Table For Two – Round 3

Written by The Salamander on April 1 2021

Got questions as we head towards Round 2? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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39 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 3”

      1. I’m biting the bullet on Neale.

        I have given it a whole lotta thought.

        It means next week ,I will have 13 premo’s on field.

        Neale to Brayshaw

        Brayshaw is scoring like Neale should be, If he remains heathy I’m not sure he will be this cheap again all year.

        I certainly can’t say the same about Neale.

        Sharp to James Jordan.
        This is a no brainer even with the loss of DPP.

        I will have then have all the good rookies and $314 K for an upgrade next week.

        The highest BE between Dow, H.Young ,J Clark and even maybe Ziebell will be on the chopping block.

        On Neale.

        Rumours of injury, and the lions Ruck set up worry me.
        Without a competent Ruck and no J Berry for a while ( the Muscle in the Lions engine room). I just don’t see Neale’s job getting any easier. I’m going to use his money while I still can.

        Best of luck to everyone in Round 3 🙂


  1. Was trading out NCox but with the Sharp news not so sure.

    TU – continue with NCox to Impey via DPP
    TD – keep NCox in DEF, got decent JS


  2. missing Jordon and Warner.

    TU: Cripps & Bergman > Jordon & Warner
    ($393k ITB 10 keepers plus ziebell, Taranto and Phillips.
    Bank to bring in Neale when he bottoms out

    TD: Cripps & Dow > Brayshaw & Warner
    ($51k ITB) 11 keepers plus ziebell, Taranto and Phillips.


    1. Comment:

      Hold Cripps
      Dow & Bergman > Warner & Jordon
      $72k ITB

      Bit of a revised repost as TD/TU was a tie


  3. Going for league only. Missing Jordan and was looking to bring in Impey, but my initial plan involved trading Phillips who looks set to get a game so:

    TU: Neale & Cox/Bruhn > Jordan & Premo Mid or Def (Ridley/Bowes/Brayshaw etc)

    TD: Neale & Bruhn > Jordan & Impey (Pure ca$h gen trades)


    1. Trade out a fwd and swing Treacy to F8 so when you cash out Flynn you can swing Treacy back to R3


  4. Trading in either :

    TU: Macrae & Butters (with $54,500 bank left)
    TD: Ridley & Andy Brayshaw (with $84,100 bank left)

    Would love to be able to do Ridley & Macrae but can’t afford that…


  5. Going H Jones to Berry. Own all of the other main rookies.

    And am 93% sold on taking the gamble with Tex. Just need to decide who makes way for him.

    T/u. dow out. ~70k in bank

    T/d. Cripps out. ~400k in bank.


  6. Jordon and warner only rookies I dont have. Is it silly to trade either mcneill or scott for one of them?
    TU – yes trade
    TD – no dont trade scott or mcneill


  7. Is Round 3 such a valuable money/point making opportunity that one should make some otherwise slightly reckless trades?

    Have all rookies but Berry, did burn 2 on danger/rowell last week. Been mulling over things like Neale -> Macrae, Cripps -> Brayshaw, Dow -> Berry/Impey (1k short for straight to Tex) all week, and will continue to do so right up to the lockout.

    T/U: Press the advantage!
    T/D: Whoa there cowboy…


  8. Been doing my head…..Caldwell to Tex and chase cash, or to Butters/Heeney and hopefully save a later trade.

    T/u Tex
    T/d Butters/Heeney

    Comment…Butters or Heeney ?


  9. Is it worth trading Gawn/Grundy to Flynn since I can’t afford him at R3 (Have Hunter there) and upgrade A.Fyfe (GC) to premo mid

    TU – Yes
    TD – No (hold)



  10. Which rookie correction is more important?

    T/U – Hunter to Meek (r3)
    T/D – McNeil/ Scott to Berry (M11)


    1. Meek is not 100% to be named this week.

      If he does play. I think he may.

      Treacy may replace him the week after if Darcy stays fit.

      I would go the Berry kid.


  11. Is using 4 corrective/necessary trades in two rounds ok or should I just stick to one this week. (Traded out Rowell and Danger last week, am now trading caldwell out for impey) just cant decide on hunter to flynn

    T/U: Hold Hunter you cant burn 4 trades already
    T/D: Get rid of hunter it is worth the cash from Flynn


    1. I have a two-parter for all of your beautiful SC brains to contemplate and hopefully help me decide before lock-out tonight…

      Part 1 – who to trade out?

      T/U: H. Young
      T/D: P. Dow


      1. Part 2 – who to trade in?

        The answer to part 1 will change who is on-field for my other rookies / cow-like objects (CLOs) because of MPP, so I may make a 3rd part once the thumbs have spoken.

        T/U: Impey at F4
        T/D: S. Berry at M9, or M8 if people think he’ll score more than J. Clark).


  12. Considering trading T Phillips to A Brayshaw

    TU: Do it – Brayshaw will be a top 8 mid & has a low BE
    TD: Hold off – no need to get rid of Phillips just yet.

    Comment – trade to Impey instead.



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