Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Final Cut

Written by Motts on February 13 2022

I posted my first team to the site about a month ago and received TONS of feedback. I took it on board. I overhauled the boys and then over the course of 30 days finely tuned the final selections right up to the last minute. Sometimes trading blokes in and out again up to 3 times a day. I’m extremely happy with the final product. Here they are:

BACKS – this is where the value players were on offer this year. I’ve grabbed three blokes that were struck down by injury in ’09 and 2 premiums that were valued well under their true worth.

Goddard – first bloke picked, is a gun. DPP.

Enright – justified his inclusion in his first game with 108.

Hodge – will get a lot more time in the midfield this year and is only $485k – one of this year’s must-haves. DPP.

Gram – will also spend a lot more time in the midfield in 2010. Finished off 2009 beautifully in the Grand Final. DPP.

Kennelly – cash cow that scored 91 and 110 in his last 2 NAB Challenge games.

Hunt – cash cow that has performed well in the past. Kicked off the year with a nice 81 against the Dons.

Waters – cash cow. Finished off the NAB Challenge series with 91 & 85. Has been a good performer in the past.

Emergencies: Nason, Silvagni (as with all emergencies, I just picked blokes who were expected to get game time early)

MIDFIELDERS – As I’ve said all along you have to take risks to win at this game and this is the biggest risk I’ve taken in all the years I’ve been playing SuperCoach. 3 rookies in the midfield. My reasoning is this: it enabled me to get Gary, the midfield position was where the quality rookies were playing this year, it enabled me to upgrade almost every other bloke in my team, and the rookies will generate the highest respective value gain leaving me in good stead in a couple of weeks when I want to upgrade them.

Ablett – everyone umm’d and ahh’d over GAJ. And even in the last week with all the publicity surrounding his Gold Coast decision I took him out again but at the end of the day he’s a champion and is able to leave it all off the field. Proved it last night with 129. With those kind of scores he’s not going to drop much in price.

J Selwood – 175 in his last NAB Challenge game?!? Kicked off what should be another belter of a year with a 131 last night.

Gibbs – its not just because I’m a Blues supporter. This kid is SERIOUSLY good and has room for improvement. 112 against Richmond.

Trengove – I’m also a Sturt supporter in the SANFL so took Trengove over Scully. He’ll get games and if he performs anything like he did for the Double Blues he’ll increase in value nicely.

Martin – Another must-have in 2010. Good football brain and will get lots of games. Had a 72 against the Blues.

Barlow – Hard to ignore after a preseason in which he averaged 89. Got named late for the Adelaide game but will definitely play.

Emergencies: Banner, Bastinac

RUCKS – The big decisions were do you grab Hille? And who would be your premium? I’m glad I decided against Hille.

Clark – it was either going to be him or Sandilands. I went with Clark because I loved the footy he played towards the end of last year, his preseason was actually better than Sandi’s (99 vs 94 averages) and because he $40k cheaper.

Naitanui – locked in as soon as he had that 178 in that first NAB Cup game against the Dons (who admittedly didn’t turn up with anyone over 6’2”). I love watching him play football and I want to feel good knowing every tap, every tackle, every mark, every amazing goal he kicks is adding points to my SC team.

Emergencies: Warnock, Lobbe (4th ruck was the toughest decision to make this year. By choosing Lobbe I can sub Tippett in times of need).

FORWARDS – This is where I’ve spent my dough this year. I’m hoping not to have to do too much to this division all year. Big Bad Bustling spent a lot of time in the team after his stellar preseason but in the end his age and lack of games over the last few years forced him out.

Riewoldt – has a couple of niggles which bother me a little but you just can’t fault his drive, stamina, and marking ability.

O’Keefe – yes he’s expensive but you get what you pay for. Had a superb second half of the year in ’09 and in his last NAB Challenge game generated 171. DPP.

Higgins – another proven performer who spends time in the midfield. Just have to hope he plays 22 this year. DPP.

Giansiracusa – at $450k this guy is a bargain. He was having a great 2009 before sidelined with an injury and showed he’d lost nothing when he returned. He’s consistent, moves up the field, and kicks goals.

Tippett – massive unit who’s young, played 22 games last year and will be the Crows focal point up forward in 2010. Had a 149 in a preseason match and handily will also play ruck. DPP.

Waite – I admit Waitey’s a risk. I hated seeing him go down last year both from a SC POV and because I love the way he goes about it for the Blues. You have to admit though, there aren’t many blokes with skills as silky as him. Had a 94 in his last NAB Challenge match which sealed it for me. He justified my faith with an 89 against Richmond on Thursday night. DPP.

Ziebell – Averaged 6 more points per game in the preseason than his main competition, Dangerfield and that’s what got him over the line for me. Being blooded for a midfield role so should get plenty of it. DPP.

Emergencies: Podsiadly, Hitchcock (last minute decision after Rockliff didn’t get named)

After two games I’ve got 847 points from 7 players and yes my captain (which is of course young Gary) has played. I give the team a 10/10. How about you?

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I loved looking back on this after 12 years. Hope you did too. Thanks for reading!


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5 thoughts on “Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Final Cut”

  1. Thanks for sharing Motts!! I didn’t even know what AFL was in 2010 (From Canada), so it’s pretty neat to see whose still playing from 2010 and how some of them had one of their career best SC scores last year (Ziebell + Nic Nat).

    I was doing some research and found out Fyfe was priced at 95k, did you have a chance to scoop him up and make some coin?

    Also.. just out of curiosity, how well did you do? You might have shared this in the past and I’m the dope who missed it.

    Again fun read!


    1. Thanks for reading, DK! I never got on Fyfe as a rookie. He was all gangly and never looked like he’d do much. How wrong I was!

      I didn’t keep a record of how my 2010 team finished and the earliest I can go back in the history function on the SC website is 2014 so alas we’ll never know.


  2. I’ve enjoyed the posts Motts, I wasn’t playing SC back then so it’s intriguing to see the players picked and the strategy involved



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