Mottsy’s 2010 Starting Team – The Forwards

Written by Motts on February 12 2022

Watts probably wouldn’t have made it to Round 1 considering he didn’t play his first game until Queen’s Birthday from memory.


Original revisions had a ton of blokes in here that I considered to be good value. Names like Rusling, Reid, Jetta, Walker, Veszpremi and Burton. In the end though, I’ve gone with proven performers that don’t have such an injury question mark over their heads. Given my ruck division and some of my backs I think it was the right decision to make.

A Didak ($558,600, 105.18) – as much as I hate having a Pies player in the team you gotta give a spot to a bloke averaging over 100. If I could afford Roo I’d take him but I can’t so a small forward who spends time in the guts will have to do.

M Pavlich ($528,900, 99.58) – year in, year out he gets the job done. When it comes down to the last game of the round, you’re down by a handful of points and you’ve got Pav representing you and not the other guy, you’ve got to be confident.

C Rioli ($417,700, 78.63) – third year in the league for this magician should be a breakout.

L Franklin ($466,700, 87.86) – had an average 2009 and still managed almost 90 a game. With a healthy midfield delivering it to him laces out all year he’ll kick another ton.

J Ziebell ($320,800, 60.40) – showed enough in the 10 games he played last year to get a spot on my list. Hopefully The Bible gives him some time in the midfield to bump up his stats.

L Henderson ($301,200, 56.71) – ok so maybe a little bit of Carlton bias came into play here but with the departure of Fev he may get some decent minutes and is another dual position player (Forward, Defender) which with the new rule could prove valuable.

A Wonaeamirri ($177,900) – this bloke seems priced way too low – I’ll take the value gain and flip him (maybe even for Jurrah depending on how he starts the season).


J Watts ($139,900, 26.33) – #1 pick + cheap + second year in + beefier frame + plays in a crap team = no brainer for an emergency

P Davis ($100,200) – another bloke I’m still undecided about – will need to see his pre-season form before making a final decision. Maybe I’ll jump on Majak.

So there’s the team. What do people think? Is it going to get me those crucial first few round wins? Who have I missed that needs to be in there?


Read the Comments on the original post here. Hope you enjoyed looking back at the names on everybody’s lips from a SC perspective 12 years ago. I certainly did!


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