Polling Station – Round 4

Written by Dane on April 3 2023

Got an idea for the site this week?

Chuck it in the comments below and it may make its way into a separate post for all to see.

Please do keep ideas to issues for the majority, and use other threads for individual trade plans.


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32 thoughts on “Polling Station – Round 4”

    1. If possible – can this include something as to whether you are replacing him in your forward or ruck lines?


  1. Some people he need to realise this is not a poll for your single team! It is a general question that is to be asked to the whole of the Supercoach community!

    These are the questions that should be asked
    “Who would you trade Cameron out for as he is out for a couple of months?”

    Not these
    “Do I trade Callaghan for Phillips?”


    1. Would be an interesting poll

      It truly depends on how you think they will perform over the next month or 2. Will they only reach 100 avg, or is it a form slump since the season has just started and are only warming up?


    2. Only need to do what I did. Easy solve!
      Got rid of Macrae before last round snd got LDU- that really paid off big time! DOH!


  2. I think the sideways trades is a good one as it seems to be a bit of a trend for these first 3 rounds?

    Also, considering upcoming fixtures and cash, who’s the better option between Tingles and Grundy to replace DCam?

    Also, if anyone has one of them Palantir stones from Lord Of The Rings, will premium rucks stop getting injured at some point in the competition?


  3. Including trades this week how many premiums have you traded out for whatever reason. 450k+


  4. Early season poll on how many ‘keepers’ everyone has & how many trades & boost have been used

    Maybe also if people plan on holding players like Ginbey, Setterfield, Sheezel & Zeibell as potential cheap options for a long time or trade when cash gen slows.


  5. A couple of ideas
    How high are your rage levels at your unreliable premiums?

    How far can Shrek F@%! the F@#! off?


  6. If you are looking to trade for keepers it is early days but who are the keepers?
    Def, Mid, Rucks and Fwds.


  7. How many people all have the same team, is this year is it a bigger % as more people are using this site?


  8. So everyone with Cameron.
    The play is to trade him to Grundy.
    Hold till Gawn is back.
    Use cash made to grab any ruck you want, do not keep Grundy with Gawn in the same team.


  9. I have $10k cash and what to get rid of Greene and possibly Cunnington as they wont make much cash. Planning to use Ratugolea to Ryan to generate $65k cash but should I then:

    TU: Greene up to Amartey
    TD: Greene to van Rooyen and Cunnington to De Goey



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