7 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 19”

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  2. 1842/15/Bont
    Project 2575.
    Cogs, Anderson, Marshall, Dawson, Sinclair, Steele and Sheezel to play.
    Had Laird on the bench who was covered by Hewett for 127 points.
    Gulden only major let down with 66 points


  3. 1828/16/Bont
    Projected 2441
    Laird covered by Maric isn’t ideal and Walsh is a bit of a worry now.
    Anderson Himmelberg Miller Cogs Marshall Dawson still to come.


  4. 1877/16/English

    Projected 2621

    Dawson, Sheezel, Petracca, Thomas, Marshall, Coniglio to come.

    Daicos and Taranto a bit disappointing, Fletcher on field for Laird and Ashcroft who looks like a trade unless he’s really lucky with this knee.


      1. That’s really bad luck for him, depending on how his rehab goes might miss all of next year as well.



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