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Written by Schwarzwalder on June 6 2019

And we’ve found our way down to the last line, the FWDs.  We skipped the Rucks again…..Grundy and Gawn are the Top2 scorers at the moment so that’s fairly self-explanatory.

Which of the FWDs would you like to have in your team for the last half of the season?  Which FWDs would bring your team the most points FROM THIS POINT ONWARDS?  Players are in order of current price.  You have six selections……..


Which FWDs will score the most points for the remainder of the season? (six choices)

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13 thoughts on “Poll – Most Pts FWDs”

  1. Finding it very hard on which of these players can stay consistent. Mundy a great example of this scoring these 40’s and 120’s. Can score great but an off day should be more an 80 not a 40

    Then Dunkley all relies on Beveridge and his role. He started slow, but into the mid and rockets off, will this stay the rest of the year?

    Heeney we know has the potential but carrying an injury from the JLT series held him back. Then his lack of mid time hurts. A week off and a role change could be massive for his scoring.

    Hawkins and Cameron rely more on a good, high scoring team that has luck go their way with ground conditions and draw. Wet or windy days could really hinder their score and it very hard to predict the weather in a month from now.

    Can Marshall and Daniel keep up this breakout year or will they run out of gas come SC finals time?

    Is Boak replicating his 2013/14 form for the whole year or will it continue to drop back to his previous averages from the last few years? He went through a poor form patch scoring 102, 79, 106, 77 but then hitting back the next week. Is this a sign of things to come?

    So many questions can be asked about multiple players and this is probably the defining factor on what determines the best team from the rest. Who will choose the perfect forwards?


    1. Agree with all of the above except for Marshall. Was playing key FWD last year and this year is 1st Ruck. That’s simply a role change and nothing more. The danger is if he loses form and then Longer or (god help us Pierce) come(s) into contention. He may also be given a week off when STK come up against a significantly taller/specialist RUC. Both risks, but the rewards are potentially good. Still a little underpriced for his likely output.


      1. Not much info to go on with Marshall being his first year in this position. I’m assuming he shouldn’t lose his spot and they won’t double ruck but he plays Gawn again. 3 scores below 95 in a row until a score of 140 last week. Hope he can iron these flaws out


    2. Boak was playing forward the last few years so his scoring from then is pretty irrelevant now he’s back playing as a pure mid.

      Marshall, Daniel and Dunkley all demonstrate how effective role changes are for SC. While they hold their roles they will continue to score well.

      Danger and Kelly are certainties.


  2. I’ve found these polls super handy. My five targets are:


    T KELLY and BOAK

    Depending on carnage, should be able to get J Kelly this week, Boak and Macrae next and T Kelly the following week. Finally Hurn when he’s back. Last DEF will surface (perhaps Crisp?!?!) after that. I know it won’t cos cr5p will hit the fan, but should leave me with 9/10 trades.


  3. I found it hard to go beyond the top 4 – the others are all significantly questionable ATM.

    From the post above re Heeney there was information posted a few weeks back from interviews where he indicated he is playing with the injury and will have surgery – I think it eliminates him as his scores will be down with the odd good one thrown in and the risk he is put in cottonwool early once Swans are done for the year – he’s an avoid for me.

    I have had Worpel all year and may have to live with him at F6 due to trade availability. Was hoping he would break out and he starts matches well each week and then goes quiet / missing for a bit – if he can stay at 90 avg he’ll do!

    The rest I have no idea on!


  4. With his durability, Jack Gunston could potentially sneak into the top 6 from here on a total-points basis.


  5. Robbie Gray if we going money ball, 4 games at Adelaide oval in the next 5, not that his recent form is great there. hoping he’s recovered from the injury.



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