SCTTL Week in Review

Written by JimmyDee on May 1 2022

Last week I lauded two players for cracking 2200. Apparently, a week is a long time in footy.

This week 2200 doesn’t rate a mention in the top fourteen scores as thirteen coaches scored 2332 and above, bloody brilliant coaches. The Ninius charge appears to starting earlier than last year with Grace smashing out 2500 and leap frogging into outright second behind Glenda’s Techiewanabees.

Top five in the league write ups this week are Ninius, Techiewanabees 2451, ZAC SCTTL 2446, Bombers 2410 and rounding out with a father daughter theme, Andrew’s Snipers 2407.

Shout out to those coaches with between 2332 and 2395 in order:
John’s MacAttech, DR’s Tech team, FD’s All Nuns, Jacko’s PhantomHood Tech, Abels Axes, TechSG Ninjas and Lucy’s Lucy Tech.

Top five in the group are Techiewanabees, Ninius, PhantomHood Tech, Abel’s Axes and Tech SGNinjas with 318 points between first and fifth.

As usual coaches, throw in your trade talk and plans moving forward. Let us know how you plan on catching up.


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5 thoughts on “SCTTL Week in Review”

  1. I had another poor week and dropped a fair way from the leaders so I am going to keep using trades. After this week I may only have 1 rookie in N. Martin on field with 18 trades left


  2. Thanks James! – so far, the calls I’ve been making in the Tech league seem to be working somewhat better than my main OA team!

    I was alarmed to see Ninius’s score!! Great score … and can see they have Stewart which explains it quite well I guess! No idea how I can possibly get him it at this stage… (same for my OA team as well it seems!) … so it will have to be back to the drawing board on that one.

    Trade plans may have to slow now and actually look at finding those rare gem rookie downgrades, to free up cash, that will actually continue to provide serviceable scores ad maintain their roles in their clubs best 22 … this is the trick moving forwards …

    I’ve no idea on plans now … with a lead I guess I am the hunted and I have to try and cover my chasers… but there are too many good teams with varied selections … so no idea who to cover!! … I guess, as with this entire caper, that pretty much sums it up … you can make all the plans, research, stats reviews etc … but at the end of the day its all about luck … (eg injuries, COVID, real life coach team tactic and player role change etc etc – the list is endless!!)

    Good luck to all the other techies!!! (and lets hear from you here!!)


  3. Completely agree Macca, Thinking i’m making better calls in my Tech Team.
    I may be playing a bit too conservative with my OA Team, will be interesting to see from here on.

    Trades are dwindling quickly, only have the 20 left before any this week. (do I trade this week )
    4 genuine rookies on field ATM and all plans out the window, just holding on and enjoying the ride!!


  4. Team Lucy second year of making some horrible coaching decisions. Down to 18 trades and a bunch of rookies/average players still on field means it’s going to be hard to overall relevant. Going to try and aim to be a finals contender. Got Mills 2 weeks ago which has been great but keeping Danger has been a disaster as has missing on bringing in a Cogs/Brodie/Gresham/Xerri mid-pricer to boost cash early days. I went Corey Durdin in fwds – yuck.

    Some great teams this year, really impressing me. Enioyable all over.


  5. Tech Ninjas keep getting their trades wrong – brought in Parker this week then for some crazy reason changed him to Brodie (face slap…)

    Have used max trades each week so far and no reason to stop now! Am getting two rookies in this week for JHF and Rachelle to build bank for an upgrade or two next week. Time to take more risk with captain choices if I’m gonna catch the leaders!



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