and Lycett in the ruck covering Martin.

    I’m in no contention for Overall but would like to help LoEC2 to stay in top 100 leagues so Overall > League win.

    What trade should I go for?

    T/U – Trade Hall AND Lids to 2 Mid/FWD Premos (Leaves Libba AND Wines on field but keeps Silvagni off field)

    T/D – Trade Hall OR Lids and Davis (Leaves Silvagni on this week, but means only one of wines/libba is on field)

    Thanks in advance!


    1. At this stage, Hall is due back for last three games. With Lids, there’s no time frame. I’d trade Lids and Davis out


  13. Collins to whitecross
    Delids to docherty (suckling to fwd bench with silvagni)leaving 79000
    Then following week bcrouch to hanners leaving me with 4 trades means I’m full premo except for smith in def TU

    Collins to whitecross
    Delids to bartel ( leaving 171000)
    Then following week bcrouch to hanners then smith + 120000 to get another prem defender
    Leaving me with full premo side and 3 trades for finals TD


  14. Duncan = Sloane
    Deledio = Lynch (Adelaide)

    I’m confident in Lynch, but not first trade is enough of an improvement points per week wise to be worth the trade, will have 4 left after 2 this week.


  15. Ok need to fill my last spot in the backline

    Thumbs up Josh Gibson

    Thumbs Down. Jimmy Bartell

    Or comment Alex Rance


  16. Kerridge is finally hitting the kerb and i’ve got $538,000 to spend.

    Narrowed it down to Neale or Congilio. Hmmm. They both have a good scoring pedigree in 2016. Neale is continually in my trade thoughts and i keep thinking his bubble is bound to burst but he seems to be the only Docker still going this season.

    TU – Congilio
    TD – Neale
    Comment – someone else at that price point


  17. Need to win so have to trade Boyd (after only trading him in 2 weeks ago!)

    TU: Bartel
    TD: Enright
    Comment: Docherty


      1. 20 mins left. Docherty is the current winner. 😮

        just be warned, my last 3 trade in’s over the past 3 weeks have been McVeigh, Boyd and Hanners… all have either stunk it up or missed games since.

        If I trade Docherty in, he’s likely to miss next week or stink it up


  18. Ok just brought in Rance to finish my team off so here’s my final lineup
    Backs. Shaw,Laird,Docherty,Simpson,Rance, Collins
    Mids Danger,Selwood,Parker,Hanner,Steven,Ward,Sloane,Priddis
    Rucks Gawn,Goldy. (Wyatt)
    Fwds Dusty,Merrett,Zorko,Montagna,Buddy,Wells



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