Round 7 Review

Written by Dane on May 1 2023

St Kilda (11.10.76) defeated by Port Adelaide (12.11.83)

1. Rowan Marshall (159). Massive game from this guy who ended up being a popular VC option against raw ruckman at Port. 26 touches (half contested), 6 marks, 10 tackles and 28 hitouts in a completely dominant display.

2. Travis Boak (131). Slow start to the season for Boak but he is still complete class. Had 30 touches, 6 marks and 6 tackles and 1 goal to be close to best on in Ports win.

3. Jack Steele (126). Heavily discounted already but that price will even out pretty quickly with stat lines like this. Had 28 touches (15 contested) with 1 goal, 11 tackles and 5 clearances in a classic Steele game.

4. Dan Houston (110). Third ton of the season for Houston who has pushed his average to 95. 22 touches, 9 marks, 7 tackles and 1 goal at clean 86% DE.

5. Jack Sinclair (109). Another heavily discounted Jack at the Saints scored well here, finding a game high 33 touches as well as 539 metres gained, another game high.

Other 100+ scores: Mason Wood (104), Jeremy Finlayson (101), Jade Gresham/Hunter Clark (100)

Disappointment: Not heavily owned but the decline in Ollie Wines scoring has been steep this year, just scrapping to 70 here from 26 touches.

Rookies: Just Philipou for the Saints but he was super quiet, scoring just 20 points from 12 touches. Lord didn’t do much in game two, only finding 5 touches to net 35, while Williams was very good down back, using his 17 touches @ 94% DE to record 85. Teakle (60) had 8 disposals, 7 tackles and 18 hitouts and seems to be the number 1 option for Port currently.

Injuries: A left knee injury saw Duursma subbed out early in the contest, while Cordy was the tactical sub for the Saints.

Brisbane (17.13.115) defeated Fremantle (10.7.67)

1. Hayden Young (128). Rough run of scores after a massive round 1 but had some freedom here, finding 33 disposals and 685 metres gained at classy 78% DE to lead this games scoring.

2. Luke Ryan (127). Clean as always down back, running @ 94% DE from his 18 touches and 5 marks rotating jobs in the backline. Looking like a safe lock for top 6 defender. 

3. Lachie Neale (124). Bounced back from a poor round last week with a massive game of 35 touches (24 contested) plus 13 clearances and 7 tackles. 

4. Sean Darcy (114). Been doing his thing this past month and that continued with another game of 18 touches (no clangers)  plus 12 contested possessions and 39 hitouts.

5. Zac Bailey (110). Nice game from Bailey to round out the top 5, finding 19 touches and kicking 2 goals for his first ton of the year.

Other 100+ scores: Caleb Serong/Josh Dunkley (109), Brennan Cox/Jaeger O’Meara (105), Will Ashcroft (103)

Disappointment: Wingman Hugh McCluggage (74) has seen some talk around a potentially underpriced M8, but scores like that won’t cut it.

Rookies: The usual suspects here for Brisbane. Wilmot (63) dropped in a nice score from 15 disposals and 7 marks, but now sees his BE at 48, sketchy. McKenna (70) had 14 touches and 1 goal and currently presents the same BE, but less sketchy. Ashcroft dropped 103 from 28 touches and 2 goals. Sturt was on the bubble this week but was quiet, finding only 7 touches before being subbed out for 25, while Johnson (53) found 22 touches but also two weeks suspension for a tackle.

Injuries: As previously mentioned, rookie Sturt was subbed of tactically for the Dockers, but a couple of Lions veterans were iced up with Zorko (hamstring) and Rich (calf) ending the game on the bench.


Sydney (16.10.106) defeated by GWS (17.5.107)

1. Harry Perryman (125). Underrated overall I feel but this guy does his job consistently well for the Giants. 21 disposals, 9 tackles and an important 3 goals to lead the scoring here.

2. Chad Warner (123). Third ton of the year for Chad who has been up and down, his other four being 80 or below. 29 touches (14 contested) with 6 tackles and 1 goal plus a team best 557 metres gained.

3. Errol Gulden (119). Quiet few weeks leading into this but very good game here, finishing with 27 touches (14 contested), 6 clearances, 6 tackles and 1 goal.

4. Tom Green (118). Back from suspension and into the big scores, Green found 31 touches and a massive 13 tackles for his 4th ton of the year.

5. Luke Parker (116). Typically dominates these contests and did again, finishing with 33 touches (13 contested) plus 11 clearances and 1 major. 

Other 100+ scores: Toby Greene (114), Stephen Coniglio (108), Lachie Whitfield/Jake Lloyd (106), Peter Ladhams (103)

Disappointment: Quiet game once again from Mills who had a variety of roles and finished on just 80.

Rookies: A couple of GWS rookies actually lost money, with Cadman (15) and Rowston (16) being the subs. Angwin (42) found 10 touches in his second game and is on the bubble, while O’Hallaron’s third game had 15 touches, 5 marks, 4 tackles, 2 goals and 64 points. If you own Buckley (91), just simply don’t trade him until a last resort, he’s been elite. Daniels (59) kept the cash coming in. For the Swans, Sheldrick was subbed out for 11 after having 3 touches, while the subbed on debutant was Sheather (9). Francis (40) is almost 200K and not worth considering.

Injuries: Nothing apparent here, both tactical subs given to young guns Sheldrick and Cadman.

Western Bulldogs (14.10.94) defeated Hawthorn (9.11.65)

1. James Sicily (128). Best score of the season for Sicily who found 26 touches @ 84% DE and had a team best 550 metres gained. Also snagged 1 goal.

2. Marcus Bontempelli (122). Game 200 for the Bont who was clean with his 19 touches, but did nice work on the inside with 6 tackles and 6 clearances.

3. Blake Hardwick (117). Fourth ton of the year for the backman, coming courtesy of 27 touches and 12 marks at solid 81% DE for the game.

4. Caleb Daniel (114). Firs ton of the year for Daniel who still has his average a touch above 90. 27 disposals with 7 tackles, 1 goal and 6 clearances.

5. Aaron Naughton (113). Important up forward for the Dogs, pretty much being the difference on the scoreboard. Had 15 disposals, 5 marks and 4 goals for the game.

Other 100+ scores: Ned Reeves (110), Bailey Smith (103), Jason Johannisen (102), Jai Newcombe (101)

Disappointment: Simply because it was his first score below 130 for the season (read that twice), it goes to Tim English (90).

Rookies: He had a massive uplift in ownership this week, which was looking good until he copped the red vest, and of course I’m talking about Seamus Mitchell (41). Hopefully he holds his spot, as his stat line was actually pretty good for a half of footy, finishing with 11 touches @ 72% DE. A couple of debutants here too for the Hawks, with Weddle (38) and Ramsden (22) each seeing some action. Brockman (51) didn’t hit the scoreboard to increase his score, and neither could Fergus Greene (28) who now has an uphill battle to reach his BE. Arthur Jones (42) had his first goal in the big time in this one, along with 12 touches, while Baker (69) continues to make cash with this 20 touch, 11 mark game.

Injuries: Just the previously mentioned Mitchell in this one, while the Bulldogs didn’t even use a sub.

Melbourne (22.7.139) defeated North Melbourne (7.7.49)

1. Christian Petracca (167). Been a super consistently year thus far, with his two sub tons being just 97. Season best obviously here, thanks to 35 disposals (16 contested) with 8 marks and 3 goals for the game.

2. Clayton Oliver (134). Standard stuff from Satan, finding a game best 37 touches (15 contested) with 7 marks and 6 clearances.

3. Angus Brayshaw (123). Quiet start to the season for Brayshaw but was splendid here, compiling 29 touches (11 contested) with 4 marks and 86% DE across half-back.

4. Kysaiah Pickett (121). Second big score of the year for Pickett, this one on the back of 16 disposals (10 contested) with 5 tackles and 3 majors.

5. Aaron Hall (117). Known for his scoring and ball finding prowess at half-back, which meant he led the Kangaroos scoring thanks to 30 touches and 12 marks.

Other 100+ scores: Ben Cunnington (110), Luke McDonald (109), Harry Sheezel (107), Liam Shiels/Tom Sparrow/Kade Chandler (104), Jack Ziebell (100)

Disappointment: Bit rough to give it Gawn but if you held, 80 is not ideal.

Rookies: Minimal to cover here, so I’ll run through it quickly. Tall forward Comben (7, injury) and Van Rooyen (33) didn’t make much cash, but Chandler (104) and Sheezel (107) were great to keep their cash flow rolling in.

Injuries: The North smashing got worse with injuries to a trio of youngsters in Coleman-Jones, Comben and Powell, while Hibberd was the tactical sub for the Demons. 


West Coast (6.8.44) defeated by Carlton (23.14.152).

1. Charlie Curnow (184). Deadset massive game from Curnow. 9 goals, 3 behinds, 18 disposals, 14 marks, 12 contested touches, no clangers and 475 metres gained. Monstered the Eagles, career high.

2. Patrick Cripps (153). Talking about massive, Cripps found 33 touches (23 contested) with 8 clearances, 1 goal and 8 tackles.

3. Nic Newman (139). Kept his ripping season going with another classy game, finding 34 touches with 14 marks, 1 goal and 5 tackles across the half-back line.

4. Adam Cerra (134). Back at his old home ground, Cerra was another Blue to dominate, finding 30 touches, taking 8 marks, laying 8 tackles and also kicking 1 goal for the game.

5. George Hewett (124). Finished up the All-Blues top 5 with 32 disposals (10 contested) with 8 tackles playing his usual midfield role.

Other 100+ scores: Blake Acres (119), Sam Walsh (117), Marc Pittonet (114), Sam Docherty (106)

Disappointment: West Coast pretty much. Allen (51) if you’ve got him.

Rookies: Ginbey (39) was once again quiet but tackled (7) his way to his score. Edwards (50) found 15 touches, while Honey (44) kicked 1 goal from 8 touches. The good news here though was Cincotta’s outstanding performance of 17 disposals @ 82% DE, pairing it with 6 tackles for 88 points. Run, don’t walk,  on trading him in this week.

Injuries: The Eagles night got worse with injuries to Sam Petrevski-Seton and Bazzo, while Saad was the sub for the Blues, seemingly tactical.

Essendon (16.8.104) defeated by Geelong (20.12.132)

1. Tom Hawkins (184). It was the week of the key forwards by the look of it. Hawkins kicked a career best 8 goals in this Sunday afternoon fixture, just monstering to Bombers backline. Paired it with 15 disposals and 12 marks.

2. Jake Stringer (145). Helped the Bombers stay close in this one, playing an insane game to find 26 touches (20 contested) to pair with 4 goals and 11 clearances.

3. Nic Martin (127). Career best score from one of last years best rookie selections. Had 22 touches (14 contested) with 5 tackles for the game.

4. Patrick Dangerfield (124). Has been on a run lately, dropping his fifth ton in a row from 28 touches (14 contested), 10 clearances and a game best 681 metres gained.

5. Tom Stewart (123). Just the usual for the Geelong general, finding 26 touches (24 kicks) with 12 marks and 577 metres gained for the afternoon.

Other 100+ scores: Darcy Parish (108), Max Holmes (103), Mark Blicavs (100)

Disappointment: Might be time to move Will Setterfield on, his price will drop unless he can double (+ a touch more) this weeks effort of 51.

Rookies: Just a couple of Cats to cover here. Knevitt (46) was a late in and found 15 touches, while Simpson (58) played game two and had 10 touches and 2 goals. Ratugolea (43) was quieter than previous weeks. 

Injuries: Andrew Phillips was the tactical sub for the Bombers, while the Cats had both Bowes and Rohan finish on the bench due to injuries.


Richmond (6.12.48) defeated by Gold Coast (11.6.72)

1. Noah Anderson (144). Could be a really solid pickup while Touk is sidelined. The former number 2 pick found 32 touches (14 contested) with 9 clearances, 9 marks, 5 tackles and 1 goal.

2. Will Powell (143). Back to back big tons for the classy back flanker. Had 544 metres gained from 28 touches @ 82% DE with just 1 clanger, while also hauling in 13 marks.

3. Tim Taranto (140). Elite once again and his price has risen to above 600k. Found 32 touches (13 contested) with 8 clearances, 9 marks, 1 goal and 564 metres gained to be the only Tiger in triple figures.

4. Charlie Ballard (132). Best game of Ballard career here. He found 24 touches @ 87 % DE down back to pair with 12 marks.

5. Brandon Ellis (113). Rounded out the top 5 against his former side with a 25 disposal, 8 mark, 1 goal effort that ran at a clean 88% DE.

Other 100+ scores: Matt Rowell (108), Sam Collins (103), Darcy MacPherson (102), Brayden Fiorini (101), Ben King (100)

Disappointment: Popular in ownership, but that doesn’t excuse a score of 71 from Jacob Hopper. Sonsie played 47% game time but only scored -6.

Rookies: Firstly, King found another 100 points thanks to 4 goals from 10 touches and 5 marks, finding himself with BE of -47, could be a cash grab by moving along Fergus Greene. Other rookie priced players scores included Humphrey (-3) who was subbed out, while Sexton (26) is now at 143K, after being the sub multiple times. Young (57) had 14 touches and 4 marks, Clarke (13) was subbed on, while Ryan (71) produced another nice score from 11 touches, 5 marks, 12 hitouts and 2 goals.

Injuries: Sonsie and Humphrey were tactically subbed out, taking a guess but surely it’s a first, with both players being subbed out having negative scores.


Adelaide (7.16.58) defeated by Collingwood (8.11.59)

1. Jordan Dawson (150). Third 150+ score of the year for Dawson as he collected 30 touches (14 contested) with 5 tackles, 696 metres gained and 5 clearances to lead the scoring.

2. Chayce Jones (113). Semi-popular pick up last week (which wasn’t ideal as he scored 45) but bounced back here with 20 touches, 4 tackles, 2 goals and no clangers.

3. Darcy Moore (111). The Collingwood skipper found 23 disposals at half-back plus 6 marks for the game, as he also led the Pies with 588 metres gained.

4. John Noble (110). Put the Pies pretty close with his 1 goal of the game which increased his score, but was important all day, finding 23 touches with 7 marks and 513 metres gained for the day.

5.  Tom Mitchell (106). Another ton for Mitchell in Pies colours. Found 29 touches (14 contested) with 7 clearances and 6 tackles.

Other 100+ scores: Rory Laird/Steele Sidebottom (100)

Disappointment: Has to go to Nick Daicos (72) who ran at 55% DE with limited contested touches and 5 clangers from his 27 touches.

Rookies: Will Kelly (24) was subbed on for the Pies, while Krueger (8) was subbed off. Just the usual duo of Pedlar (70) and Michalanney (51) for the Crows.

Injuries: Krueger was subbed off early with a rib injury, while Soligo got the red vest for the Crows.


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