Table For Two – Round 21

Written by Gunboat Diplomacy on August 4 2022

Got a one way or the other SC dilemma? You’ve come to the right place.

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23 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 21”

    1. By the sounds of what’s coming out of the Pies Grundy will come in but play more forward than previously so with punting on Cameron still.

      Has a higher ceiling than Martin and should still knock out decent scores when Grundy back.

      Just my opinion


  1. Lost my cash league elimination final last week – had 155 points up my sleeve and opponent had Redman….. Sigh.

    Thinking of burning my last 2 trades now on chasing maximum points in the last 3 rounds using Bont’s high price:

    Bont and Crisp out for RoMo and Sinclair???

    TU: don’t be an idiot JAM, save the trades and keep Bont.
    TD: get loose and let rip JAM, season over anyway


    1. Just double check RoMo is solo rucking (i.e. no Campbell on tonight’s sheets), then yeah. I like it, Jam.

      Bont had that corked quad and word on him today wasn’t confidence inspiring.

      Sinclair a must have as well.


  2. Thanks GD, yep will do that for sure.
    If no Campbell then it looks like the community has spoken.

    Will be happy to get rid of the spud Crisp from my team after getting rid of Short last week.


  3. 2 Trades left:

    TU: Macrae and D’Ambrosio to Oliver and anybody
    TD: Wait a week and try to bring Oliver in for someone else next week when his price drops even more


  4. Need a DEF rookie and want the one with the best chance of playing every game.

    TU – Worrell (Ade)
    TD – Dawson (Nth)


  5. Can’t afford to trade out Crisp or Short for anyone better using one trade.
    I can however trade out Daicos, who is my D7/M9 swing player, and then Short/Crisp bench cover. It gets one of them off the field at least. I can’t afford Sinclair unfortunately so considering one of these two :

    TU : Redman
    TD : L Ryan



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