12 thoughts on “Progress Scores – Round 9”

  1. 335/3/Oliver

    Had Daicos on bench so will probably leave SDK on field and hope he does better. Not having Smith or Treloar this round could hurt. Good luck all.


  2. 425/4/Mills or Neale

    Ended up rolling the dice with Darcy Cameron and feeling ok so far. Might do something crazy by captaining Mills tomorrow but common sense should prevail and I’ll roll with Neale. Vice on Macrae didn’t completely fail but not worth locking in. Projected has me above 2500 already so hopefully tomorrow just builds on that


  3. 497 / VC Macrae / 5 played

    Projected 2458 (with loads of footy left to be played)

    Advice to field the following players pls.

    Tu Cogs v Blues @ home
    Td Butters v Roos in Tassie

    Thanks coaches


  4. Cogs may dig deep this week for Cameron’s farewell. I think Pendles went nuts last year against the Dees for Buckley’s last game.


  5. What do we think about Buku? Would’ve liked to see more than 66 points after a three goal game, although he did give away a 50.

    Was going to wait for Greg Clark next week, but might go early on him, and get Khamis on the bubble. Not especially keen on any of the R12 rooks this week.

    Basically it’s:
    TU: Hamilton this week, Clark next week
    TD: Clark, then Khamis


  6. 548/5/Oliver

    Big Bad Bazza making up for Daicos’s poor score. VC’d Macrae but will leave the C on Oliver.


  7. 1425/13/Neale

    Kicking myself for not sticking with my gut and captaining Mills but oh well. I did last minute trade Rioli to Hamilton so dodged that handbrake on cash gen



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