SCTTL: Round 17 Summary

Written by JimmyDee on July 9 2023

2500 plus was the order of the weekend for eight astute coaches. Each pretty much nailed the captain’s choice with half of them opting for Lachie Neale in a Dunkley less Lion’s outfit, and the other half going with The Bont, Errol, Naicos and the lowest scoring of their skippers in Baird combos.

Heading that list was the Wiley Father Dougal and his merry band of Nuns scoring 2569 keeping him firmly entrenched in the top ten.

John’s Mack Attech jumped five places in the order of merit  with his equally meritorious 2555 taking advantage of Errol’s big effort as the “C”.

Barrie and the Wet Dogs slid into third for the week with a very nice 2549 thank you very much to Lachie Neale captaining the side.

Fourth was Go Hawks Tech with Matt showing that a 2546 is still possible for middle ranked teams. He is now also top twenty and on the rise. Site owner Motts snagged a rare top five finish with his Tech Maulers scoring 2531, sharing the Neale love around the “C” armband. This move has seen a rise from the bottom half of the draw into the top half, but maybe a little too late. Lindsay From Tech Difficulties also made a late move with his team pulling out a 2524 and moving into the top half of the draw with Motts.

Jomo’s Steely Mack’s Tech came good with a 2517, closely followed by Lost Lands locking in 2514 and completing a very consistent series of recent scores keeping The Lands in the title race.

We seem to have somehow picked up a couple of newbies in our group, so unless anyone has changed their name recently I may have to delete them as it throws out our scores in the weekly run down. The two teams appear to be JHF’s Cryophobia and Pizzy Rascals so if anyone knows them, please let me know. It may be just that someone invited them in to compare with mates already in there. In which case I’ll work around it.

Cheers and keep up the good scores.


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