Who To Field – Round 13

Written by Dane on June 9 2022

Not as much use throughout the bye rounds, but if you do find yourself stacked on one line, put that issue in the comments below and use those TU/TD buttons to find an answer!


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10 thoughts on “Who To Field – Round 13”

  1. Young Rioli out on the forward line. Pushing to field 18 players.
    Any ideas who I can do a side switch to?


      1. You would assume he gets at least two games to prove his worth, which is all most of us would wish for… but three words to consider…. Josh Glenn rule


  2. Field whoever you got, take the loss if need be. A lot will struggle fielding 18 this week as the teams playing are not that supercoach friendly. I am sure the AFL coaches omit players just to stir the SC pot.


  3. Going to be a tough week- important to remember everybody is in the same boat.
    I’ve given up on overall- but have my side tracking nicely and building towards finals.
    Was really hopeful that either Durdin or Wehr were selected this week- as need the cash grab from DeKoning & McCartin to keep going forward.
    Will avoid Judson Clarke- as Tigers forwards not really stepping up- thanks MrRioli- not much cash generation there!
    Really need to get a back and hopefully one to keep- as cash Gen & possible emergency.
    Do we go for
    TU- Wehr
    TD – Durdin
    Or comment on someone like Charlie Dean- cheap- 102 and close to return.


  4. thoughts about:
    TU – rioli > clarke
    TD – Carroll > owens
    first one lets me go straight from daicos to stewart, but second might be more reliable points on the field/job security



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