Table For Two – Round 5

Written by The Salamander on April 15 2021

Got questions as we head towards Round 5? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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42 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 5”

  1. My defensive bench is full with Daniel and Highmore – I’d like to hold Daniel as I think his score last round was indicative of Bevo adjusting to game conditions and using his players’ strengths to win a hard game of footy.

    Who would you trade in for Kosi, currently at D6 (D7 after this round)?

    T/U: Chapman (a week late, so more $ but seems to have won the coaches over).
    T/D: L. Jones (a week early but should have good job security with all the injuries).


    1. Gidday Daniel,

      Kosi is a very good chance of playing with the Lewis suspension.
      6.00PM Saturday you will know all the teams ins/out.
      Kosi IN dont trade, Kosi OUT = Jones.
      Just my thoughts, good luck.


      1. Thanks for the suggestion Willy. Only difficulty is that 6 pm Melbourne time is 4:00 am in Ontario, Canada. Supercoach is a fun game but I’m probably not going to stay up that late for it.


      1. Agree willie. Small forward with only 10 possies. Not going to kick two goals every week and still only 50 odd points. Just going 1 slow burn to another


        1. On Waterman.

          I agree, and will be passing.

          First score (81) was when they flogged the Saints.
          I think his second score (56) is much more likely as a guide for the future.
          With his bigger score being his better score, he could go either way.

          I’m betting that another sub 50 score will see him crawl to $200K over the next 3-4 weeks.

          If you think he can score a 75 again.Well then, he will probably make his $150K and be well worth a punt.

          If you really need the cash to get to someone else,I get it.
          I’m just not sure I need another slow burn bench player.
          I certainly wouldn’t be getting him for a Scott / Brockman type.

          If you need a forward down grade. Bergman is on the bubble.
          His BE is not as sexy ( -17 ), but his better score is his second (58) and he should get a decent run in Ports defence.

          Best of luck.


    1. So, going off the current votes we think highmore is closer to cracking the saints team than sharp into brissy? Seems like highmore isn’t in favour at all with the saint backs


  2. Who to trade out?
    T/U – Jordon to Waterman
    or a week early on
    T/D – Kosi to Jones

    Jones gives my side much better balance and coverage


  3. I need to bring a warm body in to fill a hole in my defence.
    Due to a beer related stuff up, I already have L.Jones.
    I only have $270k to spend.

    TU: Chapman
    TD: Cox
    I am open to other suggestions.


  4. Nik Cox : Ben Rutten: “With Draper out, we’re looking at what we can do in the ruck. Coxy is a unique player. We want him to settle & learn positions but also keep stretching him & ensure he’s growing. It’s about balancing that up.”


  5. afternoon gents,

    Who to trade out for Waterman. Had done out all week but thinking his JS might be better than young Jordan so now Im not sure.

    TU – Jordan
    TD – Dow


  6. Is T Phillips to Jiath a good move this week?
    Plugs a whole this week left by Daniel and still has cash to make.

    TU: yes and potential D6 keeper

    TD: no, missed the boat – not worth the sideways trade.


  7. Haha ! Off Topic I know but, Adam Simpson…SC Team????
    Thanx CT ….. find his comment highly amusing


      1. ICYMI.
        From Coaches box.
        West Coast: Alex Witherden $456k DEF will play in Round 5. “He is a good footballer & he has a good football brain. He’s a good replacement for losing Hurn. He will take some kick ins so you can put that in your dream team or whatever.” Adam Simpson



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