The Fallen Premiums – Rd 3, 2020

Written by Chillo on June 17 2020

Not a lot of movement in the Fallenosphere so far this year, with only the one price change occurring. However, there is still some prime stock going around that are now available with a small discount, so if you’ve had enough of Rory Laird and Dan Houston stinking up your backline, or Josh Kelly or The Bont are giving you the irrits, here’s an opportunity to make that straight swap that could make or break your season.

Here are the Fallen Premiums!


Jack CRISP (COL), $477 000 (-$5.8K), avg 85, BE 99 – The most famous steak knives in the AFL overcame his off-colour first round effort with a good showing against the premiers last Thursday, counting 20 disposals and ten marks among his 108 point haul. If Howe is the interceptor of the Pies’ back half, then Crisp is the rebound guy and that means Supercoach points! Crispy fell slightly short of expectations last year but is fully capable of going 95+.

Jake LLOYD (SYD), $590 400 (-$1.0K), avg 111, BE 111 – Rumours of the demise of the Bondi Seagull have been greatly exaggerated. After an uncharacteristically lacklustre 77 first up, Lloyd was back to his scavenging best with 145 against the Bombers. That score included 21 uncontested possessions and 86% disposal efficiency, with both of those stats being key indicators of Jake’s best Supercoach form. It’s been said that in Supercoach there’s only one thing worse than being a Lloyd owner…and that is not being a Lloyd owner. The question remains: Can you find that much cash for a defender?


Patrick CRIPPS (CAR), $630 400 (-$5.5K), avg 115, BE 126 – It’s curious to find one of the great Supercoach champions of the past couple of years on this list, but here is the Carlton hulk with a small discount on his starting price. Mind you, if he had nailed either of those missed set shots in the second half against the Dees last week, he definitely would not be here! As usual, Crippa is lumping his beloved Blues onto his broad shoulders and carrying them around with him every weekend. I don’t know how long he can continue to do that, but Patrick is a Supercoach mainstay that will probably be in every team that counts at the end of the season.

Tim KELLY (WCE), $551 900 (-$9.9K), avg 96, BE 120 – As well observed by others, the ultimate irony for Tim Kelly in 2020 is that he spent most of the past two years trying to get traded to Western Australia, and finally succeeded…only to wind up in a month-long hub on the Gold Coast! Copped the Touk Miller clamp last weekend, but still battled his way to 24 possessions and 105 points despite an uncharacteristically inefficient night with the footy. With Kelly gradually acclimatising to his new surrounds and the Eagles set to spend the month of July on their home decknow is the time to start considering loading up on the West Coast guns – and they don’t come much gunnier than this.

Clayton OLIVER (MEL), $594 300 (+0.4K), avg 113, BE 109 – My sneaking suspicion is that the Dees are one of the teams that will benefit most from the hellish two month purgatory we’ve just been through. Why? Because it’s given their underdone talismanic ruckman, the Great Gawn, time to get over his pre-season niggles. That will flow through to Melbourne’s number one clearance guy, the Ginger Demon Clarrie Oliver, who comes with an attractive sub-600K price tag this year. Throw in the fact that the likes of Petracca and Viney are now in the middle to share the workload and it all adds up to a career (albeit shortened) season.

And even though he’s not really a “fallen” premium, I just couldn’t get through this article without mentioning Jack STEELE (STK, $547 100). The St Kilda Superman has started the season in smoking form with scores of 128 and 137, and this might finally be the season he moves into the group of elite midfielders of the competition.

This one’s for you, buddy.

Max GAWN (MEL), $702 900 (+$5.8K), avg 139, BE 119 – Max only scored 93 in round one, thank God I didn’t start with him! He’s going to be so cheap in a few weeks, and my diabolical plan of starting with NicNat/Sauce/Naismith is going to be so diabolical! I am going to win it all this year, mwahahahahAHAHA!!!!!

What’s that? Gawn scored how many in round 2??? He went UP in price? IMPOSSIBLE! Why does this game treat me like this when I give it nothing but love?


Lachie WHITFIELD (GWS), $593 700 (-$10.0K), avg 103, BE 128 – The Sleepy Giants turned up against North last week, frustrating the privileged handful of fans that got to witness it live and also Supercoaches everywhere. Whitfield still managed 19 touches and 97 points, but we expect more from the GWS running machine after he broke out for 111 ppg in 2019. The good news is that Lachie comes up against the Dogs this weekend, one of the few clubs who were more disappointing than the Giants last weekend, and there should be plenty of opportunities to rack up the touches through the midfield.

Just quickly: Brandon PARFITT (GEE, $427 400) and Patrick LIPINSKI (WBD, $441 500) are a couple of mid-priced breakout contenders who turned in promising efforts in their first game of the season last weekend. Both are selectable as forwards, but will be expected to spend the majority of their time in 2020 running through their respective midfields. And both can be frustratingly inconsistent as younger players can be, but are hugely talented and reek of potential.


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7 thoughts on “The Fallen Premiums – Rd 3, 2020”

  1. It’s hard to write at this tough time and you could completely have been excused for giving it a miss this week. Well done on getting the Fallen Premo’s post out mate.


  2. Thanks Chillo. Lets Chin up. AllSaints would want us to carry on.
    I will add Dangerfield (Mid, Geelong, $601.500) to this list. This is the first year in ages his starting price is so cheap. The run of upcoming fixtures could benefit him too. He was tagged R1 by De Boer and R2 by Shiels, still managed 24 touches and a goal. This could be his form turn?


    1. Yep, agree with that. Still has the ginormous BE this week, but he has a nice draw and a good score or two should see him right.


    2. I’m predicting Danger is on the slide. Only occasionally pump out 130+ scores from now on. Probably wrong, but i feel it’s the changing of the guard this season. Think he won’t be top ten again.


      1. Had the same thought. Though now playing all home games at Geelong changed my mind. Still good for 115 average.



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