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Written by The Salamander on June 25 2021

A popular request in this week’s Polling Station thread was trade targets in the forward line. The cheaper options were covered in last night’s Jarman Impey poll, but for those with a bit more cash in the bank, I thought I’d put one together for the premium options.

I’ve left Jack Ziebell off the list, as he’s in over 60 percent of teams, but he’s definitely one to look at if you haven’t already got him. For those looking a few weeks ahead, it’s also worth noting that Josh Dunkley ($634,100) is due back around Round 19 or 20.

Who are the best $500K+ forwards? 3 choices.

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How many spots have you got left to fill in your forward line? Let us know in the comments below!


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9 thoughts on “Poll: Premium Forwards”

  1. 2 to go after replacing Impey with Neale last night. Will be looking at Danger & Bolton at this stage but money will be tight.


  2. Got Gray to replace after his 45 minute contribution to my team for the year last week. Its looking like Sidey, Hind or Greene…leaning to Sidey with his dpp….don’t trust Greene.
    Danger on the radar r17.


    1. Got Zork Ziebell Sidebum Bolton and Dusty
      Pick up danger next week than all I gotta do is save for Bont cos Rn he cost a fkkn arm, leg and head


  3. Got one spot to go,
    But if Bergman can keep pumping out scores like last week I mightn’t have to bother.
    At least he’ll have a few good price increases to go.


  4. Anyone have any idea how points Weightman will need to score to get to 325k?
    Bit of a long stretch but thats what I need him to get to if I am to make it to danger in one trade


    1. if he scores his average of 73 the next two weeks he gets to 319/320K. Three weeks of 73 gets him to 334K

      73 this week about 306K … so if you want it this week, he’d have to go over 100 … edit – his BE is 26 – 100 gets him 74 ahead of his BE which will get him close to the $40K he needs to get to $325K



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