Table For Two – Round 4

Written by The Salamander on April 8 2021

Got questions as we head towards Round 2? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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34 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 4”

  1. If your were to choose between getting in Ridley or Grundy for Neale which way would you go

    U – Ridley
    D – Grundy


  2. Really liking the look of my team with Ridley in for Neale; leaves me with 27 trades and Clarke @d6 killing the rookie selection roulette down back.

    For those saying I already lost 80k, not necessarily. Made rookie corrections last week that will net me more than that individually.


    1. Just done the same move. Leaves me with Clark @ D6 with Highmore/Kosi on the bench, and Sharp as a loop/DPP on the mid bench.

      Only means my midfield is fielding 4 rookies: Berry, Powell, Gulden & Jordon


  3. Thinking about using trades to earn some short term cash and small points uplift:

    TU: Sit tight on DeGoey and Dow
    TD: Bring in Tex and Impey


    1. Dow -> Impey id be looking at 100%

      De Goey if you’re gonna move on, move onto a premo. Tex won’t keep this up for the season; and I’d only bring him in if I was to keep him at that price.


  4. Kosi and Rowe are generating cash way too slowly.

    TU: Kosi & Rowe -> CJ & Waterman
    TD: Kosi & Rowe -> Impey & Chapman

    Waterman: played one game, a round too early to trade him in
    Chapman: job security not good, Young is out but Logue back in and Hamling isn’t far away from returning.



    1. I’d hold Rowe, had North this week, should be good for a dece score.

      I’d wait another week on Aquaman and don’t think Chappy is a must have due to Price & JS concerns


      1. Rowe’s BE is 34.

        I have Kosi as 6th def with Highmore and Briggs on the pine. Heard Highmore played in team B in saints match simulation today. Not good news. Surprised he was forced out last weekend.

        I can’t afford to have Kosi as 6th def.


        1. Also if keeping Rowe, he will be on the bench,

          I have Dunks, Dusty, Tex, Ziebell, Daniher and Warner in fwd line.


          1. Rowe will be a slow burn. Personally wouldn’t trade.

            If Highmore not in, definitely go Kosi -> Chappy.


  5. Dow and Young on the chopping block.

    I’ve been looking at Jiath and Impey all week.

    With news of L Jones being named. I’m considering getting on him early. Apart from Bergman, Hinkley is usually pretty good with giving his rookies a shot.


    T/U CJ and Impey ( Best 22 , great Byes, great value ) Bank.$178K

    T/D L Jones and Dusty …Bank $105K

    Comment another Forward.I own.

    Dunkley , Heeney , Zeibell, Dow*, Campbell, Warner,



  6. I know I’m getting rid of Dow (don’t trust him to get his BE) for Chapman via DPP, leaving me with 292k and 26 trades, but I’m tempted to downgrade Phillips to Impey as I can pocket the 110k cash for a double premo upgrade next week, as well as make money on Impey since he still has a negative BE, and because I feel they may just end up scoring similar numbers

    TU: trade in Impey, pocket the extra cash as he will likely keep going up, making it cheaper to afford a premo (although will be down to 25 trades)

    TD: Leave Phillips be, he might come good and surprise us with some 90 scores (also saving a trade)


    1. Jeez I have been asking myself this exact question for 2 days . Dow -> chapman via Fyfe/Brockman DPP and Phillips too Impey. I’m thinking I’ll pull the trigger on it ozzle.

      Bank 110k on Impey now it should only take him 3-4 weeks to make 150k comfortably and should even be a decent F6 option for a long while. I expect him to average 90-95 til the byes. Phillips probably 85 or so


  7. Hayden Young needs to go.

    TU – Impey ($150k bank)
    TD – Frederick ($265k bank)

    Impey obviously greater scoring potential. Though with the extra cash from the Frederick trade, I’ve worked out I could turn Flynn into Gawn in 3 weeks.


  8. Trading Young out and considering the following as D6:

    T/U: Jiath (job security and don’t need to worry about rookie selections)
    T/D: Chapman (bank $$ and better cash generation but job security a question)



  9. Neale…yes, I wish I’d traded him last week but I didn’t. So this week:

    TU – trade to Dunkley
    TD – hold Neale


  10. So thinking T.Phillips down to Impey
    3 trades used prior to this round.

    Would leave me with kozi, highmore and sharp in def. 1 of which would need to be fielded.
    Passing on Chapman and looking at parks next week.

    TU: do it – better points and cash ITB.
    TD: save trade, you might need to bring in Chapman to not cop a donut


  11. Trade Phillips too Impey ?

    Bank the 110k now then make 150k in 2-3 weeks and potentially more.


  12. No trades to date…no injuries or outs atm…

    Considering bringing in Burgess as a defender given his new role.

    Trade will be Kosi and Rowe to Burgess and Waterman .

    TU: Yes….this week, take a punt on Kosi being dropped as he is D6
    TD: No…wait till next week when Burgess and Waterman are on the bubble…stay flexible


  13. Impey to be traded in this week, trading out

    TU = J Clark (boosts bank balance)
    TD = Brockman or Rowe


  14. Ok, I’ve been holding onto Neale but the more I look into it the more I want to let him go before he bleeds more cash.
    I just don’t think that since he lost some cash already then it’s not worth trading out.
    Also if he starts averaging 120 from now on I’ll be happy to take him back after the bye for under 600k.
    If I move him he’ll be my 4th trade, which I’m comfortable with at this stage considering I have all the rookies I need to go double upgrade next round or the following.
    Now the question is, who to bring in?
    I’ve narrowed it down to these 2, who’s gonna be a keeper?

    TU Brayshaw
    TD Walsh

    Thanks for your input and good luck with this round everyone!



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