Who To Field – Round 11

Written by Dane on May 26 2023

Got a situation where a loophole just isn’t going to do the job? Chuck it in the comments below using TU/TD to find an answer!


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9 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 11”

    1. In the same boat as a lot of people Joffster, I only have Wilmot and he probably will play but is not assured of a spot yet. To go with Wilmot I have non players Cowan, Cincotta, Sharp, Constable, Madden, Simpson, Roberts.


  1. Baker or Matt Johnson as my midfield emergency to loophole with Wilmot

    TU: Baker
    TD: Johnson


  2. I have Wilmot, Wardlaw and Baker and have to play two.
    Game times give me a bit of time to learn Wilmot’s fate but still have options to sort;
    Loop Baker into Wardlaw or Wilmot.
    Take Baker Vs GCS and loop Wardlaw into Wilmot (if named).

    Would love to know who the brains trust think will be the two best scorers:
    TU: Baker/Wardlaw.
    TD: Baker/Wilmot.
    Comment: Wardlaw/Wilmot.

    Obviously, this is all contingent upon Wilmot being named.


    1. I’d go Wilmot over Baker
      Wilmot has had 6 scores 60+, with 75 and 83 the last 2 rounds. One score below 50

      Baker 3 scores 60+, being 61,69 and 95 in round 3. One score below 50.

      Unsure with Wardlaw since it was only his first game. He is named as a follower but playing against Collingwood.


  3. Do I bank Weddle’s emergency 62 or risk it by fielding Constable and taking Wilmot off the field?

    TU : Bank the 62 from Weddle
    TD : Take a chance on Wilmot



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