Punters Club – Hawker

Written by Motts on October 11 2013

Hawker’s holidaying in Europe but still found time to send me his bets. I’ve whacked ’em on this morning. Hopefully we’ll all be holidaying there next year with his winnings.

Caulfield Race 10
No 6 Éclair Big Bang $20 Win @ Best Tote +10%
Trifecta Box 6-3-4-10-14 $30 buys 50%

Race 1 No 6 Multilateral $20 Win @ BT+5%
Race 4 No 9 Ivory V Cognac $20 Win @ Best Fluc
Race 6 No 5 Complacent $20 Win @ Best Fluc

Race 4 no 9 into Race 6 No 5 $10 Win Win @ BT + 5%

Good luck mate!


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16 thoughts on “Punters Club – Hawker”

  1. My bets for the weekend at Caulfield:
    R3 – $5 EW on Lion of Belfort @ Best Fluc
    R6 – $40 Win on Atlantic Jewel @ $2.80 fixed.
    R10 – $10 EW on El Roca @ $8/$2.80
    R10 – Boxed tri 2,4,6,10 – 50%


  2. No soccer tips this weekend so only 1 bet today on the horses, picking Queenstown on name only in Randwick. All the best today Hawker,we might have to get some Lotto tickets if we are to make it to Thailand.


  3. Hawker returned a handy $158.90 with Multilateral and Complacent, well done mate! That means you’ve got $40 to play on with next week.

    Joining you at the crease next week will be SCT’s very own Duck. He’s winging his way back from Germany at the moment. Resting his weary bones in KL on the way – no doubt with a Tiger or two.


  4. Thanks guys,

    Tipping when you go out and have fun in Amsterdam has some positive.

    See what i can bring this week.

    Just leaving Milan back to Bangkok so should be fun.

    Also Motts was work MIlan, Venice Amsterdam, Holland. tough life working for Blundstone.



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