SCT Bye Planner 2023

Written by JimmyDee on May 11 2023

In the absence of the ever reliable Macca for a bye planner this year, some coaches are curious as to whether there will be one. It seems That Tom (Tortured Coach) has decided there will indeed be one, and sent it to me for the site to peruse at their leisure and determine if it suits their needs. Especially useful for those coaches who don’t partake of a Gold or Herald Sun subscription where the byes are part of the plan.

It seems pretty simple and the instructions are likewise

The only instruction needed is the following:
On the planner tab,
1. Use the drop down menus to change the player names (Column B)
2. Select whether the player is likely to play (Column I)
3. Enter your team value and bank in the green cells below (J46 &  J47)

All other tabs are databases with info for further research, use however you see fit (I suggest you use the filters on each column)

Obviously ignore this if you don’t think it would be useful, but as always, comments for the pros and cons would be really helpful, especially to Tom, so let us know what you think either way.

A big shout out to Tom as I know the type of work that goes into something of this scope is onerous. Thanks for checking it out.

SCT23 Bye Planner Rd8


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