Written by Duck on July 12 2012

We rolled a little extra functionality out on the site last week …. unannounced but i’m sure many of you found it quickly enough.

“SCT TV” we like to call it, with lots of good AFL related news stories, plus other local and international sport.

Check it out while you ponder your trades for the week and wait for the teams to be announced.

I’ve also added a link to the top menu bar “SCT TV” for anyone wanting a bigger viewer.


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15 thoughts on “SCT TV”

  1. Loving watching the news on this page, saves me from getting off my bum and searching the telly!
    Really great website!
    Thanks for providing all this for coaches like me who need help!
    Great work guys, keep it up!


  2. Outstanding work boys. Keeps me in touch with all that is happening whilst I’m overseas. Love the site.



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