28 thoughts on “Table for Two – Round 10”

  1. Tu – graham + H. Reid > Zorko + reville (150k itb)
    Td- H. Reid > Rankine (15k itb, 1 trade saved)


  2. Bringing in my final mid premo
    TU: Butters
    TD: Merrett
    Very similar price, both with easy fixture runs ahead, who will average more?


  3. TU: Bring in Zorko -45BE – 1 better rookie on field – better balance for team
    TD: Bring in Merrett – 137BE – 1 worse rookie on field – excellent draw

    Hoping to trade the other in next week but there is some pricing change risk and i might not get there


  4. TU
    Howes + Lohmann > Oliver + Sullivan 9k ITB (8 premos missing rd 14)

    Howes + Lohmann + Graham > Steele + Sullivan + Richards 100k ITB (last boost used but better for byes)


  5. 22 trades and 3 boosts left.

    T/U: Save the boost and only bring in 1 of Sullivan/Reville and have limited funds for a gun (565k)

    T/D: Use the boost and bring in both along with a gun like Ryan or any mid.


    1. Asked a similar question 3 weeks ago and the overwhelming response was not to bring in Zorko yet now he is on the top of lists haha


  6. Should I use my last boost to get Breville for Fyfe and put $303k ITB.

    (I have already bought in Sullivan and Zorko for Reid and H Garcia this round which I won’t be changing). This money can be used to maintain my trade cadence by going 1 up, 1 down for future trades.

    TU do the Breville for Fyfe trade?..and boost bank balance OR

    TD save the boost but will see Fyfe drop to 370k and miss the opportunity to pick up Breville at 102k.

    Thanks for your thoughts



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