Punters Club – Davo

Written by Motts on October 1 2021


R1, #1 BLACK TAHITIAN – $15 WIN @ 9.5 (BB’s)

R3, #12 GLINT OF HOPE – $10 WIN @ 8 (BB’s)

R7, #1 SIR DRAGONET – $10 WIN @ Tote (BB’s)


R5, #2 KEIAI NAUTIQUE – $30 WIN @ Tote (BB’s)

R7, #5 STARTANTES – $20 WIN @ 5

R8, #3 DALASAN – $10 EW @ 19/5

Meanwhile, Wighty’s back again and is whacking his entire stake on:

Flemington R4, #1 ZOUTORI – $30 @ 3.40 (BB’s)

Good luck to us all!


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34 thoughts on “Punters Club – Davo”

  1. Good Luck Davo and Wighty!

    Anyone from the Punters Club playing SC Racing and keen to join a League – Punters Club @SCT – Code is 642921 currently 50 coaches have joined with a fair number of members from the PC having already joined.

    Punters Club @SCT #2 – 114417 is another League to join.


  2. Sorry lads, been a chaotic week and just remembered I had a $50 bonus to use while nursing this sick kid…

    Just threw it on the nose of Riodini R8 Randwick.

    Apologies, only now while letting you know have I seen a bet on the same race above.


  3. So Davo collected $50 – nice to get something back after the day he had – Pumba ended up with nothing, and Wighty over the course of a month cleared a massive $452. 25 for us. * Stands * * Applauds *. That’s over a quarter of what PC23 has won in total to date. Out-bloody-standing!

    Up this week is Stacky. After him there’s just 3 punters to go. To date, our total returns are $1,571.90 which is just under $100 shy of what we started with ($1,688.57). Good luck to our remaining Punters (Stacky, Stewy, Haysie and TSNW). Bring it home, boys!


  4. Since Dad’s beloved bombers were knocked out of the finals by umpire Weightman, Dad has found great joy in the PC. He told me last night that he hasn’t had as much fun since getting on Phar Lap early in the 1930 Melbourne Cup. I’m still trying to convince him though, that its highly unlikely he will now ever find the SP bookie !!!


          1. Dad had quite a way with the girls apparently…a trait not handed down to me. I hear there was a lot of “Hi Jinx” in his day. Best we steer clear of the 1951 winner !!



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