Table For Two – Round 6

Written by The Salamander on April 23 2021

Got questions as we head towards Round 5? Your fellow coaches are here to help.

Post your questions below, and answer them by using the thumbs up/thumbs down buttons. Simple!


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45 thoughts on “Table For Two – Round 6”

  1. Whispers that Braeden Campbell wasn’t at the airport with the rest of the Swans today….

    TU trade
    TD hold


  2. TU: Hold this week and go F. Macrae next week
    TD: Mccreery this week

    Have 6 rooks on field atm (powell, gulden, warner, campbell, scott, rowe)
    (bench: ksochi, highmore, berry, jordan, loophole, flynn,waterman, fullarton)
    Have a feeling F.macrae can score rly well, just worried about JS if he can last until the byes or not


  3. I’m torn with this one, need a Howe replacement….

    TU – C. Mills (Syd)
    TD – L. Ryan (Freo)


    1. Thank you all, wow big support for Ryan. I was leaning towards Mills!

      Getting lots of CBA’s and can pump out a big score…. may have to go with my gut on this one hhhhmmmm


  4. Held Butters last week, but have to trade this week:

    TU: Neale (The back feels better)
    TD: Steele/Lyons/Walsh (Consistently good)


  5. Zorko vs Joel Selwood who should get lots of mid time with Danger sidelined for awhile.

    TU – Selwood, can be M8 with a current avg of 105

    TD – Zorko, can finish top 6 fwds with a current a average of 92.8

    Comment: Brayshaw for M8


  6. Can trade any back men in for J.Clarke:

    T/U: Lloyd
    T/D: Witherden (save $140k)

    Will bring in Ridley once his price bottoms out to complete defence


  7. I have 23 trades. I will have one donut in defence this week (thanks to Ridley, Highmore, L Jones) or 2 donuts if Kos is dropped. Not enough money to upgrade Highmore or Kos using just the one trade, and no real defender rookie options.

    TU: If Kos is out, throw caution to the wind, make 2 trades (Campbell & Kos ) for L Ryan and McCreery. Then next week when Ridley is back, I’m only relying on one onfield rookie in the backline.

    TD: If Kos is in, wear the one donut, and try to improve my midfield this week, make 2 trades (Campbell & McNeil) for Walsh & McCreery

    Or third option below


  8. Playing in a cash league and opponent doesn’t have Macrae or Gawn but has Grundy. Macrae been in red hot form, Gawn always safe and Grundy coming up against the dons who don’t have a ruckman. What do I do for captaincy?

    T/up – Macrae into Gawn

    T/down – Gawn into Grundy


  9. Needing a downgrade for J Clark now that he’s been named in the VFL side
    TU – Mansell
    TD – Prior


  10. Can only trade one out this week. Who is priority to Trade Out?
    TU Braeden Campbell
    TD Jordan Clark


  11. Hearing from a Western Australian source that W.A. could be going into lockdown putting the Freo vs North game in doubt. WA Premier Mark McGowan press conference is at 4pm AEST.

    He has announced it as emergency press conference.


    1. There is one upside if the WA game is cancelled… based on the precedent from last year SC would treat it as a bye and so Top 18 scoring would apply. That would save me (and many) from the prospect of 1 or more donuts this round!

      Does it make me bad person that part of me would be pleased if this happened?

      TU Yes – there are more important things than SC
      TD No – anything that helps avoid SC donuts is a good thing


      1. I’m sorry to say the game is going ahead…..what rotten luck for you in our league !!! Actually, I am not sorry the game is going ahead. For those who think this might be harsh…there is a history, but all in good fun !!


  12. Liking the idea of Brayshaw this week. I have enough to bring in Steele this week but I am thinking of holding off 1 week to get Brayshaw’s points vs North.

    T/U – Bring in Brayshaw this week and Steele next week.

    T/D – Bring in Steele this week and wait and see next week.



  13. Tossing up between doing one or two trades this week (have 23 at the moment)

    TU : One trade of Campbell to McCreery for cash (to upgrade to J Macrae next week)
    TD: Two trades of Campbell & McNeil to Walsh & McCreery – with $30k left ITB and no Macrae for awhile yet


    1. Yes, it is their livelihood and besides all AFL players, officials and club’s staff all abide by Covid 19 protocols.


      1. I hope so, but abiding by protocols of itself may not be enough for an exemption. I guess no crowds though.


  14. I’m looking to bring in one of these 2 Dees mids who have dropped a bit in value and are now sub-600K:
    TU – Clayton Oliver
    TD – Petracca

    You can’t really go wrong with either I suppose but I’ll leave it up to the masses to help sway my opinion.


  15. Trading out Clark and Campbell, also have 200k in the bank

    T/U: McCreery and any DEF I want (Lloyd, Stewart, Ryan ETC)
    T/D: Mansell and any MID I want (Steele, Fyfe, Lyons)


  16. If Kos is not named to play on Sunday, and I want to avoid a donut –

    TU: Trade out Kos
    TD: Trade out L Jones (out for 4 weeks injured)

    Trade in will be Mansell, cash in bank will help with next week’s upgrade


  17. TU – Campbell and Clarke to Lloyd and McCreery
    TD – Save trades and get Lloyd cheaper plus rookie Macrae next week but miss Lloyds points this week and risk donuts with Ridley/Clarke out and relying on Kosi/Highmore to both play

    24 trades left and would basically finish my defence. Would be Ridley, Laird, Lloyd, Stewart, Docherty and Jiath



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