Rare Gems – Round 4

Written by The Salamander on April 11 2019

Planer Name (Club, Price, Ownership, Average)


Luke Ryan (FRE, $506,500, 2.1 %, 108.3)

After a posting a solid but unremarkable 91 and 78 to start the season, Ryan went nuts on the weekend, delivering a massive 156 points for the handful of coaches who had him.

Wayne Milera (ADE, $451,600, 2.7 %, 99)

After breaking out in the second half of last year, Milera has picked up right where he left off, and the 2.7 percent of coaches who have him in their team would be thrilled with what he’s delivered so far. Now, if he could just stop taking his points from Rory Laird, the rest of us would be thrilled, too.


Josh P. Kennedy (SYD, $540,800, 1.0 %, 114.3)

It seemed unthinkable two years ago that JPK would be in just 1 percent of teams, but here we are. With scores of 94, 136, and 114 to start the year off, the handful of coaches who started him have been handsomely rewarded.

Jacob Hopper (GWS, $464,100, 0.8 %, 109)

All eyes were on teammate Tim Taranto coming into the season, but instead it has been Hopper who has stepped up after the Giants’ midfield exodus, posting scores of 129, 84, and 114 over the last three weeks.

Brayden Fiorini (GCS, $469,600, 0.3 %, 107)

After scoring 125 in his second ever game back in 2016, Fiorini has been on a number of coaches’ radars for some time. Up until now, he hasn’t been able to deliver on that promise. But with scores of 117, 86, and 118 across the first three rounds, it looks like his time may well have come. The 673 coaches who currently have him will certainly be hoping that it has.


I can’t possibly have McEvoy in here twice in a row (although for the record, he’s still just as rare, and just as gemmy), and no other rucks under 3 percent ownership have really set the world on fire so far. So, I’ll hand out a couple of honourable mentions for the week:

Reilly O’Brien (ADE, $136,800, 1.5 %, 85)

Playing his first game since 2016, O’Brien was solid on the weekend, posting a score of 85 points. With Sam Jacobs set to miss at least another week, his job security is safe for now, but whether he can hold his spot once Jacobs returns remains to be seen (personally, I’m not optimistic).

Shane Mumford (GWS, $320,200, 2.4 %, 91)

One who would be in a lot more teams had he not got himself suspended for the opening two rounds, the returning veteran scored a solid 91 on the weekend. Expect his ownership to grow somewhat if he can back that up this week.


Caleb Daniel (WB, $451,700, 2.3 %, 106.1)

Playing a SuperCoach-friendly role across half-back, Daniel’s SC output has increased 38 percent on last year. His ownership, on the other hand, has not, sitting at just 2.3 percent. There is the possibility that his role could change once Johannisen returns, or if Mr Magnets simply gets bored, but so far, he looks like a great option up forward.

Jade Gresham (STK, $451,800, 2.0 %, 100.7)

Coming into his fourth year with scores of 86, 121, and 95 over the first three weeks, the young Saint is starting to look an awful lot like the player we all wanted Billings to be last year.

Honourable mention:

Rowan Marshall (STK, $341,100, 0.5 %, 112.5)

Playing in the ruck, and averaging 112.5 doing so, it is only role security that is holding Marshall back from being the official Rare Gems poster boy, with Billy Longer sure to return to the side at some stage.

Do you have any of these rare gems in your side? Or is there another player you’ve noticed who is flying under the radar? Let us know in the comments below.


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13 thoughts on “Rare Gems – Round 4”

  1. Only looked at one of those gems. Had Jade Gresham at F3 for a chunk of the off season. Not super convinced he’ll score this well across the season. Stevens was out for the Saints last game and the Saints drew grows harder the longer the season goes.


    1. Question for next week, Fred. Too much water to go under the bridge – need to see how Mumford goes, what happens to Gawn with Preuss in the side, and of course how Goldy goes. Big Todd has had two out of three scores over 100, so not sure what your rush is.


        1. Read most of the player reviews – not so much the little sentence at the end 😉

          But good call.

          Have you got either/both in your side? Would have been a ballsy move for people to start them given the preseason impressions of GC’s prospects for the year. Reckon they’re good targets later in the year for people who have had a rough trot and are hunting for bargains, but not sure I’d be open to taking a risk on them this early.

          Of the two, Jack Martin seems the better choice, as he’d be decent swing cover for two lines late in the season to help with short term injuries.


    1. I was surprised Fiorini was mentioned and not Bowes. Bowes has been great in the Suns midfield and is doing everything: pressuring around the contest, tackling, winning contested ball and getting it on the outside. If he’s allowed to stay and operate in the midfield I think he’ll continue to score well.
      I have a feeling though that he’ll be used to tag and switch between being on the ball and swinging back into defence.


      1. He was definitely considered for a mention. But ultimately I have to find a balance between completeness and making sure I’ve still got people left to talk about in later editions. 😉

        Besides, if I mentioned every potentially worthy candidate this week, the column would probably be two to three times as long.

        Rest assured, if Bowes keeps his current form up, it won’t be long before he gets a mention.



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