Round 8 Review (Part 1)

Written by Dane on July 27 2020

Gold Coast (6.10.46) defeated by Western Bulldogs (7.9.51)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Gold Coast: Sexton (3)

Western Bulldogs: Zilch

  • Jack Macrae (169). A season best score for Macrae here, who, despite a slow first term, finished up with a typically constructive 29 touches (12 contested), 6 tackles, 7 clearances and surprisingly, 2 hitouts.
  • Touk Miller (140). Another big score for the Suns reliable midfielder. He finished up with 26 touches (16 contested), 7 clearances and 7 tackles to post his second best score of the year.
  • Caleb Daniel (128). Once again orchestrated much of the Bulldogs play coming out of the backline, finishing with 25 touches at 84% DE, while also gaining 484 metres on Thursday night.
  • Samuel Collins (117). Two hundreds in the last three games for Collins, this one on the back of 17 touches (12 contested), while running at 87% DE.
  • Hayden Crozier (108). Is actually having a very good year across half-back for the Bulldogs, overall averaging 88 with four hundreds within that. This most recent one coming from 19 touches while running at 84% DE. 

Other notable scorers: Only two other players in the hundreds here, with Bailey Smith (104) rewarding the many coaches who brought him in at just over 400K with a 22 touch, 1 goal game, and Tom Liberatore scoring a point less from his 19 touch, 1 goal game. Numerous players in the 90’s, so quickly they were Witts, Greenwood, Harbrow, Williams, Wood and Johannisen. No injuries but Bontempelli (87) and first-gamer Porter (39) had some soreness to contend with throughout the game. Weightman struggled in his 2nd game, finishing with only 14 points, while for the Suns, Rankine (56) could’ve had a bigger score if he’d kicked straight (1.4).

Disappointment: On the back of the first 200+ score of the season, Tim English couldn’t keep his hot streak going, finishing with 9 touches, 14 hitouts and 73 points. 

GWS (9.6.62) defeated Richmond (6.14.50)

Multiple Goal Kickers

GWS: Greene (5)

Richmond: Martin (2)

  • Josh Kelly (195). A huge score here for Kelly, who compiled 26 touches (13 contested), 4 marks, 8 tackles and 7 clearances on the night, while he also kicked a clever right foot goal to get the Giants revving during the second quarter. 
  • Toby Greene (166). While Kelly had the best score, Greene was definitely the best on ground. 5 goals, 18 touches and 8 marks with 11 contested possessions meant he was the difference on the night.
  • Nick Haynes (129). Thanks to a huge last quarter (50 points), Haynes finished with the third best score of the game here. Overall he finished up with 15 disposals, 10 marks and 6 intercept possessions. 
  • Lachie Whitfield (116). Another guy with a huge last quarter (50 points), Whitfield ran all day to finish up with 26 touches, 9 marks and a near 400 metres gained. 
  • Tim Taranto (111). I mentioned him last week as someone to consider if he can get on a roll, and maybe this was just the start of it. He may vary in score due to his disposal use, but with his contested style game he can boost his score very quickly. On Friday night he finished with 18 touches (12 contested), 3 tackles and 6 clearances. 

Other notable scorers: Even with other Giants taking out the top 5 scores, there was still Coniglio (109) and Shaw (106) who reached the threshold. For the Tigers, they were lead by the long-kicking Jayden Short (110), who had 18 disposals, and Dustin Martin (108), who kicked 2 goals amongst 23 touches and almost got the Tigers back in the game during the 2nd half. Ivan Soldo (98) scored well despite only having 3 touches, while joining him in the 90’s was Hopper, Bolton, Vlastuin and Lambert, even with the tag from De Boer. No extreme injuries from this game but Langdon and Daniels had some issues throughout the night.

Disappointment: Tom Lynch (35) was talked a lot about in the pre-season but now hasn’t gone above 100 since round 1, this his equal lowest return of the season.

North Melbourne (9.3.57) defeated by Carlton (9.10.64)

Multiple Goal Kickers

North Melbourne: Scott (3), Larkey (2)

Carlton: Cunningham, Newnes, Kennedy (2)

  • Sam Walsh (140). A second ton in a row for Walsh, who will likely feature in the Brownlow votes for this performance. Finished the day with 5 tackles, 21 disposals and 1 goal.
  • Jared Polec (136). A season high score for the North wingman, his second hundred of the season. Played a bit more of an inside game from the looks of things, with 16 of his 25 touches coming from a contested situation, while also slotting the 1 goal during the afternoon. 
  • Ed Curnow (123). One of those guys who you don’t notice much of on the field but does his job extremely well every week. This was a season best score for Ed, who had 19 touches (17 kicks), 10 tackles and 6 clearances for his team. 
  • Trent Dumont/Luke McDonald (122). Another good score here for the young North midfielder, backing up his 139 from the week before. His game consisted of 22 touches and 4 tackles, while his score pushed his season average into triple digits. For McDonald, he finished the game with 18 touches, 4 tackles and 456 metres gained while also running at 88% DE.
  • Lachie Plowman (118). Rounding out the top 5 was the former number 3 pick, who returned his best score of the season due to his 18 touch, 7 mark game.

Other notable scorers: For North, it was a couple of youngsters who also hit triple digits, with both Bailey Scott (103) and Kyron Hayden (107) having career best scores. Scott kicked 3 goals from 11 touches and layed 4 tackles, while Hayden overcame a knee concern to finish with 12 touches and 4 tackles too. For the Blues, there was also a career high score, this time to Will Setterfield (115), who had an impressive game in the middle, finishing with 20 touches (12 contested), 6 tackles and 6 clearances, and while it wasn’t a career high, Sam Petrevski-Seton’s score of 101 also deserves a mention. Murphy, Newnes, Higgins and Tarrant were all in the 90’s, but unfortunately the club debut of Callum Moore wasn’t spectacular, finishing with only 2 touches, but his side did get the win so it’s not all bad. Luke Davies-Uniacke (48) had his first game of the season and finished with 7 touches, while Mitch McGovern had a hamstring concern and finished up early. 

Disappointment: Literally take your pick from any of the ultra-popular Supercoach players in this game. Goldstien (69), Docherty (66), Cripps (75), Taylor (37), Simpkin (35) and Pittonet (53) all returning unwanted scores. 

Sydney (9.6.60) defeated Hawthorn (7.11.53)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Sydney: Papley (4)

Hawthorn: Zilch

  • James Sicily (164). Sicily grabbed a career high score from 23 touches, 7 marks and 1 goal, while running at a very good DE of 78%. Looks certain to finish as one of the top defenders in 2020.
  • Jake Lloyd (157). But he might be having to play catch up to this man. Lloyd finished on his season best score on the back of 34 touches, 7 marks and over 500 metres gained on the night, and I’m fairly certain he scored 100 points in the third quarter alone.
  • Dane Rampe (139). His second big week in a row, the Swans co-captain had 25 touches and 5 marks on the evening while playing 100% TOG. Keep an eye on the news, he had a hand injury but played on, hopefully there are no ramifications from that.
  • Harry Cunningham (125). Just quietly goes about his game week in week out for the Swans, this week compiling 19 touches (89% DE) and 6 tackles from a half-back flank.
  • Oliver Florent (119). This guy is going to be a popular pick in the years to come. Only 22 years old but has a game style that fits big Supercoach scores. This week he finished up with 20 disposals and 384 metres gained for his club, making it his second hundred of the season.

Other notable scorers: Another week and another 100+ score for Luke Parker (113), his seventh in eight starts in 2020. Joining him in the 100 club was Coleman leader Papley (101), who added another 4 goals, and the much improved (in terms of Supercoach scoring), Callum Mills (110), who had 18 touches and 8 tackles. Over on the Hawks side of things, it was the midfield duo of Mitchell (104) and Shiels (110) who joined Sicily in triple digits. Couple of players in the 90’s by the names of McEvoy, O’Meara and Ryan Clarke. Second gamer Taylor (60) was impressive with 8 touches and a nice goal and Sam Reid made his season debut, kicking the first goal and finishing on 79 points. Finally, Matthew Ling, who was drafted way back in the first round of the 2017 draft, finally made his debut, ultimately finishing the day with 10 touches, 47 points, and a win, while for the Hawks Keegan Brooksby, now at his 3rd AFL club, also made his club debut, finishing with 55 points. 

Disappointment: James Worpel (77) has had a great start to his career but Supercoach wise, he has dropped his average by 12 points in 2020 (now 85) and only has one hundred plus score to his name. 

Port Adelaide (6.8.44) defeated by St Kilda (12.1.73)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Port Adelaide: Zilch 

St Kilda: Membrey, Ryder, Marshall, Butler (2)

  • Rowan Marshall (160). A solitary point off his career high, the Saints young ruckman had his best game of the season, finishing with 15 touches (14 kicks), 11 hitouts, 5 tackles, 7 clearances, 13 contested possessions and 2 goals, all even with…
  • Paddy Ryder (142). Even with Ryder in the team. The Saints other ruckman also had a great night against his former team, kicking 2 goals, while also compiling 10 touches and 29 hitouts. 
  • Jack Steele (114). Another guy who’s game just suits Supercoach scoring, this week finishing with 21 touches (10 contested) and 6 tackles, he’s going to finish a top 6 midfielder barring any substantial drop in form or injury.
  • Peter Ladhams (106). Hasn’t looked out of place at AFL level and seems very nimble for a ruckman, finishing the night with 20 disposals (14 contested) and 14 hitouts. 
  • Ben Paton (105). Has had a much improved season down back, upping his Supercoach average by 19 points a game to now average 76. This was his third hundred of the season and second in a row after he gathered 16 touches and 7 marks while playing in defence.

Other notable scorers: Only three other players in triple figures here. Ollie Wines (100) played his usual inside midfielder role to compile 17 touches and 5 tackles, with defender Clurey using his 11 touches well to score 103, while on the Saints side, young gun Hunter Clark had 24 touches to finish on the same score as Clurey. Byrne-Jones, Duursma, Ebert and Gresham were all in the 90’s, while on 88 was second gamer Georgiades, who was impressive up forward to finish with 7 touches and 1 goal. Sam Mayes was quieter in his second game (35), as was Matthew Parker (41), who played his first game of the season. Numerous players with some injury concerns here, with Bonner, Todd Marshall, Kent, Coffield, Hill and finally Ross (seemingly the worst as he didn’t return to the field) all having some attention from the medicos. 

Disappointment: Connor Rozee started the year with scores of 125 and 145, but since then, hasn’t eclipsed 55, this week scoring 39 to take his season average down to 66.

Adelaide (8.11.59) defeated by Essendon (9.8.62)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Adelaide: Murphy (3), Walker (2)

Essendon: Langford, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Cahill (2)

  • Zach Merrett (135). Essendon’s smooth mover ran rampant in the middle, finishing the day with huge numbers in an obviously shortened gametime. 33 touches, 9 marks, 6 tackles, 6 clearances and a huge 613 metres gained would still be incredibly impressive in a full game, but even more so with the shortened quarters.
  • Brodie Smith (129). A season high score for Brodie, who, while playing off a wing, had a massive 705 metres gained from his 24 touches, while also slotting 1 major.
  • Andrew McGrath (124). A career high score for McGrath, who overcame a tag to gather 25 touches (12 contested), 10 tackles and launch 8 clearances for his side. 
  • Paul Seedsman (118). The long kicking Crow had a season best score and second hundred in a row after a game that netted 22 touches, 1 goal and 7 tackles. 
  • Ben Keays (116). Has been a very good pickup for the Crows from the rookie draft, turning himself into a tagger while also picking up his fair share of touches. This game was his third hundred in four weeks due to his 21 touches (12 contested) and 4 tackles.

Other notable scorers: A couple of other Crows hit triple figures here, and they were midfielder Matt Crouch (111), who had 26 touches, and defender Talia (102), who had 13 touches at 100% DE. For the Bombers, it was defenders Ridley (114) and Saad (107), and also ruckman Bellchambers (100), who had 10 touches and 19 hitouts. Parish, Langford, Snelling, Brown, Hamill, Laird and MacPherson were all in the 90’s. Ned Cahill kicked 2 goals in his second game to score 44, but bad news for the Bombers, with Jayden Laverde succumbing to an ankle injury in the 2nd quarter. Injuries also went to important Crows pair Doedee and Brad Crouch, well before the game was finished.

Disappointment: Ever since his back to back 105’s, Devin Smith hasn’t gone back to those heights, this week his worst of the lot, finishing on only 49. 

West Coast (18.3.111) defeated Collingwood (6.9.45)

Multiple Goal Kickers

West Coast: Kennedy (7), Allen (3), Waterman (2)

Collingwood: Cameron, Hoskin-Elliot (2)

  • Oscar Allen (152). A career high for the young Eagle, playing a variety of roles to eventually finish with 14 touches, 4 marks, 4 tackles, 3 goals and 4 hitouts. Is quietly averaging 95 points per game now. 
  • Tim Kelly (150). I feel I’ve said this the last couple of weeks, but this was Kelly’s best game in Eagles colours. He finished with 30 touches (13 contested), 6 clearances, 1 goal and 528 metres gained for his club, while running at a very good DE of 90%.
  • Josh Kennedy (131). By far his best return of the season to take him into 2nd place in the Coleman medal. Kicked 7 goals straight from 13 touches and 5 marks, being a dominant force for the Eagles up forward. 
  • Luke Shuey/Andrew Gaff (130). A couple of Eagles midfielders sharing a tie here. The skipper showed no signs of a hamstring issue, he had 19 touches and 5 tackles in just 61% game time, while the reliable wingman had 26 touches, 11 marks and 1 goal. 
  • Shannon Hurn (114). Has been down on his output but is so good with the ball in hand that he doesn’t need many disposals to return a good score. His first hundred since round 1 came on the back of 15 touches at 100% DE.

Other notable scorers: No one else got into triple figures in this game, so the next best were a number of scores in the 90’s for the Pies. Adams (94) was the best of them, thanks to his 21 touches and 5 clearances, with the next best being Darcy Cameron (92), who kicked 2 goals from his 8 touches while also pinch hitting in the ruck. Forwards Hoskin-Elliott (91) and Stephenson (90) were also up there for the Pies, but the majority of other premiums (Treloar 81, Crisp 89, Maynard 75, Yeo 77) struggled to generate big scores. Scott Pendlebury was a very late out, pulling out right at the end of the warmup, while Jeremy McGovern was a late out for the Eagles. No major injuries to speak of here as far as I can see. 

Disappointment: Obvious one here really, with Brodie Grundy (61) not providing his usual impact, only finishing up with 10 touches and 29 hitouts. Don’t panic, this has very little chance to happen again, he’s too good to stay down.

Melbourne (7.7.49) defeated by Brisbane (7.11.53)

Multiple Goal Kickers

Melbourne: Melksham (3), Fritsch (2)

Brisbane: Cameron (2)

  • Clayton Oliver (177). A career high score for the fair-skinned inside midfielder from the Dees. He finished with 28 touches (17 contested), 5 clearances and 10 tackles to lead all scorers and take his season average a smidge under 120.
  • Max Gawn (157). His 4th score over 150 in a row, and 5th overall through his 7 games, the guy is dominating Supercoach scoring unlike few we’ve ever seen. He gathered 13 touches, 5 tackles and a huge 41 hitouts against a fairly inexperienced duo of Smith and McInerney, but with the form he’s in, not many would stand a chance.
  • Lachie Neale (152). There was no chance Neale would score poorly again, bouncing back with a 33 disposal (17 contested) and 7 clearances game to once again be in contention for some Brownlow votes.
  • Jarryd Lyons (147). The unheralded star of the Lions midfield, Lyons was strong at the contest and finished up with 9 tackles, 22 touches and 7 marks on the night.
  • Christian Petracca (141). Petracca rounds out the massive scores from this game due to his 24 touches (14 contested) and 8 tackles. He has finally produced what we knew he was capable of, now let’s hope it can continue for years to come. 

Other notable scorers: Still plenty of players scoring well here, with the reliable McLuggage being the best of the rest with his score of 131 from his 22 touch game. After him came the scores of Viney (118) and a career best score from Zac Bailey (110), who kicked 1 goal amongst 21 touches and hauled in 8 marks. Dayne Zorko (106) continued to score well, posting his third ton in a row, while Melbourne enforcer Steven May (103) scored his second hundred of the year from 17 disposals. Berry, Birchall, Salem and Melksham were all in the 90’s but from there scores drop. Injuries to either side in this game, with Rich succumbing to a hamstring in the 3rd quarter, while Neville Jetta had two knocks to the head and finished up before halftime. 

Disappointment: Young gun Pickett (22) has been great in his first season, but his cash generation may halt due to this score.

Part 2 coming up tomorrow…


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32 thoughts on “Round 8 Review (Part 1)”

  1. Thanks for the post Dane.

    Getting hard(er) to keeping swallowing Devon’s output. Serves me and everyone right for picking overly processed smallgoods.

    Trade him and take what little profit you can to fund a 1-up/1-down situation? Or hold in the hopes he turns it around.


    1. Is he going to be in your best 18 during the byes??????
      If not, trade him to a cheaper asset.


    2. I’m Turning him to a premo mid have Simpkin in the mids have Given Devon more than enough chances now.


      1. Shhhhh!!! Don’t tell anyone he’ll star during the byes.
        IMO a lot of fringe players will get rotated around, and hopefully the stars wont get rested completely, coz finals are tight.
        ie; he may get more mid time coz of the no byes.


  2. Is Oscar Allen is slowly turning into a gun for the eagles
    going to be a nightmare match up in a couple of years


    1. Yes! Is holding his own through the ruck now to give nic nat the chop out as well as doing his thing forward


  3. Great job Dane……..I’m suprised you don’t have the umpires stats. as well…….or do you??? LOL


  4. Docherty seems to keep getting tagged and his scoring has dropped off a cliff as a result. Is he worth offloading before further price drops and a bye for someone like Ridley? And then picking him back up when he’s cheaper? Really need some advice with only 3 playing defenders in Round 10 atm
    T/U: Offload him till he picks his scoring back up
    T/D: Keep him. He’ll come good very soon.


    1. Try working out who your best 18 is atm as if it was Rd 10 and 11.
      Then see how it may need to be adjusted.


      1. I’d only have a max of 18 on field. with 6 of those being rookies. Defence is the worst, with three having a bye in Round 10 and no bench cover. Any advice?


        1. I’m looking at Macpherson (adel).
          Even if it’s just to make 100k, he looks to be more js now.
          I’m concerned about Hill, if he plays before the bye and Noble will he get dropped again.
          The penneys are a little short after 2 big ins last week.
          I may need to drop/sell/dump a low performing premium or two that have byes pending.


          1. Yeah McPherson is another one I was considering. Is he still worth it at about 210k? Also, is there chance Will Gould gets a game with Rampe looking to miss at least a week?


            1. ……if he is that price, then it’s a bit smaller profit, and let us pray to Father Dougal’s hampster that Gould does play before the bye.


  5. Excellent work as usual Dane. Thank you.

    Dane Rampe has a broken hand and is doubtful round 9.
    Port Adelaide : Trent McKenzie – if back spasm settle will play rd 9
    Todd Marshall – thumb surgery to miss 6 weeks.
    Scott Lycett – to play if proves fitness this week.


    1. Thanks Chaos! Really appreciate the injury updates. Saving so many wasted trades and donuts for heaps of coaches. Keep up the incredible work!


          1. Western Bulldogs : Callum Porter out for 1-2 weeks, shoulder injury.
            Adelaide : Tom Doedee questionable for rd 9. Expected to right but “timeframes and general load management will be carefully considered” – Steve Saunders Adelaide’s head of science and Medicine.
            Who knew they had such person with that title?


    1. It’s the last week to get either Macrae or Oliver at a decent price. Merrett has also just about bottomed out. Daniel is about as cheap as he’ll get. Dusty has put up back-to-back tons and is getting lots of mid minutes with Tigs injuries. Whitfields still cheap-ish for what he can produce.


    1. Natopotato88, imagine tossing up and picking Yeo instead of T. Kelly at the same price!! Then there is the byes announced and now him missing a game. Hurts.


      1. I’m glad I’ve ignored Yeo due to him burning me over multiple seasons, otherwise I may have been sucked in.
        Kelly offered promise with the Eagles moving back to their home ground, but going with trades in other areas held me off.
        I’m thankful going with Duncan a few weeks ago only hurt for 1 round due to a long break before tonights game.



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