17 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 9”

  1. Only had Gawn last night. Who gets the C?

    T/U – Rowell
    T/D – Naicos

    Flanders could also be a smokey?


  2. 726/6/ Bont>Naicos
    Solid first two nights with Butters and Serong going large. Houston the only let down with an 89 due to bad DE% in the first half
    Going to be a big Saturday with only 3 players set to play Sunday


  3. 732/6/Gawn > Bont
    Took Serong over Ryan and finally chose right for the first time this season! Only Oliver sub tonning so far.


  4. 2179/19/Bont
    Only 3 to play in Daicos, Reid and Zorko
    Going to crack 2500 providing no shockers occur.
    Had to deal with Darcy Jones on field which hurt.
    Should be back in the top 500 after this round!


  5. 1991/20/Bont

    Disaster incoming.

    Trading out Sheezel and Powell worked but my ins of May and Satan then didn’t do much.

    From there: Young, Jackson, Roberts, Rowell, English, Macrae and my centrepiece DRURY.

    Daicos and Reid, finish off at 2200.

    Team on paper strong but yowza.


  6. 2263 with Daicos and Reid to go. A shame I picked Ryan as captain, when I could have gone Butters or Serong to land me with a massive score. 2450+ hopefully


  7. This rounds hilarious. My rookies are carrying me. Held comben, Wilson, clohesy, Darcy and sexton, all on field. Still not enough, will finish about 2400 with bont captain and Naicos and Reid to play.


  8. 1982/Flanders

    Diacos pls 130+
    Dunkley pls 130+
    Rankine pls 100+

    2300 will be average. Rooks saved my ass. Big ups to my makeshift forward line double of Comben and Darcy.

    Next week is pretty easy upgrade – Roberts to Bont, saved a bit of coin on his starting price, he simply is a must have. Might only do the 1 trade. Dear was subbed so a no, Hayes was a sub so a no. Lets see how Sullivan and Revelle go

    Think I need one so I can upgrade the week after with Pow Pow and Reid to Gulden and any better than Powell forward.

    Loving the extra trades this year


  9. 18/1815 Butters VC taken

    Disaster round even though I finally got the VC right.

    8 “premos” between 76 and 90.

    Add Cadman’s 12 and Lazzaro’s sub affected 15 to the list.

    The illness to Sweet and Graham being dropped forced me to keep Cadman and field him and by the time I knew Lazzaro was sub I had no options to replace him on field.

    Nuff said.


    1. You’re flying up with that score! You’ve already outscored most teams with one less player!



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