Round 15 Review

Written by Dane on June 27 2022

With the byes in the rear view mirror, I’ll be condensing the “rookie” section of the round review as the majority of teams are near-full premium. I’ll still be covering any debuts/guys on the bubble as downgrade options within this section, or any outstanding performances worth noting!

Round 15

Melbourne (16.21.117) defeated Brisbane (7.11.53)

1. Clayton Oliver (140). It was a toss up on Thursday night for a lot of coaches to either run with the VC on Clarry or Neale, with the former being the better option in the end. Racked up 35 touches (21 contested) to pair with 12 clearances at a respectable 74% DE for his fifth score of 140+.

2. Jake Lever/Daniel Rich (135). This was a career best score for Lever who just intercepted everything on Thursday night, ultimately finishing with 15 intercept possessions, 20 touches (10 contested), 8 marks and 90% DE, while Rich kept his splendid form going and presents as a good Stewart replacement after producing his best score of the year from 33 touches at 97% DE that gained a game best 875 metres.


3. Jack Viney (123). Willed himself into the contest as per usual and put up his fifth ton in a row thanks to 34 touches (19 contested), 8 clearances and 7 tackles. 

4. Luke Jackson (122). With Gawn out and some promised number 1 ruck time, Jackson was a super popular option to bring in and may well be next week as well. He finished up with 21 touches, 18 hitouts, 9 tackles, 4 marks and 1 goal.

5. Harris Andrews (117). Played through the pain of a shoulder injury this round to finish with this season best score thanks to 18 touches and 12 marks down back.


Other 100+ scores: Lachie Neale (111), Angus Brayshaw (106), James Harmes/Hugh McLuggage (103), James Jordon (102)

Disappointment: Christian Salem seemingly had a sore knee at times in this game but ultimately played through, only finding 17 touches for 55 points on Thursday night.

Rookies: There was a debut in this game with James Tunstill (38) getting a bit of a run in the middle to find 9 touches at 88% DE. 

Injuries: Important Lions midfielder Jarryd Lyons bravely played on after a big knee to the chest early in the game but overall, the injury was too much as it saw him subbed out in the fourth quarter.

Western Bulldogs (19.11.125) defeated Hawthorn (12.11.83)

1. Marcus Bontempelli (136). Best score of the year for Bont who enjoyed a big second half to finish up with 27 touches (12 contested), 8 clearances, 7 tackles, 1 goal and 521 metres gained.

2. Jack Scrimshaw (131). Has shown in the past that he can put up consistent 100+ scores, but this one took it to a new level as he matched his career high thanks to 26 touches (10 contested), 12 marks and 88% DE. 


3. Jack Macrae (123). For those that didn’t VC Satan on Thursday, Macrae was one of those trusted with the C instead and at the end of the day, this score would count as worthy. Had his usual 31 touches (12 contested) plus 6 clearances and a few tackles and marks.

4. Rhylee West (121). Take away his 38 and its been a really good scoring year from West which has led to this career best mark on Friday night. Set benchmarks in just about every single notable category including disposals (19), kicks (12), marks (6), goals (3), tackles (5), inside 50’s (4) and goal assists (3).

5. Tom Liberatore (118). Another really good game from Libba who found 30 touches (16 contested), 8 tackles, 11 clearances and 1 goal to wrap up the top 5.


Other 100+ scores: Dylan Moore (112), Josh Dunkley/Bailey Dale (110), Ryan Gardner (108)

Disappointment: Slightly unders this week from James Sicily, who produced his worst score since round 2 with this 22 touch, 9 mark game of 87.

Rookies: Another debutant in this one with James Blanck finding 10 touches at 90% in the Hawks backline to score 43 points. 

Injuries: Doggies defender Ed Richards was flying on 52 before a knee to the back of the head ruled him out in the second quarter.

West Coast (16.11.107) defeated Essendon (14.13.97)

1. Willie Rioli (127). Career best score from Rioli who found 19 touches (9 contested) with 4 marks, 4 tackles, 4 clearances and 3 goals in a split forward/midfield role.

2. Zach Merrett (111). Was looking at another 85-90 score before a huge third quarter propelled him to this ton. Had 28 touches (10 contested) with 6 marks and 6 tackles for the game.


3. Mason Redman (107). Has pushed his season average into the 90’s after scoring three tons in four games (the other a 99), this week reaching triple figures thanks to 21 touches and 7 marks at 100% DE.

4. Jack Redden (106). Fifth ton in a row for Redden who, as previously mentioned, is no stranger to solid Supercoach scoring. Finished this round 15 contest with 22 touches, 6 marks and 4 tackles.

5. Jamie Cripps/Peter Wright (105). Cripps, along with Rioli, was dangerous for the Eagles in a high half-forward role, kicking 3 goals from 15 touches and 6 marks, while Wright was the focal point for the Essendon attack, kicking 4.4 from 13 touches and 8 marks.


Other 100+ scores: Elliot Yeo (102), Dylan Shiel/Jake Kelly/Jake Stringer (101), Jordan Ridley (100)

Disappointment: I usually try to avoid giving this to rookies but a score of -4 for Callum Jamieson must hurt, especially if he was used to cover Pruess or English in the ruck department.

Rookies: Couple of guys on the bubble here with Rhett Bazzo (37) and D’Ambrosio (53) playing solid second up games to present as downgrade options next week. Shoutout to Nic Martin (98) who almost hit a ton from 20 touches and 2 goals and is still getting a gig in over 50,000 teams.

Injuries: No subs used in this contest.

Carlton (12.9.81) defeated Fremantle (7.8.50)

1. Sam Walsh (138). Produced a career best 40 touches on Saturday afternoon, with 13 of those being contested, while also contributing 6 marks, 7 clearances and a team high 543 metres gained. 

2. Will Brodie (129). Was slightly unders last week but returned with some really good form here, finishing with 36 touches (16 contested), 5 clearances and 6 tackles for the game.


3. Sean Darcy (117). Returned to the triple figure scores thanks to 15 touches, 3 tackles and 35 hitouts this week, a good sign for those looking to bring him in as he bottoms out in price.


4. Zac Fisher (113). Has had a really good year thus far in that high half-forward/midfield role, but hasn’t had much talk with all the other positives at the Blues in 2022. Had his best score of the season here thanks to a career best 29 touches.

5. Matthew Kennedy (112). Rounded out the top 5 thanks to 25 touches (13 contested) plus 8 clearance and 4 tackles for his sixth ton of the season.


Other 100+ scores: Adam Saad (109), Jordan Clark (108), George Hewett/Hayden Young (104), Jack Newnes (100)

 Disappointment: Rough score this week for Luke Ryan, who only managed to snag 50 points from 16 touches.

Rookies: Brodie Kemp (73) will be on the bubble this week after playing his second game (unused sub in round 10), he had 17 touches and 8 marks at 100% DE down back.

Injuries: Defender Jordan Boyd (50) has been playing good footy lately but was subbed out here with an ankle knock.

Geelong (13.11.89) defeated Richmond (13.8.86)

1. Tom Stewart (161). His third monster score of the year but this one came at a cost, after a bump left Prestia in a bad way and he will cop multiple weeks on the sidelines. Take that away from it, his game was brilliant as he found 29 touches (13 contested), 6 marks and 737 metres gained in his usual role patrolling half-back.

2. Toby Nankervis (141). The form ruck of the comp at the moment pushed his season average into triple figures with this score, the first time in his career he has done so (this late into the season). He had 22 touches (11 contested), 5 clearances, 4 marks, 5 tackles and 25 hitouts for the game. 


3. Nick Vlastuin (130). Played loose down back and, like Stewart, used that to boost his score. Had 24 touches and 12 marks but importantly ran at 95% DE.

4. Liam Baker (126). Third ton in a row and fourth out of the last five for Baker who played a brilliant game to compile 24 touches (14 contested), 7 clearances, 4 tackles and 1 goal.

5. Cameron Guthrie (109). Fifth ton on the trot for Guthrie who has really shot onto coaches radars as a budget M8 recently. Had 28 touches (11 contested) plus 5 marks and 6 tackles this weekend.


Other 100+ scores: Tyson Stengle (101), Sam De Koning (100)

Disappointment: 21 touches, 8 tackles and a team best 504 metres gained for Jayden Short, but he lost 15 points for that last minute hack out of mid-air to finish on 84, while up forward Hawkins (43) was well held by Tarrant.

Rookies: Special shoutout to De Koning (100) for the first ton of his career, as well as Rioli Jnr (65) who provided a serviceable score for those who needed him.

Injuries: As previously mentioned, Prestia was concussed which saw him subbed out of the game.

Sydney (12.11.83) defeated St Kilda (4.8.32)

1. Rowan Marshall (156). If you’ve played Supercoach for a few years then this guys scoring ability should come as no surprise. Had great game with 23 touches (12 contested), 7 marks, 5 clearances and 42 hitouts for his best score of the year. 

2. Jake Lloyd (148). Poor game last week by his lofty standards but returned with his best score of the season thanks to 39 touches and 9 marks while running at 84% DE.


3. Tom Hickey (133). Not to be outdone by his direct opponent Marshall, Hickey also had a great game with 22 touches (15 contested), 6 marks, 7 clearances, 17 hitouts and 1 goal.

4. Nick Blakey (126). Career best score from Blakey who found a career high 31 touches in his running half-back role. Has quietly had five tons in six games as his season average has reached 92.

5. Jack Steele (115). The Saints skipper returned from shoulder surgery with a solid game in the middle to round out the top 5 as he finished with 29 touches (13 contested), 10 tackles and 8 clearances. 


Other 100+ scores: Seb Ross (112), Tom Papley (105)

Disappointment: A handful of disappointing scores in this one from some heavily owned players including Mills (84), Sinclair (79), Parker (75) and one of the really popular options to bring in this week, Heeney (59).

Rookies: No debuts/bubble games to speak of here, with the majority of owned rookies going between 55-70.

Injuries: No subs used in this one either. 

North Melbourne (8.10.58) defeated by Adelaide (17.13.115)

1. Rory Laird (156). Monstered the Roos midfield even with some closer attention in the first half, ultimately finishing with 34 touches (22 contested), 11 clearances and 11 tackles for just the second, what I consider, “triple double” of the season, after Jarryd Lyons earlier in the year.

2. Aaron Hall (153). If anyone can correct me, let me know in the comments, but I’m pretty sure Hall set a league record for metres gained in a game here with 1,169 from his 38 touches that included 30 kicks! Beats Malceski’s 1,131 from 2013.


3. Jordan Dawson (134). In great scoring form currently and that continued against North who let him just run around freely all afternoon. Had 29 touches, 7 marks and gained 606 metres from those touches.

4. Reilly O’Brien (127). Had a solid duel against the tandem North duo, ultimately recording 12 touches, 4 marks, 5 tackles, 1 goal and 36 hitouts!

5. Darcy Fogarty (121). Set multiple career highs in this game with disposals (20), kicks (14), marks (8), inside 50’s (6) and goal assists (2) to pair with his 4 goals. Oh and of course, his score was a career high!


Other 100+ scores: Todd Goldstein (120), Taylor Walker (119), Ben Keays (113), Curtis Taylor (100)

Disappointment: Roo Luke McDonald didn’t have his usual role across half-back in this one, instead playing some midfield time and also at times following Laird, which held him back to just 13 touches and 74 points.

Rookies: Some of club great Jackson Archer (57) debuted here and was pretty good, finding 15 touches down back. Parnell (18) wont make much cash with this in his third game, while a shoutout goes to Paul Curtis, who had 1 goal, 4 tackles and 11 touches for 87 points in a round where I saw a fair few coaches back him for an on-field score.

Injuries: Bailey Scott didn’t play the second half after a hip injury saw him subbed out, while Hamill (concussion) and McAdam (ankle) were the casualties for the Crows.

Collingwood (11.22.88) defeated GWS (12.5.77)

1. Scott Pendlebury (130). It’s been a rough couple of months scoring wise for Pendles after his early season form, but he takes top spot here with his first ton since round 7. His best score of the year came courtesy of 19 touches (10 contested) at 89% DE plus 5 marks and 10 tackles.

2. Will Hoskin-Elliot (129). Best score of his 170 game career on Sunday afternoon as he found 23 touches and 8 marks in his usual high half-forward role.


3. Brayden Maynard (123). A season best for Maynard here as he collected 22 touches at 86% DE plus 9 marks in a really good outing across half-back.

4. Darcy Cameron (117). Continues to put up great scores with a very spread statline, this week having 17 touches, 8 marks, 5 clearances, 23 hitouts and 2 goals. Has averaged 110 in Grundy’s absence.

5. Josh Kelly (115). Did plenty of good work in the middle of the ground for his ninth ton of the year, finishing the game with 26 touches, 8 tackles and 1 goal.


Other 100+ scores: Harry Himmelberg (114), Phil Davis (110), Stephen Coniglio (109), Lachie Whitfield (103), Jesse Hogan/Steele Sidebottom (101)

Disappointment: Fingers crossed you didn’t hold Tim Taranto, as the returning Giant only had 19 touches and 56 points.

Rookies: The Pies had a debutant this week in Isaac Chugg, who found 5 touches in 53% game time for just 22 points. Special shoutout in this one as well to Nick Daicos (93) who nearly posted his third ton in a row from 25 touches.

Injuries: No injuries from this game it seems!

Port Adelaide (13.15.93) defeated Gold Coast (13.13.91)

1. Jarrod Witts (144). Only added about 5 points in the last quarter but still top scored in this one and provided a great late captain score thanks to 20 touches (18 contested), 8 clearances and 41 hitouts! His seventh score over 130 this season.

2. Dan Houston (131). Is averaging 106 with six tons and just one score under 83 for the season in what has been a breakout campaign for him. This week he compiled 30 touches and 7 marks while running at 93% DE.


3. Karl Amon (118). Super game from the underrated Amon who found 26 touches, 10 marks and completed 10 tackles for his fourth ton of the year, the second “triple double” of the round!

4. Connor Rozee/Ben Ainsworth (113). Rozee snagged a couple of important goals in the third and ultimately finished with 24 touches (11 contested) and 6 clearances for the game, while Ainsworth backed up his ton from last week thanks to this 22 touch, 1 goal, 7 mark, 6 tackle game.

5. Riley Bonner (111). Third ton of the season for Bonner and second on the trot as he found 30 touches, 8 marks and a team high 533 metres gained off half-back.


 Other 100+ scores: Oleg Markov (104), Touk Miller (101)

Disappointment: Rough call this one as he had a really solid statline of 20 touches (17 contested) with 10 tackles, but 82 for Matt Rowell is well down on his current past two performances.

Rookies: Nothing to cover here.

Injuries: Alex Davies was subbed out in the final quarter with a knee injury.



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5 thoughts on “Round 15 Review”

  1. Jelly scored nearly half of that 115 in the last qtr which is a bit of a worry for owners like me.


  2. Brilliant stuff as always Dane.

    Did Shorty really lose 15 points for that last effort? It’s things like this that really annoy me about the scoring system sometimes! Tight game, under pressure and he was trying to move the ball forward yet gets punished almost 20% of his total score?


    1. Yep – albeit as a Short owner, 100% agree with this.

      It is very frustrating when the player does something good / great – but the players forward of the ball let them down, and they then get negatively scored.

      To put this particular incident into context, it was the last approximately 30 seconds of the Richmond versus Geelong game, Short gets a brilliant soccer kick out of a highly contested situation.

      He makes great contact, the ball travels at least 25 metres quite quickly in the air (above head height) – and if the Richmond forwards had been playing in front, Shorts soccer kick out of congestion would have been marked & probably won them the game.

      Instead Stewart marks the ball just in front of the Richmond player, and Stewart’s score rises by around 20 points – and Short gets deducted approximately 10 to 15 points.

      A classic case of a great effort by Short to try and win the game for Richmond, it was a really good soccer kick into a very dangerous area – and yet he gets deducted a lot of points because Stewart was in exactly the right place at the right time.



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