Round 7 Review

Written by Dane on May 2 2022

West Coast (8.8.56) defeated by Richmond (25.15.165)

  1. Tom Lynch (167). Could’ve honestly kicked 12-15 goals but eventually ended up with 7.5 from a huge 19 disposals and 14 marks, all of which were career highs.
  2. Jayden Short (152). Massive game from Short who had a game best 792 metres gained from 31 touches (27 kicks) running through the MIDFIELD all night! Could this be a Rory Laird move?
  3. Shai Bolton (139). Electric. Had a great game in the middle with stints up forward finishing with 30 touches, 3 goals and 719 metres gained.
  4. Liam Duggan (125). Surprised an Eagle made the top 5 but Duggan actually had a very good game with 28 touches (11 contested) with 9 marks at 89% DE. Also didn’t have a clanger.
  5. Nick Vlastuin (110). Semi-popular pick this week and didn’t disappoint with 24 touches and 10 marks resulting in him rounding out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Greg Clark (104), Kamdyn McIntosh (102), Shannon Hurn/Daniel Rioli (100)

Disappointment: Tim Kelly (61) gets this purely for the 6 frees against and 12 clangers.

Rookies: Greg Clark will probably be the most traded in player over the next few weeks, and hopefully he can keep up the momentum after missing the start of the season. 24 touches at 83% DE to go along with 7 marks and 6 tackles gave him a debut 104. High Dixon (42) was a late in for Barrass, while another tall in Strnadica (76) was solid with 10 touches, 10 hitouts and 1 goal. Patrick Naish continues to play well and despite having 7 clangers from 24 touches, still played well enough for 72. Josh Gibcus backed up last weeks ton with another solid effort of 79 from 12 touches and 6 marks, while budget based Maurice Rioli Jnr had a great night with 3 goals, 14 touches, 4 tackles and 92 points.

Injuries: Eagle Willie Rioli was subbed out with a hamstring pretty early, while Dion Prestia was subbed out pretty late with a foot.

Geelong (10.6.66) defeated by Fremantle (10.9.69)

1. Tom Stewart (187). Massive game from Stewart. Almost cracked the magical 1000 metres gained number (had 962 of them) from a career best 40 touches and 14 marks. Also ran at a very good 80% DE.

2. Mark Blicavs (135). Fourth ton of the year for Blicavs who is averaging 94 even with a 53 and 49. 20 touches and the same number of hitouts, while also slotting 2 goals.

3. Blake Acres (125). Averaging 93 which is a career best. 27 touches (10 contested) with 6 marks, 4 tackles, 1 goal and a team best 675 metres gained.

4. Cameron Guthrie (116). His score so far this year have all been between 84-96 which is to be honest, very consistent, but not what you wanted from someone over 600K. First ton of the year came from 35 touches (14 contested) with 8 clearances.

5. Rory Lobb (113). Third ton in a row for Lobb who once again did just about everything with 15 touches (10 contested), 8 hitouts and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Rhys Stanley (107), Sam Switkowski (101), Lloyd Meek (100)

Disappointment: It’s a toss up here between Duncan (47), who had 6 clangers from his 19 touches and ran at 63%, or Ryan (62), who had 20 touches at 65%

Rookies: De Koning (77) was solid once again in the Cats defence and racked up 12 touches and 7 marks in a week were many coaches relied on him. Unfortunately Ollie Dempsey couldn’t back up a great debut only finding 3 touches for 12 points. O’Driscoll was quiet in the second half, finishing with 17 touches, 6 marks and 1 goal for 57 points.

Injuries: Unfortunately youngster Max Holmes was subbed out at qaurter time with a ankle injury, but seemingly was the only causality of the day.

Adelaide (8.6.54) defeated by GWS (17.11.113)

  1. Josh Kelly (153). Season best from Kelly here who ran around freely in the middle to rack up 41 touches (17 contested) to pair with 6 tackles, 8 clearances and 736 metres gained.
  2. Isaac Cumming (135). Career best score from Cumming who has real POD eligibility. Had 29 touches (15 contested) with 7 tackles at half back.
  3. Toby Greene (117). Quiet last week but really set up the win for the Giants early before finishing with 17 touches and 4 goals.
  4. Rory Laird (116). Found plenty of it but was a touch handball happy (26 of 35 disposals) but ran at a good 85% DE and also laid 7 tackles. 
  5. Jesse Hogan (112). Another Giant forward who had a good day of it with 18 touches, 10 marks and 3 goals to round out the top 5.

Other 100+ scores: Braydon Pruess (109), Stephen Coniglio (108), Tom Green (107), Ben Keays (103), Harry Perryman (101)

Disappointment: Nothing too bad here with O’Brien (81) probably being the worst of those popular picks.

Rookies: Once again nothing fantastic from any of the Adelaide cheapies with Rachele (46) leading Cook (37), Hateley (33) and Gollant (28). GWS fared a touch better with Callaghan having 17 touches for a third up 63 while first gamer Hamilton (68) was impressive with 12 touches, 5 tackles and 83% DE.

Injuries: Carnage for the Crows who had McHenry and Smith end on the bench after some heavy knocks ruled them out.

Melbourne (13.13.91) defeated Hawthorn (11.15.81)

  1. Max Gawn (172). Huge game against the undermanned Hawks ruck lineup. Had 29 touches (14 contested) with 9 clearances, 6 marks, 35 hitouts and 2 goals for another massive score.
  2. Dylan Moore (147). Continues his career year with this career best effort. Set benchmarks in disposals (33), kicks (20), marks (11) and Supercoach score. Also had 1 goal and 546 metres gained.
  3. Christian Petracca (131). Back to the big scores after a few quieter weeks. Had 31 touches at 83% DE and gained 637 metres. Also snagged 1 goal.
  4. Clayton Oliver (119). Standard operations for Oliver. 33 touches, 7 marks and 5 tackles.
  5.  James Sicily (116). Rounding out the top 5 is the new Hawks skipper who had a team best 631 metres gained from his 26 touches while also having 13 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Ben Brown (105), Jack Scrimshaw (103)

Disappointment: Mitchell (78) had a solid game of 22 touches, 7 tackles and 1 goal, but with 7 clangers and 54% DE, his score was held back.

Rookies: A couple of 123K forwards got some game time here, with Chandler (8) being the sub while Bedford had 9 touches, 2 goals and 52 points. Lynch (66) had 8 touches and 19 hitouts as a solo ruck, while some cheaper options in MacDonald (55), Maginess (26) and first gamer Callow (25) also found some game time.

Injuries: A hamstring injury saw Nash subbed off late in the game, while Smith was off slightly earlier due to a ankle injury.

St Kilda (4.18.42) defeated by Port Adelaide (5.13.43)

1. Jack Steele (122). Led the Saints midfield with his standard 27 touches (12 contested) to pair with 6 clearances, 8 tackles and 450 metres gained.

2. Ryan Burton (120). Continued his super 2022 by top scoring for the Power thanks to 25 touches (21 kicks), 9 marks and a game high 834 metres gained. Third ton this year.

3. Seb Ross (119). Another guy who has a super start to 2022 is Ross who led the Saints in metres gained with 752 of them from 31 touches. His fourth ton in a row.

4. Ollie Wines (104). Second game back from a serious health scare but thankfully it was the Wines of old, as he found 27 touches (13 contested) in the middle of the ground and slotted 1 goal.

5. Robbie Gray (100). Still an incredibly capable AFL player at his age and proved as much on Saturday evening as he provided a real difference in the close contest with 15 touches and 2 goals.

Other 100+ scores: Zilch

Disappointment:  Heaps of 70-90 scores in this one but purely because its his first time under triple figures this year, it goes to Jack Sinclair (85).

Rookies: A super popular option to bring in this week was Sam Hayes, who struggled after a hot start but has plenty of money to make as the number one Port ruck, he had 7 touches, 12 hit outs and 54 points. Windhanger (54) grinds away at his cash generation with a 13 touch effort, while Wanganeen-Milera (85) will see a huge boost after this 18 touch, 4 tackle effort.

Injuries: Unfortunately for young forward Georgiades, a calf injury cut his night short.

Carlton (17.12.114) defeated North Melbourne (10.4.64)

1. Patrick Cripps (138). Another monster game from Cripps who would surely be the clubhouse leader for Charlie currently. 35 touches (18 contested) and 10 clearances to pair with 4 tackles. Could’ve gone huge if he slotted all his shots for goal.

2. Sam Walsh (129). Playing really well and I’m sure that come after the bye, many a team will be featuring both him and Cripps in the middle. Had 29 touches and 1 goal but importantly ran at 82% DE.

3. Adam Saad/Todd Goldstein (125). Fourth ton of the year for Saad who is using the ball extremely well to produce these big scores, this week running at 88% from his 25 touches. Goldstein assumed to number 1 ruck role in this game and we all know his capabilities, which he proved hasn’t lost after finishing with 18 touches (15 contested), 8 clearances and 36 hit outs.

4. Matthew Kennedy (112). Great game in the middle, as he didn’t record a single clanger from his 24 touches. Also had 14 contested possessions, 10 clearances and 5 tackles which makes it seem like his score is slightly unders.

5. Harry McKay (106). A handful for the North defenders as he and Curnow snagged 7 between them, but Harry took the cake with 4 majors himself. Also had 15 touches and 11 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Jack Newnes (102)

Disappointment: Has featured a few times here and will again for this 50 point effort. Jack Ziebell is still sitting in around 5,000 teams and needs to go unless he can find that defensive role again.

Rookies: Many of us said goodbye to Horne-Francis (54) this week, who once again used it poorly (6 clangers, 55% DE) but also had a decent stat line of 20 touches and 400 metres gained. Flynn Perez (39) needs a big score soon to make sure his cash generation continues, while first-gamer Miller Bergman (-1) had a first game he’d rather forget, more on that later.  Jack Carroll  was superb on debut for the Blues with 19 touches, 8 marks and 1 goal for a first up 95 to present himself as a nice downgrade option leading into the byes, while Durdin was better this week with a 11 touch, 4 tackle 57.

Injuries: The reason Bergman would rather forget his debut is that it ended with him being subbed out with a shoulder injury, the same reason Stocker ended up on the bench later on in the game.

Collingwood (17.13.115) defeated Gold cOAST (14.6.90)

1. Touk Miller (160). Started super slow but ended up with another huge score for round 7 thanks to 36 touches (17 contested) with 10 clearances, 2 goals, 6 tackles and a team high 590 metres gained.

2. Jarrod Witts (136). Came up against a fairly inexperienced ruck duo and hence, used a lot of his 44 hit outs to boost his score. Also had 20 touches (12 contested) with 5 marks and 5 clearances as his price continues to increase.

3. Noah Anderson (133). An inspired pick but an intelligent one for the 937 coaches who have him as he rolled out his fifth ton of the year after collecting 32 touches (14 contested) and gaining 570 metres on Sunday afternoon. Averaging 105 if you omit his 55 in round 3.

4. Mabior Chol (125). Another Sun with a great score (career best actually) was Chol who did a bit of everything to finish with 11 touches (90% DE), 5 marks, 4 tackles, 3 goals and 6 hit outs.

5. Darcy Cameron/Scott Pendlebury (115). Thrown the number 1 ruck duties and performed pretty well against Witts. Used a solid stat line of 16 touches, 4 marks, 5 tackles, 15 hit outs and 2 goals for his score, while Dependlebury had 25 touches, 6 marks and 6 tackles off half-back before playing in the middle to finish the game.

Other 100+ scores: Brody Mihocek/Jack Crisp (103)

Disappointment: Super quiet game for De Goey (60), who only found 11 touches of the ball.

Rookies: First-gamer Aiden Begg produced a solid performance in a variety of roles on debut to present himself as another downgrade option leading into the byes. He had 15 touches (8 contested) with 4 marks, 2 hit outs and 86% DE for 81 points, which was slightly above Daicos (75). Ginnivan (93) was dangerous all afternoon with 3 goals from 11 touches and is a solid POD cash-cow, while fellow small-forward Rosas (48) had 7 touches, 3 tackles and 1 goal. If you’re still holding Davies (32), move him to Greg Clark this week.

Injuries: An ankle injury stopped Connor Budaricks game at 3QT but seems to be the only issue from this Sunday afternoon fixture.

Western Bulldogs (16.7.103) defeated Essendon (10.11.71)

1. Josh Dunkley (139). Back to back monster games from Dunkley who collected 29 touches (16 contested) to pair with 6 marks, 6 tackles and 2 goals this week.

2. Marcus Bontempelli/Jordan Ridley (115). Another ton for Bont who had 19 touches (14 contested, 78% DE) with 5 tackles, 1 goal and 7 clearances, while Ridley hit the ton after a lean three weeks thanks to 20 touches and 8 marks at 85% DE.

3. Bailey Dale (113). Led the game with 724 metres gained from his 28 touches off half-back that came in his usual role. Averaging 105.

4. Darcy Parish (111). Overcame a slight ankle concern to show up and produce in this game with 32 touches (13 contested) plus 5 marks and 3 tackles for his fifth ton of the year.

5. Caleb Daniel (108). Another ton for Daniel, his fourth of the year, but also has three scores below 75 bringing his average to 90. Had a team best 32 touches (10 contested) with 532 metres gained.

Other 100+ scores: Mason Redman (107), Nic Martin (106), Dyson Heppell (100)

Disappointment: Have to thrown this one out the Jack Macrae (89) unfortunately.

Rookies: We’ve got a couple of good looking downgrade options this week and Robbie McComb can be added to that list after his second game provided 63 points thanks to 21 touches and 2 goals. Ben Hobbs was pretty stiff to only score 13 from 10 touches at 90% even with 4 clangers, but better news for Baldwin after last week, he scored 44 from 5 touches, 3 tackles and 1 goal. 173k midfielder Zach Reid (60) didn’t waste any of his 8 touches and also laid 4 tackles, while Nic Martin (106) had another splendid game with 25 touches and 4 tackles at 80% DE. Averaging 91 with a low score of 71 is an insane return and great consistency for a rookie which I just wanted to appreciate within this space.

Injuries: Mitch Wallis was subbed out for the Dogs, while it was Nik Cox for the Bombers.

Sydney (13.11.89) defeated by Brisbane (17.11.113)

1. Lachie Neale (187). Just an insane score to cap off the weekend. Had 37 touches with 26 of those being contested as well as 9 tackles, 11 clearances and an important third quarter goal. Averaging 140!

2. Luke Parker (150). The massive scores didn’t stop there with Parker pulling off this beauty thanks to 33 touches (21 contested), 6 tackles and 8 clearances. Should be a target for our forward lines (even with that bad three week period) with this scoring potential.

3. Callum Mills (139). Looked like he was on his way to another double ton before slowing in the second half, eventually finishing with 30 touches, 7 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal.

4. Dayne Zorko (120). Looked to be playing solely midfield here and provided a fairly common Zorko stat line of 22 touches and 2 goals.

5. Lance Franklin (118). Will have a few of these scores per year as he slotted 6 goals from 15 touches and 7 marks after a quiet first half that only had 3 touches.

Other 100+ scores: Hugh McCluggage (108), Harris Andrews (106), Daniel McStay (105), Chad Warner/Isaac Heeney (103), Darcy Fort (102)

Disappointment: Poor scores in this game to semi-popular picks McInerney (53), Berry (48) and Bailey (46).

Rookies: Limited rookies in this game with the only real candidate being Ronke (49) who has made some quick cash but may stall if he has another return of 9 touches at 44% DE.

Injuries:  Couple of big ones to end the round with Joe Daniher being the first player to get put on the pine with a shoulder injury, while he was followed by Cunningham with a groin injury and Prior with a knee.



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6 thoughts on “Round 7 Review”

  1. Thanks as always Dane, great summary – there’s a few I’ve got my eye on, including Moore (HAW) as a POD in the forward line. Was watching some of the game and he sure has a massive tank on him.


    1. Thanks Dan!

      Moore has shown some real promise this season, but his rise can be tracked back to the last year, would surely be one of the first Hawks picked each week.


  2. It’s getting to the stage where I need some PODs too. In the weekend just gone my opponent and I only had four different players on the field…and I think it’s the same for the coming round. Moore sounds like an ideal trade target.


    1. I’m with you there John, this is the time of the year when the needed players become evident and the majority of teams target that, we’ve just got to be sure on those POD picks so that we don’t pass on a better scoring player purely due to ownership.



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