Fallen Premiums – Round 7, 2023

Written by Abs on April 26 2023

An absolute bloodbath of a round in Supercoach, and as such, I’ll be using this time to petition for at least, 20 more trades. Make it happen Herald Sun!

I’m just going to pretend this round didn’t happen, and move straight into Fallen Premiums, Round 7!

Show some mercy fantasy Gods!


James Sicily (HAW, 533.7k, (-$91k), 99 AVG, 111 BE)

The demise of the Sic as a Supercoach asset has largely been exaggerated. He didn’t exactly have a monopoly on kick-ins last year, but the figure has somehow dropped in 2023. Won’t be the same defensive asset we came accustomed to last year, but he’s still fine to finish top 8 IMO. Will Day returns from suspension this week, and is another player to heavily consider, the role is right and the price point is bloody tempting!

Jack Sinclair (STK, 543.7k, (-$82.5k), 99.8 AVG, 117 BE)

Remaining a great value choice, he gets another mention this week. The role with Steele back in the team is the ideal one. Was on track for a big game before Voss decided tagging him was the manoeuvre to save the day (where was that the week before with Dawson sending laser I50’s Vossy?). The first bye is my only issue with the Sinclair pick, but if you have no major R12 bye concerns, he’s the pick of the defenders considering the sheer value!

Backing it up…
Bailey Dale, 507k, 170 BE
Mitch Duncan, 458k, 162 BE
Jordan Dawson, 667k, 153 BE
Sam Docherty, 526k, 144 BE*
Adam Saad, 577k, 143 BE*


Zach Merrett (ESS, 578.2k, (-$39.3k), 107.8 AVG, 87 BE)

No Merrett, no worries, unreal game for the Dons despite the loss. Not bad having a BnF set to return back to the lineup either this week. I’m loving the run Dons have from round 10 onwards, and going early now while Captain Zach is sub-600k makes a lot of sense to me. Anyone with a Touk sized hole in their midfield could do worse than going with a gun like Merrett.

Clayton Oliver (MEL, 668k, (-$31.8k), 123 AVG, 171 BE)

A flu-effected 98 points (yeah, Clarry ain’t no MJ) means he will be coming down in price in the following weeks. A bonafide gun, and needs to be brought in sooner than later. Pencil Oliver in for whenever he bottoms out, and find a means to bring him in!

Jack Macrae (WBD, 587.4k, (-$47k), 108.5 AVG, 95 BE)

Consistently scoring this season, even while his role has been all over the place. A massive 130 points in a week full of premo’s scoring like glorified rookies definitely caught the eye, and the price point is definitely tempting. Libba will miss the game this weekend against the Hawks, and there’s no reason Macrae doesn’t get a serious uptick in OB time. The last bye is appealing, and the consistent scoring and durability from this man brings something that is sorely missed this year in SuperChaos.

Limbo land…
Touk Miller, 593k, 174 BE*
Clayton Oliver, 668k, 171 BE
Jack Steele, 556k, 169 BE
Luke Davies-Uniacke, 560k, 160 BE
Andrew Brayshaw, 526k, 136 BE


Back to scheduled Ruck programming.

Max Gawn (MEL, 568k, (-$54.1k), 79.3 AVG, 228 BE)

Big Max is back, doing big Max things. The price drop has begun and will continue. Now there’s two groups of people that are largely hanging on the Gawn price drop. Those with Grundy not wanting to spend a near 700k for a tall fragile Bulldog (who’s an easy R1 while fit). And those with Rowan Marshall that no longer want to be with Rowan Marshall. The role looks largely as expected, even off the back of his injury, and I personally think a SC ruck setup of English and Gawn is bloody strong. See how things shape up, but definitely pencil Gawn into your plans if allowed.

Max Gawn, 568k, 228 BE
Brodie Grundy, 594k, 132 BE
Jarrod Witts, 602.4k, 131 BE


Harry Himmelberg (GWS, 385.7k, (-$113.3k), 64.2 AVG, 33 BE)

Sam Taylor out – 10 weeks. Hence Himmelberg deserves to be brought to light. A hefty 100k+ discount from his starting price, the allure here is purely if HH gets switched back into his defensive role he had late last year. I’d keep a close watch on Teams this week, see how GWS opt to cover Taylor, if it’s Harry? Could do a lot worse than taking the punt.

Forward thinking…
Errol Gulden, 470k, 135 BE
Dylan Moore, 517k, 126 BE


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20 thoughts on “Fallen Premiums – Round 7, 2023”

  1. Trade options? I have to trade Grundy this week, did not pass the eye test Monday night

    TU out Grundy, michaelanny, ginbey
    In Darcy, Coniglio, Cincotta

    TD out Grundy, gulden, Mackenzie
    In English, Coniglio, SMitchell

    Which is the better set of trades?
    Ps will be trading Marshall to Gawn in a couple of weeks


  2. Back to 20 trades for the year. But 1 free injury trade per week(has to be missing following week). Dosnt accumulate.


    1. I miss the days of having 24 trades for the year. No rolling lockouts except for the 1 or 2 one off Thursday night games. Made the game so much more fun. Now it is just constant trading for everyone to have the same team by the end of the year.


      1. Agree natopotato..
        Need to start up an online petition? I’d like to see it under 30 again it brings more strategy back into supercoach! The fun has gone out of it a bit these days.


  3. Need to find a premo defender and dumping Jones (low average) and F.Greene (topped out) to get one.

    Can’t decide between:

    TU Sinclair
    TD Sicily

    (assuming Saad misses another, otherwise might go for him)


  4. fantastic comment – all cause KFC sales. more trades, rolling lock-outs, C and VC, emergencies all means we are on the site more fkn around with our teams and we end up with KFC buckets on our heads, subscriptions to the herald sun and betr accounts and cant work out why.


  5. Any thoughts on Callum Mills? Has had a mediocre start for his expectations but 552k for his ceiling feels cheap could be some big scores ahead if hes got the right role im considering bringing him in


    1. Categorically do not trust Longmire to put Mills into the guts when he’s rotating seemingly the entire Swans list through the middle. He had Mills playing as a key defender for a moment against Geelong FFS!


      1. Yep, exactly. Mills an absolute no rn.

        Was an absolute no to start the season as well. Hasn’t been full time MID since early/half way last year.


  6. If someone said before the season that Sheezel has a b/e of 99 and you can swap to Ollie Wines and put cash in your pocket, you would not even blink. Buy low sell high.
    But here we are, super ready to forgive one bad score from Sheezel and no trust at all that Wines will turn it around.
    After trading N Daicos at his bye last year I am also inclined to think twice. But in the cold light of day Sheezel had a free rein early that is possibly unlikely to last forever. Did not even start in his intended role – fell into it in a practice match. Hall has come back in the side and might be eating his lunch. They will want to give him exposure in a few positions. He plays for Norf. We bought him in as a rookie and his role is to make cash. He’s done that. Of all the possible trade out rookies this week, he has the highest b/e.
    Maybe he’s a keeper, but a 6 game rookie being tried in different positions in a bottom side makes that a big ask.
    We probably should be trading out. But few if any of us will. Me included.


    1. Absolutely perfect summation.

      Will I trade him out – probably not.

      Should I trade him out – absolutely

      A rookie who has made 240k in a bottom side.

      Played sore last week and was tagged and moved from his normal role – screams trade to me.


      1. So good that he was tagged in his 6th game, tag only really worked because the north backs didn’t work to help him (Hall never will)and was carrying bumps and bruises. Still scored more than Cowan has all year ,and he’s been in most sides all season. Virtually no other rookie is going at over 80. He could go backwards for six weeks and still have made more cash and will for sure score more points than nearly any other rookie. Crazy talk to trade for me:)



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