The Fallen Premiums – Rd 18

Written by Chillo on July 24 2019

I like the bow and arrow. That’s all.

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Luke RYAN (FRE), $442 900 (-$47.0K), avg 99, BE 61 – The second highest scoring defender of the year for less than $450K, sign me up! Ryan dropped a pair of sixties in rounds 15 and 16, leading to his season low price tag last weekend. The Dockers interceptor has rebounded with 88 and 117 in the past fortnight, and is beautifully primed for your final def upgrade right before league finals commence. Scoring will be up and down, but ceiling compensates for that.

He just keeps going and going and going…

Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS), $521 600 (-$20.5K), avg 111, BE 93 – Still as skinny as he was the day he was drafted, there’s no doubting this incredible talent. Whitfield combines superior stamina and endurance with top-notch decision making and precision disposal. All of that adds up to a must-have defender…if you can afford him at this time of the year. The only downside here is that Lachie has already missed a total of six games due to a severe cork and a broken collarbone this year. If you have a spot free in your team and you think Whitfield can get through the next five games unscathed, then here’s your man.

Backing it up….
James Sicily, $452K, BE 134
Zac Williams, $554K, BE 130
Dane Rampe, $537K, BE 130


 Mitch DUNCAN (GEE), $500 200 (-$76.3K), avg 107, BE 61 – Perpetually under-stated, under-rated and under-appreciated. At the Cats, Duncan is overshadowed by Brownlow winners past and possibly future, but in Supercoach he is a reliable and relatively unique option for your midfield. Mitch is a classic fallen premium this week with his season-low 58 dropping out of his price cycle, leaving the two tons and a very enticing price tag. As is typical for Duncan, you’ll only find him in 3% of teams and hence he has huge POD value.

Usually oranges are served at halftime, but the Cats got stuck with lemons.

Zach MERRETT (ESS), $492 500 (-$52.3K), avg 107, BE 67 – As is the case for his Geelong colleague, Zach posted a season-low score in round 16 and then followed it with consecutive tons. It’s borderline absurd that you can get a guy averaging 107 for less than $500K right now, and even more ridiculous when you remember that Merrett’s relatively short career has already included three seasons of triple figure scoring. The Bombers are heading for the finals and face the cellar-dwelling Suns this weekend.

Elliot YEO (WCE), $531 600 (-$53.9K), avg 105, BE 89 –  In case you missed it, Yeo scored 114 last weekend from only 16 possessions. It could be that he is Champion Data’s secret love child. Orrrrr maybe it’s because Yeo tackles like a rabid ferret covered in superglue, currently leading the league with 7.9 per game. Elliot’s penchant for the defensive game is an ideal safeguard against the random shocking score, because he doesn’t need to find the pill to accumulate points. Having said that, he is still posting a very respectable 23 disposals per game this year, and plays three of his last five at Optus.

Just quickly: Ed Curnow ($492 800, avg 84, BE 63) is averaging 103 in his past six games, which includes an injury-affected 39…and five tons. Absolutely thriving under the tutelage of David “Training Wheels” Teague, and still only found in 1236 teams.

Limbo land….
Lachie Neale, $603K, BE 146
Luke Parker, $550K, BE 142
Ben Cunnington, $500K, BE 141


I’m not expecting to see any movement in the ruck stocks this week, or even for the rest of the year. “3G” all managed 120+, Reilly O’Brien smashed it up again, and even Big Boy McEvoy had a ripping game. About the only fun to be had here now is seeing who’s game enough to pick Rowan Marshall ($625 100, avg 112) as a starting ruck in 2020?

Scott Lycett, $576K, BE 175


Tom J LYNCH (RIC), $380 400 (-$45.2K), avg 66, BE 9 – It’s been a torrid first season for the Tiger’s prized free agent recruit, who has often been forced to play a lone hand as a key forward in the absence of the injured Jack Riewoldt. Now that Jack’s back, the former Sun has clicked into gear, and posted back-to-back tons for the first time since Rd 5, 2017. Finishing the season with five consecutive games at Richmond’s favourite G bodes well for some big scores, and by extension, big scoring for Tommy J.

Just quickly: Yes, it’s freaking Toby Greene ($451 400, avg 85, BE 21). Strictly speaking he’s not a fallen premium. BUT if he keeps running through the midfield, kicking the occasional snag, and somehow doing it all without belting someone or getting injured, then there’s no doubt he is still well under-priced.

Forward thinking….
Caleb Daniel, $510K, BE 150
Isaac Heeney, $503K, BE 144


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3 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 18”

  1. Top notch, Chillo…….great work all season! Nearly took Lynch when he dropped to $280k (F7 loophole)….. didn’t have the minerals…….


  2. Yep. Brilliant stuff Chillo.
    Hoping I can hold this week with Fyfe and Hurn both under clouds, but only 3 trades left.
    Need one big score from Zac Clarke (gulp) to enable two upgrades and one down with these last three. His illness last week couldn’t have come at a worse time in terms of delaying his cash-growth.


    1. His potato-like score from a few rounds back didn’t help either. I am still kicking myself for not using a trade to get ROB in for him way back when.



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