Tiger Tears

Written by Schwarzwalder on April 22 2019

I was asked to have a look at just why the Tigers do SO badly when it comes to SuperCoach scoring. First, let’s have a look at whether they do or not.

The short answer is yes, and it’s emphatic. They have the worst SC average of ANY club this season and are almost 40pts less per game than MEL (2nd worst) and 100pts/game behind CAR (3rd worst). CAR sit winless and MEL have had a very poor start to the season by their lofty 2018 standards. So why is it? After all RIC have won two games this season, but not once have they taken the Tiger’s share of the points. Even in their loss to CAR in Rd1, they lost the SC pts battle 1612 to 1687 in a win that gave them a 152% winning percentage. There has to be something to it. Let’s have a closer look.


How do you score SC pts? The majority of points come from:

– a contested game

o contested marks

o intercept marks

o contested possessions

– being efficient with the ball

o disposal efficiency

o kicks are better than handballs, and

– kicking goals

The majority of points lost (or minus points) come from:

– giving away frees

o particularly 50m penalties, and

– being inefficient with the footy

o particularly clangers.


The nature of the Tigers game style is simply not conducive to scoring well in SuperCoach. Playing for territory and getting it forward quickly. Incessant pressure on the ball, forcing errors/turnovers from the opposition. Quick ball movement forward, keeping play continuous and the ball in play. It’s an exciting brand of footy to watch but it isn’t ‘clean’. Pressure acts count for little or nothing in SuperCoach, but they do win you games of footy.

Let’s have a look at some stats in a chart. I love a chart and I love stats!

FA – frees against, CLGs – clangers, SC – supercoach points, CP – contested possessions, ED – efficient disposals, DE% – disposal efficiency, CM – contest marks, ITC – intercepts, T50 – tackles Inside50

The above chart is ranked on SuperCoach pts average, from worst to best. We’ve picked out those key stats that are gold, or particularly relevant where SC pts are concerned. The bottom line indicates the Tigers rank on each key statistic. And that is the bottom line. The Tigers rank 17th or worst on:

– Disposals, Kicks, Clangers, Contested possessions and Efficient disposals

They are also ranked bottom four on:

– Tackles, Free-kicks against, Contested marks and Tackles Inside50


And so there you have it, the Tigers play an exciting brand of footy that wins you games of football, but it isn’t conducive to scoring big SC points.


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5 thoughts on “Tiger Tears”

  1. So your saying other coaches should stop putting their own players into their supercoach teams. And actually try to win at real football instead?


    1. Salamander may be able to shed some further light on other stats for us?
      Despite RIC beating SYD on the weekend with a 132.8 winning percentage, they again lost the SC battle, 1605 to 1693.


      1. This another case to put to CD to explain whats going on this year. Sc careers are on the line. How do we get up a petition so they can be forced to explain themselves.


      2. I’m afraid I don’t have any inside information, but if there’s something specific you’d like me to take a look at, I’d be happy to see what I can find out.



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