MRO – Round 4

Written by Chaos Theory on April 11 2023

Easter’s round of indiscretions.


Will Day‘s sling tackle on Brad Close was rated careless, high impact and high contact by the Match Review Officer, which resulted in a  two game ban.

Gary Rohan’s sling tackle on Changkuoth Jiath was graded careless, high contact and medium impact means he will miss one week.

Lloyd Meek was charged for his knee to Mark Blicavs, graded as careless and medium impact to the body, which is a $3000 fine, which can be reduced to $2000 with an early plea.

Tom Lynch has been sent straight to the Tribunal for his hit on Alex Keith, graded as careless, severe impact and high contact by the Match Review Officer, meaning he will be banned for at least three games and face the Tribunal this week.

Jake Soligo has escaped a ban for making unnecessary contact with an umpire and can pay a $1500 fine if he accepts an early guilty plea.

Scott Lycett can also accept a fine for rough conduct on Lance Franklin. Intentional contact, low impact and Body contact a $3000 fine reduced to $2000 with an early plea.

Harry McKay was charged with striking Harry Sheezel on Good Friday, with the incident graded as careless conduct, medium impact and high contact.

The Match Review Officer’s finding triggered an automatic one-match suspension.

Carlton has opted to challenge the one-match ban.

Harry McKay has had his one match suspension overturned and is free to play Adelaide on Thursday night.

His ban has been downgraded to a fine after the Tribunal downgraded his sanction from medium impact to low impact.



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8 thoughts on “MRO – Round 4”

    1. I’m thinking Day to McGovern and then Doc to Daicos.

      McGovern will find more of the footy and take more kick outs with Doc out, he’s got Crows and then back to Marvel where he just scored 124.

      Day an easy upgrade target in 2 weeks


  1. Tom Lynch has also had his case dismissed by the Tribunal.

    Chairman Jeff Gleeson said Lynch intended to fly for the mark and once he realised he misjudged it, kept his eyes on the ball and then braced for contact.

    “He did not bump and he did not engage in rough conduct,” Gleeson said.


  2. Gees, the tribunal is pretty i affective in its current format.
    Get suspended- challenge it and you’re free- especially if you play for Blues or Tigers!



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