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  1. I’m thinking we are spoilt for choice this year. Latest addition to my team is Sullivan from pies….and so cheap.


  2. darcy jones (GWS) $123k.

    was pick 21 in 2022. Did his ACL in the first 5 mins of his first VFL game in 2023.

    small and fast and is looking very likely for round 0.

    plays as a small forward and has eagles and north in the first two games


  3. Matt Roberts (Syd) $156.8k

    Played 5 of the first 6 games last year before coping an injury to be out for most of the season. Was sub in 4 games and scored a 93 on the game he played the full match.

    In his practice match he had 17 disposals, 15 effective, 5 marks and 71 AF points
    Was playing more of a half back role.
    Looks good value if he can avoid the sub vest


  4. Buku Khamis Western Bulldogs $123.9 Fwd

    Played 1 game in 2021, 8 games in 2022 and 1 game last year. Did show something in those games in 2022 to suggest some talent.

    I recall there was some trade talk at the end of last season, but he is still with the Bulldogs. Not sure whether there was a lack of outside interest, or he was convinced to stay.

    At the price point, I think he’s a close watch over the preseason for a fwd bench spot.


  5. The likes of Windsor, Lazzaro, K Dawson, Sexton and Roberts (as mentioned by Natopotato) have firmed as good second tier options (Macercher, Reid, Curtin, Gibcus, Macrae & Sanders locked).

    Sinn, Wilson, Sharp, Cadman, Simpson, & Mannagh still on the watch list (and cheap). Coffield is a coin flip (Mr Magnets & injury history).

    Others on my radar are E Read (Suns) but not sure when he will get a run, O’Sullivan and J Clarke from Cats (but don’t trust the coach for consistent games), E Phillips (maybe a short term hole filler at Hawks), Tsatis and Cox (expensive maybes), Darcey and Hore (JS?) and Z Reid (injury prone).
    Watson and Duursma (expensive with maybe limited game trine) dropped down the list.
    Likely I have missed a few but my two bits….


  6. What does everyone think….I used to go all cheap rookies so I could load up on premos, but that leaves nowhere to go if a rookie becomes a spud…easier to move on a $200k rookie than 2 $120k rookies. Do punters look at a balance or just go for best available depending on cash.

    I currently have 15 rookies averaging $163k…excluding Livingstone at r3 but including Z Williams and Tsatas.

    Not claiming 15 keepers !!!


    1. For me, I start my team in preseason with all of the expensive rookies then slowly pair them back as predication of potential game time evolves. I have always gone a GnR approach each season, bar one when I risked multiple mid-pricers, which ultimately went paired shaped, and played catch up from round 1.

      As you knock down a few premo rookies and cash is released, I enjoy the satisfaction of upgrading some real premium players. This year has provided more scope spending big on premium rookies due to the lack of “lock & load” premiums in the forward line.

      I currently have 17 rookies at the average price of $157.1k (including Z Williams). In saying that, I have paid up big for my premium def and mids, with no early bye rounders, except Gawn & Grundy – with thoughts that Gawn may become Marshall (better bye and dependent on premium rookie downgrades for bang for buck).

      I love that the goal posts have moved this year with the structure of the bye rounds – it keeps your brain ticking over, and only after the season has passed will we be able to look back at what strategy actually worked.


      1. This is the way I see it. All the premo rookies, then drop any that don’t live up to hype in the preseason.



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