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Written by Motts on December 10 2013

Before we get into Mutley’s bets, after recent publicity regarding a rival punters club (http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/victoria/you-bet-600-yarrawonga-residents-are-angry-at-losing-74-million-in-punting-club/story-fni0fit3-1226779242342) I want to assure all SCT Punters Club members that your money is well and truly accounted for and I haven’t been going out and splurging it on horses, women, booze and fast cars.

With that out of the way, Mutley has grabbed the horn by the bulls this week and jumped straight in to a midweek Champions League Lucky 15. Here are his bets and rationale:

Bayern Munich V Man City

Selection – Man City.

“What!!” I hear you say, “Man City!!!, in Germany!!!, you must be mad”

Well lets start with the fact that both teams have already qualified for the next round, making the result pretty much irrelevant. I admit Bayern should be listed as favourites but there is no way in hell, odds of $7.50, should be offered on Man City, this game is a lot more even than that, but that’s what’s on offer so lets have a go.

Benfica V Paris Saint Germain

Selection PSG.

Paris may have already won the group, but they won’t lie down and even if a few fringe players are brought in, they will be trying to show they are worthy of a place in the team each weak. PSG haven’t lost yet in the Champs league this year and I see no reason for this to change. Again, great odds of $3.60 on offer for the league leaders.

Juventus V Galatasary

Selection Galatasary.

This is effectively a battle for second place in the group (assuming Real Madrid beat Copenhagen) I just fancy an upset here at odds of $3.80. Juventus are top of the league, but that Italian league is a poor one in my opinion and I think Sneijder and Drogba can cause Juventus problems at the back.

Viktoria Plzen V CSKA Moscow

Selection Moscow.

Quite simply Plzen have suffered 5 straight defeats in the group and I see no reason for this to change. I’ll take odds of $2.90 on Moscow. Thanks.

He’s gone with a $0.50 Lucky 15 (total $7.50)

Mutley’s next bet is a straight multi on these 4 Champions League teams:

Ac Milan
Zenit St Petersberg

$7.50 @ $6.95

The Death Adder has thrown his left over winnings at a running double on the 7th and 8th at Caulfield today (11/12/13). In Leg 1 he’s gone for numbers 1 and 6. In Leg 2 he’s gone 6, 7 and 8. His $15.50 bought him 258.33%.


Mutley’s last 3 bets see him tackling cricket, soccer and, believe it or not, darts.

In the cricket he’s gone with Australia to win the 3rd test AND Mitchell Johnson to take most wickets in the match

$15 @ $4.58

In the soccer he’s spread a multi over a number of different European leagues:

France – Paris SG

Germany – Dortmund and Leverkusen

Italy – Juventus

Spain – Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid

Scotland – Celtic

$15 @ $8.43

And in the darts, we’re centring our attention on this weekend’s 2014 PDC World Darts Championship where we’re multi’ing up the following 1st Round Matchwinners:

Dave Chisnall

Gary Anderson

John Part

Kevin painter

Mervyn King

Raymond Van Barnedeld

Robert Thornton

Simon Whitlock (Go The Wiz!)

Peter Wright

Justin Pipe

James Wade

$15 @ $8.17


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76 thoughts on “Punters Club – Mutley & TDA”

  1. Whilst i trust you with $120 Motts, forgive me if i don’t send you $74 million, however if you did spend it all on Beer and Women, at least we’d be safe in the knowledge you hadn’t squandered it.

    Unfortunately, the odds on the cricket aren’t great so i may leave that alone.
    The devil in me wants to stick some on us pommies at the WACA, to get a reaction from you lot and see where your loyalties lie, in your pocket, or national pride 😀


  2. Think i may have found 1 bet for the cricket though.

    Australia most wickets (first innings)
    Mitchell Johnson @$2.35
    The guys a God at the WACA

    May even combine it with the Australia win which should pay something like $4.11

    Thoughts everyone?


  3. Just checked the odds at sportingbet Mutts re test fiunishing on day 1,2 or 3 paying 6.25 so you would get 25-1 re a 3 leg multi possibly worth a fiver. Also Mitchell Johnson to take most wickets in test match paying 3.00.


  4. For the record, I don’t think there’s any way that Munich or Juventus will lose their matches……..but I’m happy to be proven wrong for the Club.


  5. How much excitement can you get for for $7.50

    Man city come from 2 down to win 3-2 for us in Germany at $7.50. The ‘value’ bet paid off.

    PSG, well quite simply i got it wrong and they lost.

    Moscow 1-0 nil and looking good till Dzagoev gets sent off and the game changes in favour of Plzen and they lose 2-1 finishing the game with 9 men. #gutted.

    Galatasary V Juventus, Abandoned due to snow! You couldn’t make it up, snow in Instanbul, a quick check of the rules tells me if the match is replayed within 48 hours the bet stands, and i think it will be replayed tomorrow.


  6. Told you I had a tip for Prince Stratum Motts. Hope you backed it got home by 4 lengths.
    Let’s not count our chickens though, but have a good chance with 3 horses in the last leg.


  7. Sneijder you beauty, (Mentioned in the write up i might add! Yes i’m always happy to milk it, when i get it right 🙂 )that’s 2 singles and a double up in the lucky 15, and we were unlucky with Moscow.

    By my calculations that should be about $20 back from the $7.50 staked?


  8. Fellow punters, just had 4 leg multi come in on the UCL Real Madrid/Chelsea/Shalke/Barcelona $25 @ 3.69 paying $92.24. Apologies didn’t put it up haven’t had time post much recently.

    I do have another on the go in the UEL though which is a little tougher..

    Frankfurt/Salzburg/Tottenham/Betis/Apollon/DinamoKiev @ 14.99


  9. Glad to see finally got a collect on a soccer. Well done Mutley.
    Good luck with your other bets this weekend. I like the cricket bet, but the soccer and the left field darts bet are not my forte.
    Also Mutley I tend not to tip favourites I have been tipped. It was 5.00 fixed before the scratchings but only paid $3.40 at the tab.
    I had a tip for the other prince, prince jester in the last that started fav and ran 5th.
    Basically if you backed every favourite you would lose.


  10. Well Mutley, didn’t think I would ever gamble on the soccer and now I just put my first bet on Darts, didn’t get the odds the punters club got. Let’s hope we all have a good weekend with our punting.


  11. For anyone looking at the European Soccer this week, here are some tips to consider throwing into those multis:

    Hoffenheim Vs Dortmund OVER 2,5 goals (1.45) – For reasons mentioned last week, there are always plenty of goals in Hoffenheim games. Dortmund will make sure of that.

    Hannover (2.00) – Nuremberg are the only team in all of Europe that haven’t won a game after 15 Rounds. Hannover have 17 points till now, all of them collected at home. Should be a little too good for Nuremberg.

    Wolfsburg (1.80) – Since losing to Braunschweig they are unbeaten in their last seven matches and are sitting pretty in 5th spot. Stuttgart had a lucky win against Hannover last week but, all in all, have been struggling to string three passes together otherwise. Wolfsburg comfortably……..

    Leverkusen (1.50) – Frankfurt went through easily to the next round of the Europa League during the week. In the Bundesliga they are close to relegation, having won only two games all season. Leverkusen qualified for the next round of the Champions League and have been impressive since Man Utd thrashed them at home in CL. Leverkusen are unbeaten at home (Bundesliga games), have won 12 / 15 so far, why back against them?

    May the Schwarz be with you!! 😉


  12. Just got home sodes. Sorry about that horse not coming home. I don’t know where it ran but when the bloke that tipped me slinked off 5 minutes after it ran I knew it had none no good. When I thought about it, I said to myself that bloke did not tip me 5 horses over the spring carnival that did not even run a place. But he is a bit of a Bob he has tipped me 25-1 and 33-1 the spring carnival before. Basically he is out of form.
    Think about having a crack and double up on that Garud the owner he has declared it over the line.
    To be truthful in a race like that its hard to declare any horse but it is a good each way bet.


  13. By the way, not a bad horse by the way has won me a lot of money. You are looking good in the cricket Mutts the Aussies should win from here.
    Out of 6 wickets the best a pommie bowler has is 2.
    So if Mitchell Johnson can rip threw the poms tomorrow we will be looking good.


  14. I’ll be throwing a few quid at the following soccer multi’s:

    @ 8.27

    Portadown/Real Madrid/Twente/SydneyFC/Bordeaux/Lazio/Leverkusen/Zulte-Waregem
    @ 20.8

    fingers crossed!


  15. For those that don’t follow the darts (I’m guessing most of you) the bet we have on runs till Thursday night in the UK or Friday Morning AUS

    The first two legs were won last night by Darth Maple and Snake Bite Wright.
    The rest of the matches are as follows.

    Sat Evening The Flying Scotsman and The Thorn
    Sun Evening Chizzy and Barney
    Mon Evening The King
    Tue Evening The Wizard
    Wed Evening The Force
    Thu Evening The Machine and The Artist

    Oh and if you need help with the names


  16. Dortmund and Madrid have messed up so we are left with the darts and the cricket bets still running. If Johnson can get at the tail end we should be ok.


  17. Garud 4th got to 2nd in straight but could not go on with it. Not a good weekend with 2 tips not running a place.
    Mutts you are still a chance with your cricket bet 1 leg all but home, but will probably need Johnson to take 4 or 5 wickets in 2nd innings. At least you didn’t go with 1st innings bet.
    None of the poms look a danger with Broad injured, the worry is Harris who already has 3 wickets and is bowling well on the WACA pitch.



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