18 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 11”

  1. To bring in
    TU: Merrett and Dale 32k left and more bye friendly
    TD: Steele and Cogs 12k left


  2. Anderson to Neale?
    Does not impact my bye structure, but does give me some cash for upgrades

    TU: yes
    TD: Nope


  3. Ranked in the top 100 so looking to stay there
    TU: Clarry and simpson to wines and warner/steele and 10k
    TD: Simpson to Wardlaw (hold clarry) and 130k


  4. Ranked about 2500, also have no H to H matches in our league over the 4 bye rounds 12-15 so no real need to trade oliver. Playing for leagues and high overall. However…l don’t know what to do

    TU Oliver and roberts to Sicily and Atkins, 12 trades left

    TD roberts to wardlaw only, Keep Oliver thru the byes


  5. Which option is better

    TU: Field Weddle, Wilmot and Humphrey with only a mid emergency and no loopholes
    TD : Field Weddle, Baker and Humphrey with mid and def emergencies and available loophole so I can take Weddle score or field Constable to take Wilmot score if Weddle tanks.


  6. Last minute trade jitters

    T/U – JVR, Wilmot & Kelly to Ford, Laird & Neale

    T/D – Kelly & Davey to Laird & Humphrey

    Don’t like paying $280k for a rookie, but Humph could be handy for the byes.
    If I go T/U, then Fyfe could fill that role for me after his bye as a cheap F6/F7



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