Polling Station – Round 12

Written by Dane on May 30 2022

With the first bye round now upon us, what are you looking to see on the site this week?

Put it down in the comments below and some of those thoughts will find their way into their own thread this week!


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22 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 12”

  1. Its a really weird SC situation but, people assume its risky to have a 5 or 6 doggie forward line. But is this really the case if all of those players are in the Western Bulldogs best 18 or 22 and averaging plus 100?


    1. For what it’s worth, a number of yrs ago I had about six elite Swans players on the ground. It pissed down rain at the Sydney ground in one round and all of their scores were abysmal. Consequently I got thumped. So apart from the wet weather, which is about to hit us in Vic., I guess we’ve also got to consider Covid.


      1. Years ago. You’ll have these Geelong Guns in your SC side: Ablett, Bartel, Selwood, Enright, Johnson, Posiadly as the cheap rookie.


    2. Hey Dom, apart from round 13, I think people’s fears only lay with the risk of a Covid or other medical outbreak which could see a few sidelined at one time.

      Otherwise I think your theory is OK.


    3. The difficulty is that there is only 3300 pts per game. How many times do we hear people arguing about low scores….the reason is often in the number of gun players all going off at once.
      Three is the maximum for me….Macrae/Dunks/Libba/English…..oh dear !!!


    1. Def – Sicily, Stewart, Sinclair
      Mid – Neale, Oliver, Laird
      Rick – Witts
      For – English, Dunkley, B Smith

      Blanket finish for remainder of spots


  2. A strength of schedule rating for each team.
    Now we are halfway through, we have a good idea of where all the teams sit. So would be good to rank each teams run home.


  3. G’day everyone!!

    My poll would be to see if there is a preferred cheap RUCK / FWD to “combine” with Tim English (eg Denning FREM, Jack Williams WCE etc)

    Clearly the preferred option would be cheap (think $117,300 is the cheapest RUCK / FWD) – but it would also be good for them to have a stack of late / Sunday games (so they could be used as a VC / C loop).



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