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Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on March 4 2024

Pretty simple one here: are you starting Grundy?

We were all jazzed to see him solo and reinvigorated at Sydney but the AAMI match did him no favours. Came in pretty flat and failed to post an attractive score, while Tingles, Maxxy and RoMo all look ready to rock. Is a subpar pre-season performance enough for you to part with the extreme savings though?

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Are you starting Brodie Grundy (SYD, $481.9k)?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Grundy”

  1. Will be watching round 0 with great interest.
    League focus only for me, so hoping he has high ownership, doesn’t set the world on fire and gives me a H2H ruck advantage during his Rd.5 bye.


  2. He’s genuinly discounted with an average of 86.2 last year.
    In 2022, he only played 6 games, still averaged 103.
    The 4 years prior, didn’t average below 115.
    Also, with the exception of 2022, is remarkably durable, always playing 17 games or more.
    Finally, when Gawn missed in rounds 3, 4 & 5, Grundy posted 143, 144 & 128.
    He might not get to top 3 rucks in the year, but should be top 5.


    1. I agree with your points Brad, to play devils advocate though, you could say he hasn’t been a premium ruck since 2021, has had injuries and is moving to a team with a lot of midfield injuries too. Were those rds 3-5 scores boosted by having Oliver, Petracca & Viney at the Dees?

      He’s in my team currently, but I’m seriously considering fading, especially as I’m going light in the fwd line. I don’t know if there is a score that matters for me this weekend, I just want to see how he looks.


      1. All valid points.
        I think it’s worth the risk, he should be able to improve 15 points IMO.
        I also think Sydney have got a deep midfield, despite a few injuries, but at the same time, Grundy’s at his best when he’s winning his own ball.


    2. I don’t know if he is discounted enough to justify two concerns that I have:
      1) Will he regain 110 average and be healthy?
      2) Will he be 10% better before the byes, for his price, than a non-bye alternative?

      Right now, I am looking at Xerri above Grundy and possibly Gawn too. Only looking at 1 premium per first bye round and Daicos is more important than Grundy in my team.

      Xerri has a good role, has price growth and has shown spurts of 100+ scoring. He could be an early trade-out/correction or a hold until byes. I dont think he is top 5.

      If Gawn has a good Round 0, he probably comes in over Xerri.


      1. I don’t know if he’s going to jump 25 points – that would be huge! Not completely impossible, but a big ask.

        I understand why people are looking at Xerri, but he’s only $80k less than Grundy. In the last 3 years, he’s played 29 games and scored over 100 on just 3 occassions + 1 more in a practice match.


  3. The question raised above by Cripps Walk is definitely sound.

    Is he a Premium Ruck? If so, why did TWO teams move him on? He often looks disinterested… is he a good teammate?

    RO will be very important to see how he goes.


    1. Don’t think it’s as simple as that. When you look at the collingwood salary cap at the time, they had about 3 rucks who could play – and then fact that Melbourne already had a top 3 ruckmen in Gawn, it boiled a bit more down to needs of the club rather than the individual themselves. Personally I think he’ll flourish at Sydney, but regardless, a hard watch on R0



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