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Written by JimmyDee on March 13 2020

Everybody is talking up the Cowpocalypse when addressing their teams. Well imagine trying to pick rookies and exclude Victorians and see how hard it gets. Rowell, Anderson, Ash, Williamson, Guthrie, Brown, Taylor, King, Crocker and Mahoney are in listed in Chillo’s top five for their positions in his very educated rookie review, and are all unavailable to be selected in the ALL STARS Tech Team for 2020. That made it hard.

I thought selecting an ALL STARS tech team would be pretty simple, the Vics don’t own everyone, right? Well 79% of respondents voted to keep the structured criteria as it was, ie, three players from each non Vic state and at least one each from A.C.T. and overseas, whilst maintaining representation from each team in the AFL. That made it really tough!!

But please don’t let that deter you from joining the 2020 Tech League as it is a really interesting team, with some potential breakouts and will be a challenge with tactics playing a big part, and don’t forget, everyone starts from the same position.

Here’s the rundown of selection by position.

D1 is the little man from SA, Caleb Daniel, who should average around a ton. D2 is my Qld breakout pick and keeper, Lachie Weller (I know, born in Tassie but played first senior footy in Qld and Junior footy in the Suns Academy). Next is Tassie boy Jeremy Howe who I reckon will bounce back for a big year. Zach Tuohy gets the nod for our O.S. player, DPP is NT boy Zac Bailey, who’s getting mid and wing minutes and will surely rise in value.  Rookie priced boys DPP Jarrod Brander from Wentworth N.S.W. and the two SA lads Branden Zerk-Thatcher and Will Gould round out the eight.

Gone with WA powerhouses Cripps and Fyfe to lead the mids, magic man Zorks to proudly represent the Banana Benders, New South Welshman Jacob Hopper to crank it up in the absence of Tim Taranto and a hard nut man bun from Katherine, Jed Anderson, to provide serious points for contested ball and multiple tackles. Rookie contingent consists of Marlion Pickett (WA); Dylan Stephens (SA); Tom Green being the solitary A.C.T. rep; Sandgroper Deven Robertson and DPPs Connor Buderick (Qld) and Trent Rivers (WA). DPPs may not play early but give you flexibility to swing and loophole until they start making cash, which they should do at some stage.

Starts with the SA half of the GG factory so you have a permanent VC, with a fellow SA lad from country Ardrossan who could surprise as the Giants new No 1, The Big Sauce as back up. Queenslander Matthew Conroy provides the Donut loop each week. Thought about WA’s Darcy Cameron at R3 but figured he couldn’t be loopholed with Grundy, so didn’t see the point.

Starting out with the Sydney Academy star Isaac Heeney, then from the Apple Isle, Hugh Greenwood, who could produce great numbers with full time mid status. Had to pick someone non Vic from Hawthorn so I thought it might as well be a DPP with potential in the Chadster. Other option was Silk but saw more upside in Chad. The next three could come under the category of high risk, potential high reward as all three have been touted positively during the pre season. Chayce Jones (Tas), Ben Long (NT) and Jack Lukosius (SA) and DPP to swing with Brander. Bench players Izac Rankine from SA and Mitchell Georgiades from WA round out the thirty.

Final representation for the stats people as follows: SA 9; WA 6; Qld 4; Tas 3; NT 3; NSW 3; ACT 1; O.S. 1

Gold Coast 6 and Swans, Giants and Lions with 3 each are the highest representation, with the Pies 2 and all the rest one each.

The really juicy carrot is a bank of $155,100 to test out your strategy after the finish of round one. There will be some variations in how that’s used!!

Natopotato88 is making much noise about going back to back so I think it’s all of our duty to put up a strong league and push him to the limit. Jump on board by emailing me, jimmydee at supercoachtalk dot com with all your details, and don’t forget there’s $250 big ones up for grabs and bragging rights to the SCT Hall of Fame. Good luck and see you in Round one.


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6 thoughts on “SCTTL: Tech Team Reveal”

  1. You know it! Hoping all these rookies get named round 1 otherwise it could be a lot of trades used early to get the cash cows in


  2. Just want to clarify “Everyone starts from the same POSITION”. This only means same 30 players BUT NOT HOW WE CHOOSE TO START ‘EM in the line up? Is that correct???


    1. You must start with all the 30 named players, but you can play whoever you want on the field. Same with captain and your emergencies.
      As soon as round 1 lockout is over it is open game and you can trade anyone you like. Use your trades wisely as changing your team up heaps could make you run out of trades by the byes and be sweating on some good luck the end the season.


  3. Thanks JJ – Mrs Macca locked and loaded! … lets just hope we get a season now *sad face*

    Not sure why the thumbs down on your post mate … poor form from whoever did it … you’ve come up with a theme and players … and we’re all in the same boat…



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