Round 5 Review

Written by Dane on April 18 2022

Brisbane (15.8.98) defeated Collingwood (14.7.91)

1. Dayne Zorko (133). When he’s not getting subbed out, he’s scoring tons and could be a massive target if he gets DPP. Drove the Lions forward with a game high 609 metres gained from 28 touches and 8 marks.

2. Hugh McCluggage (129).
Best score of the year so far for Hugh as he ran at 81% DE from his 27 touches (12 contested) as well as laying 6 tackles.

3. Jordan De Goey (125). Massive last quarter to boost his score as De Goey found his way to 4 goals from 21 touches in his return game.

4. Lachie Neale (117). Slightly unders after a monster first half but still led the Lions midfield with 33 disposals, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

5. Jack Crisp (114). Could’ve been a huge score for Crisp if it wasn’t for 9 clangers and 61% DE, but still had 36 touches (17 contested), 11 clearances, 8 tackles and 566 metres gained to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Zac Bailey (104), Darcy Moore (101)

Disappointment: Lowest score since round 16, 2014 for Brodie Grundy in this one, his 54 was compiled without a single tackle or mark.

Rookies: Solid first up effort for debutant Kai Lohmann (44) on Thursday night, he finished with 9 touches and 5 tackles up forward and had a real buzz about him. For the Pies, it was Daicos (70) who found another 27 touches, the returning Kreuger (78), who had 12 touches, 5 marks and 2 goals, plus Wilson (41) and the on-the-bubble McInnes (68), who had 10 touches and 2 goals himself. 

Injuries: Only injury that seemed serious enough for a substitution here was Darcy Cameron who had a rib concern.

North Melbourne (11.5.71) defeated by Western Bulldogs (21.13.139)

1. Jack Macrae (153). Sent a scare through the Supercoach community with a concussion test but thankfully returned in the 4th quarter. Had 29 touches (13 contested) with 10 clearances, 6 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal all while running at 93% DE. 

2. Tim English (138). Continues his breakout campaign with each week being more of an indication that his solo rucking performance shouldn’t be messed with by combining him with Martin. Had 22 touches, 22 hitouts and 1 goal for the day.

3. Bailey Smith (135). Career high disposal tally for Smith who found 43 disposals of the ball to have a game high 646 metres gained. Averaging 119 through 4 games this year.

4. Aaron Naughton (129). Best game of the year for Naughton who will find big scores a couple of times per season with big hauls of goals. Kicked 5 of them this round 12 disposals and 5 marks.

5. Caleb Daniel (108). Just the usual constructive game off half-back for Daniel who ran at 91% DE with just 1 clanger from his 23 touches. Also had 7 marks and 4 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Adam Treloar/Tristan Xerri (103), Marcus Bontempelli/Taylor Duryea (102), Josh Dunkley (100)

Disappointment: Ziebell started the year with twin tons but his move to the forward line has put a dint in his scoring, this week only reaching 50. Want to know the last time Todd Goldstein scored 29 or under in a full game of footy? Round 22, 2012.

Rookies: Only really Flynn Perez for North here who had 10 touches and 3 tackles on the wing for his score of 42. Horne-Francis is already at 300K but that may slow down after his 18 touch, 9 clanger effort of 39. 

Injuries: Numerous injuries here. Garcia was subbed out for the Bulldogs with a knee issue while it was an ankle for Norths Mahony. Hall also suffered a hamstring injury which may see him drop in price upon return.

West Coast (9.4.58) defeated by Sydney (18.13.121).

1. Alex Witherden (134). Has always had the scoring potential as has put together a solid start to the season so far. Led this games scoring with 23 touches and 9 marks while running at 95% DE. 

2. Hayden McLean (128). Stepped up with Buddy out and performed well with 13 touches, 5 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals. Best score of his career.

3. Luke Parker (123). Really down month (bar round 1) for Parker but at around 500K, has to be considered for what he can produce. 26 touches (13 contested) with 8 marks, 5 tackles and 2 goals this week.

4. Peter Ladhams/Callum Mills (117). Great game for Ladhams who snagged his first goal for Sydney from one of his 24 touches (13 contested). Mills was once again great in the middle and is a viable POD option as he had 28 touches (17 contested) and 6 clearances.

5. Isaac Heeney (112). Averaging 122 through 5 games and is making me really regret being so stubborn and not picking him. Another 16 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles and 3 goals for him, he is third in the Coleman and equal second for tackles in the league as of Sunday morning.

Other 100+ scores: Jake Lloyd/James Rowbottom (105)

Disappointment: Most of the Eagles had disappointing scores but none of them really have massive ownership, bar maybe Willie Rioli (35).

Rookies: Nothing wrong with Dixon’s (54) score as he continues to make cash and now has good JS within this Eagles team, he had 9 touches, 4 tackles and 11 hitouts. Naish is now firmly entrenched inside the best 22 and was the leading disposals getter for the Eagles with 26 of them, although 8 clangers held him back to 76. Only one to consider here for Swans is Ronke (92), who had a great game of 19 touches, 4 tackles and 1 goal. McCartin was good again with 10 touches and 68 points aswell.

Injuries: No subs used in this game!

St Kilda (13.9.87) defeated Gold Coast (9.7.61)

1. Jack Steele (131). After a disappointing round 1 Steele has returned to the high scores with his third in a row over 120. Had 27 touches (14 contested) with 7 marks, 6 tackles and 5 clearances while running at 88% DE.

2. Rowan Marshall (125). One of the great unknowns this year is Marshall and overall the Saints ruck setup. This week was a good one with 15 touches, 8 marks, 6 tackles and 22 hitouts but next week is anyone’s guess.

3. Jade Gresham (117). Take away his 51 in round 2 (where he still had 25 touches but butchered it), Gresham has been very good this year. Fourth ton so far, this one on the back of 25 touches, 4 tackles and 2 goals.

4. Jack Sinclair (113). Another game and another ton for Sinclair who continues to find the footy and use it constructively at half–back. Had 27 touches this week for a game high 524 metres gained.

5. Seb Ross (111). Rounding out the top 5 is Ross who made it back-to-back tons  thanks to 27 touches (12 contested) and 1 goal in his usual midfield role.

Other 100+ scores: Touk Miller (107), Jack Hayes (105), Jack Higgins (103)

Disappointment: Might be time to cut ties with the much loved Rowell (64), who (taking out round 1) is only averaging 75 and didn’t meet his breakeven this week.

Rookies: Hayes went nuts and scored a really good 105 from 16 touches (11 contested) with 5 marks and 1 goal, but his spot in the 22 will be in question once again when Ryder returns. Wanganeen-Milera (44) has been making cash for his almost 12,000 owners and was impressive on Saturday with 15 touches and 492 metres gained, while second gamer Windhanger had 11 touches at 90% DE for 43 points. Davies is now losing cash and only scored 19 this week, but Rosas looks a solid downgrade option with a 73 this week backing up his 74, he had 15 touches and 7 tackles.

Injuries: Only issue that ended up leading to a substitution was Chol’s hamstring, he didn’t play the final quarter.

Adelaide (15.11.101) defeated Richmond (12.10.82)

1. Trent Cotchin (121). Great game for Cotchin who tried to will his side over the line with 24 touches (13 contested), 9 clearances and 1 goal playing through the middle of the ground.

2. Rory Laird (120). Another great game from Rory who had 26 touches (14 contested) with 5 marks, 4 tackles and 1 goal. Like Mills, is a great POD and shouldn’t be overlooked due to his non-DPP status this year. 

3. Taylor Walker (116). Remember last year when Tex started off like a steam train? Well its happening again (not to the same level) as he slotted 5 goals from 16 touches to be the difference in the game.

4. Reilly O’Brien (115). Averaging exactly 100 after five rounds thanks to this rounds score. Had a solid battle with Nankervis, finishing with 10 touches at 100%, 5 marks, 3 tackles, 24 hitouts and 1 goal.

5.Brodie Smith (114). Another one of those guys who pulls out a couple of decent tons every year. This week he got there from 28 touches and 623 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Doedee (113), Elliot Himmelberg/Ben Keays (106), Dion Prestia (104), Matt Crouch (102), Jordan Dawson (101)

Disappointment: Even though Jayden Short led his team with 647 metres gained from 18 touches, his zero in the contested possessions column held him back to just 56 points.

Rookies: Forward Lachie Gollant has kept his spot in the side but 40 point outings will hinder his cash generation. On the other hand, Cook had his best game of the season as he looks to make back the original 19K he lost thanks to this 74. Rachele scored 49 from 2 goals and 11 touches but with his potential, should be persisted with. Ben Miller played his third game this week and scored 45, while Thomson Dow had 15 touches and a couple of tackles for his 55.

Injuries: Rough stuff again for Sloane who looks to have a knee injury (edit, ruptured ACL unfortunately) just can’t seem to get a good run at it recently. For the Tigers, it was the money making Ralphsmith who was subbed off after a hit to the rib cage.

Melbourne (19.6.120) defeated GWS (7.11.53)

1. Callan Ward (134). Vintage from Ward as he ran around with his head down in the midfield to gather 34 touches of the footy. His second ton of the year and a really good game, sad he missed almost an entire two years of footy in 19-20.

2. Steven May (131). Absolute brick wall. I wrote about him in my Melbourne pre-season preview saying he could average 100, and has thus far been going at 108 with four tons. 24 touches this round at 91% DE with 6 marks and 5 tackles.

3. Max Gawn (130). Vintage from Gawn here too. 21 touches (13 contested), 5 marks, 6 tackles, 25 hitouts and 2 goals.

4. Clayton Oliver (118). Standard stuff from Clarry who surprisingly didn’t see a hard tag, which allowed him to find 31 touches (15 contested) with 6 tackles and 8 clearances.

5. Christian Petracca (116). Also surprisingly didn’t cop a tag which allowed him to find a very similar line to Oliver (30 touches, 13 contested, 7 clearances) but he did add 2 goals to that.

Other 100+ scores: Tom Green (115), Matt Flynn (113), Lachlan Ash (108), Josh Kelly (106)

Disappointment: Worst score for the season so far for Jackson (60) but that shouldn’t deter owners as he is averaging very close to 100. Whitfield (73) on the other hand hasn’t hit triple figures yet.

Rookies: Solid first up effort from Callaghan (48) who had 13 touches, 1 goal and looked very composed on debut. Stein scored 55 from 14 touches in his third game and may be a slow burn if you have him, much like the majority of young key positions players. Weideman (43)  is actually pretty cheap but once again as a key position player, is unlikely to be super consistent. 

Injuries: No subs used here again! But theres always the chance an injury arises, so keep a lookout.

Carlton (14.10.94) defeated Port Adelaide (13.13.91)

1. Zak Butters (130). Absolutely huge second half from Butters who was probably best on ground if not close to it for the Power. Found 34 touches and ran at 81% DE, while also kicking 1 goal and gaining 536 metres.

2. Sam Walsh (128). Huge game from Walsh who just had the ball on a string, finding 38 touches of the sherrin while also laying 6 tackles for the game.


3. Harry McKay (115). Dominated the power backline, almost scoring a ton in the first half. Had 18 touches (14 contested) and kicked 3 goals for the afternoon.

4. George Hewett/Ryan Burton (111). Another ton for Hewett who got a little bit stiffed after giving away a free kick late in the game. Overall had 33 touches (19 contested) with 13 clearances at 90% DE. Burton kicked 2 goals during the Powers huge comeback and had 29 touches with 554 metres gained.

5. Dan Houston (108). Another guy who had a great game and second half was Houston who eventually had 25 touches (21 kicks) and 9 marks. 

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Byrne-Jones (107), Charlie Curnow (104)

Disappointment: Nothing horrid here but because it’s their first scores under triple figures this year it goes to both Boak (88) and Docherty (86).

Rookies: Blues forward Durdin did his part in the win, combining 8 touches, 3 tackles and 1 goal to score 45. 199K defender Luke Parks played his first game for the year down back and found 7 touches for 32 points, which was a touch better than Meads score of 28. The promising rookie score from this game though was the long awaited debut of Sam Hayes (75), who had 5 disposals, 4 tackles and 20 hitouts in the number 1 ruck role that I’d assume he will hold for sometime.

Injuries: Once again no subs so no obvious injuries in this one!

Essendon (8.11.59) defeated Fremantle (16.11.107)

1. Dyson Heppell (134). Slow start to the year after a super consistent 2021, but hopefully this game of 34 touches that ran at 76% is a turning point.

2. Andrew Brayshaw (132). 34 touches and 1 goal for the ever consistent Brayshaw, really looking like he’ll move into that elite category sooner rather than later.

3. Sean Darcy (121). Really forgotten about so far this year but more games of 18 touches, 5 marks, 2 goals and 23 hitouts will quickly bring him back into consideration.

4. Matt Taberner (115). Just 11 touches and 6 marks for the Tab but 7 goals boosted him.

5. Darcy Parish (113). Found 33 touches but only a third of those were contested, which held him back. Ran at 82% though which boosted him into the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Nathan O’Driscoll (103), Rory Lobb (101)

Disappointment: A pair of 44s take the cake here for defenders Hind and Chapman.

Rookies: Ripping games again from both O’Driscoll (109) and Martin (76) who had 22 and 17 touches respectively, but Martin did kick 2 goals. The really exciting thing was the debut of Hobbs who looked at home at AFL level with 15 touches, 6 marks, 5 tackles and 65 points.

Injuries: Just an injury to ruckman Andrew Phillips very early in this one.





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13 thoughts on “Round 5 Review”

  1. Thanks Dane
    Comprehensive review once again
    Regret not starting Heeney too but Brodie who l started instead has done well and Butters finally came good again.
    The question l have is who scores more from now on
    Heeney or Sinclair . Heeney is a shield and seems to score forward and in mids , no 1 scoring forward atm and with Papley and Buddy to come back will slot back in mids .
    Sinclair has been impressive in his role and is a POD .
    Need more premium coverage in defence but will Sinclair continue form . Hunter Clarke and Billing’s due back at some point too .

    T/ U Heeney
    T/ D Sinclair


    1. I had the same dillema this week and opted for Sinclair. Great score by him, plus it meant fielding better forward rookies than the available bench rookies in defence.

      Did find it frustrating watching Heeney tally what I thought was overs, as he’s clearly a Champion Data favourite son…


      1. If that really is your opinion of Heeney being a favourite son of champion data Pumba, to pick him is a no brainer. Hop on the train and be enjoy the free points.


  2. Thanks Dane great review.

    Well done, you just pipped me ( 11 points ) in the contributors league this week.

    I really need to pull my finger out next week !


    1. Saw that it came down the Ryan and Ridley, but I was catching a mvie at the time so it was a nice surpirse to get the win!

      Close one but long season to go FT. hopefully some luck goes your way!


      1. Thanks mate.

        I seem to have most of the good cash cows now, so I’m hoping I can get in the right Premo’s and make a move at some stage.

        Thanks for all your great reviews .


  3. Great summary Dane,
    Wonder how many of the current big scorers will continue. Guys like Oliver, Miller, Wines… really started slow, hitting bargain territory.
    Just looking at Pods and wondering how many will be high scorers by the end of the season.
    What’s people’s thought on Green, Bradshaw, Smith, Heeney…

    I’ve got an eye on byes- and thinking to add Bradshaw & Smith this week- as in great form, PODs snd favourable byes.


    1. I probably wouldn’t consider Bailey Smith – unless he gets FWD status.
      Which he was apparently quite close to the “35% FWD criteria” required? Will find out this week.

      Green – watched him closely, and think he is the real deal to be a top 8 to 10 mid this year. Would have scored a lot more than 115 against the best side in the competition if he had kicked 2 or 3 x very gettable set shots on goal.

      Heeney – no brainer IMO. Get him in when you can.

      Brayshaw (Frem) – Will get tagged a lot, but is working out how to get through this.

      Sensational player with a high ceiling in a quickly improving team, and currently averaging just over 127 (after copping a few hard tags), so I think he will be a good choice.

      My choice this week will be to bring in one of these three gun midfielders that I don’t currently have:

      Brayshaw or

      Touk Miller – what’s with the 0 tackles in the last two weeks (when he is a tackling beast)?? Does he have an upper body injury?

      or Clayton Oliver

      All roughly around the $595k – $620k mark.

      Already have Macrae, Steele, Neale and Cripps – so would appreciate any thoughts between the 3 x players named above 🙂


      1. Brayshaw is my pick for upgrade from Rowell, I think he’s good for the byes as well with seemingly slim pickings going into round 12.


  4. So round 5 seems to be a bit of an assessment threshold for me. I had some real problems early on, it’s only my second time playing supercoach, I was really bad the first time and started the first two weeks barely in the top 50%. Made some aggressive corrections so round 3 I placed top 9%, really bad on field choices and injuries cost me like 300-400 points combined and I fell right back down again but going to score 2350 this week. I’ve had to use 9 trades with my early problems and injury to dusty and wines, and just not trusting Whitfield’s running. Going forward now I think I can lean up on trades till the bye, but worried how much I’ve traded up to now.

    My team is:

    Def: crisp, Sicily, Sinclair, Hewett, McCartinn, NOD (hinge, Gibcus)

    Mid: McRae, Steele, Neale, Cripps, Rowell, cogs, Caldwell, Daicos (jhf, ward, Nasiah)

    Ruc: Gawn, Preuss (Dixon)

    Fwd: dunkley, Heeney, butters, Brodie, Xerri, Martin (Hayes, SDK)

    250k cash in the bank

    So just wondering if my early trading has screwed me based on the more experienced heads here and if my round 5 score is a fluke. Also, if I can afford to use another trade this week to straight upgrade Rowell to Brayshaw, to shore up my round 12 buy and get some serious points. I know I can’t do that well I think in overall rankings but I’ve been lucky enough to go 3-0 in both my leagues because I peaked at the right time and when I dropped in round 4 I had weaker opponents.



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