7 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Rd21”

  1. 353 / 4 / Walsh into Oliver

    Taranto actually pulled his finger out. Whitfield & Stewart both solid. Had Danger though 🙁


  2. 1503/13/Miller VC

    Projected 2400+ , score includes 27 from Connolly thanks to the Mills late out and I still have Bramble to come (thanks to Josh Kelly) and Treacy (thanks to Karl Langford)

    Can’t complain, I’ll do that next week once Greene cops his suspension and I can only field 21 players.

    Good luck tomorrow everyone!


  3. I fucking give up on this year.

    Had full premo with 4 trades and heading into round 17 (probably the earliest I’d ever got there). Held Langford for two weeks to keep a trade, then had two LTIs (Dusty and Jiath) and then this week, Langford and Tex out (as well as my solid cover of Weightman). One donut at a minimum, even with using my last trade.

    So yesterday, put the VC on Touk and felt pretty happy with myself only to realize when I just signed in that the C badge somehow went on Tarryn Thomas (my budget Langford replacement), so instead of Touk’s 155, I got a 96 (a good score but not for a captain). My projected of ~2,450 is looking closer to 2,200 and a likely elimination. Bloody shocking.


  4. I need Tim Kelly to score 106 or more to progress in my cash league – very unlikely.

    Needed one of De Goey, Brayshaw and Lyons to go big.

    Ropeable, because I never wanted Kelly he was meant to be Fiorini last week and I would be all but home – but the three ‘postponed’ games meant I had to make a different move to ensure i won Round 1.


  5. Thanks GD, with my 26k in the bank, I can use my last trade by dumping Bolton (never again) and get in Butters



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